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I ran across an image the other day on Tumblr I liked.  It was a very cute bracelet and following the links back I saw it was selling for 42$.  I knew for a fact that the focal point, which was an octopus charm, was less then 5$ on it’s own and the chain and […]

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Lady Morte

I made these gorgeous goth cameos on Sunday. I wore one for the first time today and received SO many compliments! You can make your own for about 3.50$ each!  You can get the resin cameos from Pinky Noodle for about 1$ each  (5.50$ for your choice of five) and then pick a pendant setting.  […]

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Getting Things Done

I had a bunch of special request pieces of jewelry I’ve been working on, and I thought I’d show them off a little bit before I mail them off!

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