It’s Friday, I’m in Love!


I realized yesterday that not EVERYONE follows me on Twitter or is in the same Facebook page as me.  Basically the other day the USPS returned a batch of packages to me that I mailed as ‘undeliverable’ and they were DESTROYED.

As I mentioned to a few, if you havn’t gotten your package, it’s because it’s here!  I’m waiting on interfacing, but I should get replacements out this weekend!  I really do apologize, I should have known better then to use that post office and not drive to the hub.  I have, though, received a few reports of it happening all over the country, and it’s being blamed on the USPS cuts.  I will be more careful!  Google Checkout was also in the process of switching over to Google Wallet so a LOT of my tracking information was ‘miss routed’ according to the rep.


I think it’s time to revisit this because I’ve been dealing with a LOT of questions about it recently.

Someone was recently trying to advertise an obvious repackager on one of my Facebook groups as being ‘amazing’.  I replied right away, telling them it was repackeged, POPS and everything, and that they were just marking up wholesale products for %500+.  They tried to respond that they that CAN’T be repackagers, because they sell foundations and proceed to tell me an ‘expert’ told them no repackagers will sell foundations or lip products.


So many repackagers I see how have a FULL compliment of product.  For example just check out the Conservatorie website and you’ll see they sell PAGE after PAGE of foundation, bronzer, and blushes.  Some of the most blatant repackagers do sell a while ‘kit’ and charge a ridiculous amount for something they simply poured into a jar.

It’s the same with lip products.  It’s super simple, as I’ve explained before, to mix mica into any premade base.  So please, if anything, Google the ingredients and the word ‘wholesale’ and find the source and buy your products direct.  I’m sorry, but no amount of customer service is worth it, it’s still a scam.  I cannot stop you, if you want to pay someone else ten times the amount you could get it yourself, but be wary!

I might actually write an updated post on this.

Indie Style

This coming week I’m going to be devoting to packaging and mailing the first Awesome Box.  I’m going to drive them to the hub, so don’t worry.  But because that will be my major project, I’m not going to be available as often next week.

Keep in mind you can reach me in several places, email is not always the easiest since Google eats things.  I’m on Twitter and Facebook so if I don’t reply to an email, hit me up there!

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Your Turn

  1. If you could have lunch with any literary character who would it be?
  2. What would you ask them?
  3. Where would you take them?


All the Taupes

That is a misleading post title.  For some reason it’s the first phrase I think of now with Darling Girl.  There was recently a very spirited discussion about what Susan should name her new taupe GWP shadow and I gotta say, I know some creative and ridiculous people.

I placed a little order during the Black Friday sale, it wasn’t much.  But really, you can get an amazing amount and variety of indie products for not very much, if you do it right.  I happen to LOVE DG’s mini options, so I stocked up on some things I wanted to try, including a collection of beautiful berry shades from the new holiday collection!

I was excited to try a couple off things from the Darling Dear holiday collection.  Looking back, I should have ordered more.  I went with some lovely berry shades.

From left and right: Cookies for Claus, Berry Merry, Reindeer Kiss, and Dasher

Cookies for Claus Color Rich Lip Balm- wine with pink shimmer and gold reflect.

Berry Merry Duochrome Blush – gorgeous mauve pink with a very subtle purple shift.

Reindeer Kiss Pixie Sprinkles –  iridescent hollo, red, pink with a touch of black for depth.

Dasher eye shadow – demure putty grey (almost taupe) pearl with subtle flashes of purple iridescence.

I also got a couple of single shadows and a GWP.

From left to right: Mochi, Jeweled Taupe, Rainbow Bright, and Taupe ala Mode

Mochi eye shadow – coral/pink with violet shift, blue diamond dust and a sprinkling of aqua sparks.

Jeweled Taupe eye shadow – metallic bronzey taupe with amazing multi-colored shimmers like tiny little jewels ribbon-ed through it.

Rainbow Brite eyeshadow – pale baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.

Taupe a la Mode –

I really wanted to try the gel blushes, so I ordered one.  I also got another blush, Grace, that I can’t find on the site at the moment.  And last, but not least, I ordered one of the newest lip balms.

From left to right : UR Mine, Grace, and Sugar Rush

U R Mine Sweet Cheeks Blush – pale neutral baby pink shimmer

Sugar Rush tinted balm -sheer wash of baby pink with gold shift. A perfect everyday kind of color! Bubblegum flavored, but not sweetened.

Click to embiggen.


I realized I completely forgot to post the winner of my Morgana Cyrptoria Lady Grey lipstick giveaway on Friday!  It was such a crazy day with the bathroom ripped apart, it slipped my mind.

I also wanted to include some swatches for you, just because!

Simply Grey and Lady Grey

Hand of the King

“What the king dreams,

the Hand builds.”

The Inspiration

The Hand of the King is the king’s chief advisor and executor of his command in the Seven Kingdoms. Duties of the Hand include commanding the king’s armies, drafting laws, dispensing justice, and generally managing the day-to-day running of the kingdom. The Hand may act on the king’s behalf when he is indisposed, and sit on the Iron Throne while doing so. The Hand also sits on the small council and will run the council if the king is not present.

The office typically makes the Hand the second most powerful man in the kingdom next to the king, though some Hands had the reputation of ruling their kings. It is considered by some to be a difficult and unglamorous job of great responsibility. A popular saying goes, “What the king dreams, the Hand builds,” but the lowborn say, “The king eats, and the Hand takes the shit.”[1] Many able men have failed in the office throughout history.

The Hand resides in a tower of the Red Keep called the Tower of the Hand. His badge of office always includes a hand, though the each Hand can design his own. A necklace of hands linked into a chain is one possible badge. Servants of the Hand wear the emblem of a hand.

I wanted this look to be one of almost a uniform, very utilitarian and strict.  Clean and powerful and unexpectedly chic.

The Makeup

Since this look is crisp and very clean, I wanted the look to be somewhat unexpected.  I searched through my YouTube faves and found this one from Lisa Eldridge.  The look is classic pinup and I think it’s perfect.  It’s feminine and soft and exactly what this look needs to balance the strong, bold feeling.

I’m using my Lancome Artliner, some shadow, and amazing Eylure lashes.  On the lips this is the PERFECT excuse to add an accent of bright pink lipstick and my favorite creamy non-shimmery shade is Totally Tubular from Morgana Cryptoria.

On my nails I kept things easy and used a creamy pink polish in the same shade as the lipstick.  This is Fancy Delancy from Essie.

Fires at Midnight was sent to me from Dreaming Trees Soapworks after my plea for a Marshmallow Fireside indie perfume dupe.

Cool,dusky breezes near a bonfire burning bright, smoky sandalwood, mourning flowers, crackling leaves, sticky sweet marshmallow smoothed out with a dollop of voluptuous vanilla. Absolutely addictive. Unisex

It is absolutely addictive. While it’s close to MF, it’s not exact. It’s close enough to be amazingly ‘reminiscent’ it’s unique enough on it’s own.

The Accessories

What absolutely makes this look is the hood.  I found the hand charm at Micheal’s and pulled it apart a bit and refashioned it with a gem and a spike, to make my own version of the Hand’s seal (as seen above).  I attached it to the chest of the harness as it would be worn in Westeros.

I paired it with this simple cuff, worn on the black side.  It seems fitting for this look, sleek and easy.  The earrings are a simple pair of Swarovski crystal rivolis in sterling settings.  I saw a pair similar to these someplace and never could find them again, so I recreated what I could remember.

The Rest

Instead of worn out jeans, I paired with this a brand new pair of skinny black jeans.  I broke out my favorite motorcycle boots, since they match the hood amazingly.

It’s Friday, I’m in Love!


This is going to be a busy month, not only am I launching Indie Style, but I’m doing a couple design projects.  Add in the fact that it’s holiday time and I’ll have family in town AND the bathroom is being remodeled because of water damage… there won’t be as many posts.  Don’t worry, I’ll be ready to jump back into things in January!

The Book Project

Please don’t forget to help!

Black Friday

My slim Black Friday purchases have slowly been making their way here.  I hope to be able to review them, little by little.  In general, I most purchased from companies I was already comfortable with, but I did try two new ones.  One I think is going to be a complete bust, I ordered on a whim, but reading the tweets and stuff… I’m not so sure.


Recently, Sephora sent out 20$ gift certificates to it’s VIBs.  While the email/flyer says you have to spend 50$ to redeem it, you don’t.  I placed a very short order for one item, used my code, and it paid for shipping!

What’s in My Bag

Anyone want to send in some more bags?  Is this a feature you’d like me to keep?

Style Diary

This coming week’s Style Diary is one of my favorites.  Someone asked, and yes, these are looks I actually wear, that’s the point!  Everything I list is something I have pulled together to wear, sometimes for a special occasion, but more then likely just because I can.

The Links

Project Accessory

I ordered one of these.

I love purples.

This Tiffany’s ad is gorgeous with Lee Pace.

Your Turn

How did your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping turn out?

Happy Holly-Day!

Aromaleigh released another new collection, making that the third for the newly relaunched company. Holly-Days is the holiday themed collection, inspired by vintage holiday images.

From left to right: Naughty or Nice, Secret Santa, Faux Eva’ Green, and More Fruitcake

naughty or nice: a frosted slate cocoa taupe with festive sparks of gold and violet.

secret santa: a warm mid-toned pinky mauve with an aurora borealis of highlight shimmers.

faux eva’green: heathery evergreen frost with a smokey lowlight and with fine subtle colorful glimmer.

more fruitcake?: fruity pumpkin frost with a hint of coral… accented with bright sparks of gold and red.

From left to right: Midnight Mess, Just Be-Claus, Snowglobe, and Poison Pointsetta

midnight mess: the darkest purple-indigo toned black with frosted pewter tones and a myriad of sparkle that defies the rainbow.

just be-claus: not your ordinary hot chocolate. This warm mid-toned cocoa frost sparkles with prismatic joy.

snowglobe: The perfect frosty white frost with bright sparks of green floating throughout…

poison pointsettia: Saturated like bright rubies and garnets, a smooth, softly metallic frost with brilliant sparkls of bright blue.

From left to right: Missign Batteries, It’s My Party, Peace On ?, Little Green Elves

missing batteries: a cool chocolate brown frost with more shiny diamond shimmer than missing batteries at Chriustmas.

it’s MY party: perfection in a warm purple frost with contrasting green and aqua shimmy and shine.

peace on ?: perfectly peaceful peachy frost with the brilliance of bright gold and pink sparkles.

little green elves: a neutral heathered greenish greyish frost, with hints of khaki and surprising violet and green sparkkle.

From left to right: Uncorked, Down the Chomney, Pass the Grogg, and Glisten’ in

uncorked: medium-toned warm buff mauve-pink fizzy with sparks of champagne pink, brilliant gold and red.

down the chimney: soot and ash has never been so lovely. A cool toned smooth grey frost with bright green sparks and soft golden highlight shimmer.

pass the glogg: neutral perfect light-midtoned buff beige with hints of pink and showers of sparkling radiance.

glisten’ in!: warm gold, softly metallic frost with hot sparkles of gold and pink.

I got full sizes in Poison Pointsetta and Just Be-Claus.  I’m probably going to go back and order Uncorked, Down the Chimney, and Naughty or Nice as well!  I really like this collection, it’s has a variety of wearable shades with a few different finishes.  What do you think?

Poison Poinsettia and Just Be-Claus

Muse Minerals – A Review


I found Muse via Heartsy.  Although I don’t check it everyday, when I did log in not only did I have 10$ in credit, but Muse was being featured.  I quickly polled some people and decided to try them out.  The voucher gave me 31$ to work with, so I took my time and browsed a bit and before I knew it I had gone over.  That is a fairy good sign these days for Etsy sellers!

The listings looked great.  They were well photographed.  I could tell that unlike this past weekend’s Hearty featured MMU seller, it was likely not wholesale or repackaged.  The images are very clear although many of the listings do NOT contain swatches, they do list share descriptions as well as a full list of ingredients.

One point of concern is that the ingredients list: preservative (a vegan-friendly blend to keep your eyeshadow bacteria free and fresh!).  That is pretty vague and nondescriptive of something I’m going to put on my eyes.  I decided to ask what exactly it was.  As of the posting of this review I have not gotten a response.  On the plus side they completely skip the usual MM spiel you get on Etsy of being ALL ORGANIC (impossible), COMPLETELY HAND MADE, SAFE, CURES ACNE, etc etc.

I ordered:

LOVE, ACTUALLY – mini palette and brush
ENVY ME – vegan friendly mineral eyeshadow
JE T’AIME PARIS – vegan friendly mineral eyeshadow gift set
CHERRY BLOSSOM – bright pink vegan friendly blush


The total for shipping came to $3.40, which was very reasonable.  The first shipping notice and DC# I got didn’t do anything.  I sat and checked it and checked it and nothing came.  Muse is close enough I could actually drive and pick my order up and be home in under an hour, so of course I was concerned.  I sent off a convo and got a very nice reply and a replacement package was mailed.  When that arrived, one of my items was damaged.

Despite being very reasonable with the rates AND shipping a second box, it wasn’t wrapped very well.  The palette that broke was simply packed in a box inside the box with no padding.   I sent another convo asking how she suggested I clean it up, being in a palette I was was concerned I’d destroy and/or mess the other shades up.  She very kindly sent a replacement for it.  When my replacement arrived it was well wrapped in bubble wrap inside a bubble mailer.


One of the things that I heard most about Muse was that their packaging was ADORABLE.  And it is.  The loose shadows came all together in a little box with a darling motif.  Inside everything was organized into printed cello bags and set on a bed of confetti paper.  The palette was inside a cello box inside a custom printed box.  Since that was ill-fated, the second was in a cello bag and then wrapped in bubble wrap.


Each shade comes in a 5g jar with a sifter. (Approximately 1-1.5g of eyeshadow in each jar.)  The are labeled on the bottom with the company name, the shade, the weight, and the ingredients.  They have a solid black lid.

LOVE, ACTUALLY – mini palette and brush

Looking for a pretty set of neutrals to get you through the fall/winter? Check out this super cute palette that are beautiful for both work and play.

You get about the equivalent of a 3g jar (just shy of 1g) of carefully hand pressed into individual tins. You’ll get the following colors:

SPELLBOUND – a mauvey pink with gold sparkles
MISS MERLOT – a deep, plum purple with yellow undertones
CRUSHED COCONUT – a warm coconut brown with bronze undertones
THIS ISN’T ZIRCONIA – a soft, white-cream shade with sparkle and cooler (in shade!) than its sister, HALO

The palette measures approximately 2.5″ long x 1.5″ wide so its the perfect size to keep in your purse or clutch for touch-ups!

I really love getting pressed minerals.  After the Tonic flop I was glad to run across another company who does them.  This little kit is adorable, really.

It should be noted that my first one, the one that shattered, arrived in a box that was labeled with the ingredients and all that proper info, as well as a logo sticker on the top.  My replacement did not have either.

From left to right: Spellbound, Miss Merlot, Crushed Coconut, and This Isn’t Zirconia

I almost wonder if the pans were not left to dry long enough or if there was too much oil or pressing medium used.  It would explain why the one cracked so easily.  They also have a very oily texture, which are a little different then a creamy or dry one.  You can see in the swatches the shadows are very ‘metallic’ because of that.   You can also see in the picture above how several of the pans appear ‘lumpy’.  Perhaps the medium wasn’t blended well enough before it was pressed.

Nothing is ‘wrong’ with the palette, per se.  The colors are lovely and the little palette is practical!  They don’t seem to wear as long as the loose shadows did.  Crushed Coconut actually creased on me!

From left to right: Bridgette, Violet Femme, Doe a Dear, Halo, and Envy Me

Swatches from Etsy, for comparision

JE T’AIME PARIS – vegan friendly mineral eyeshadow gift set

A lovely set perfect for gift-giving to your favorite fashionista or yourself! Featuring Doe A Dear, Bridgette, and Violet Femme, wear them layered together or separate. Doe A Dear also makes a lovely blush. Feminine and girly, I absolutely love these colors!

Doe A Dear – A soft, true pink with a light sparkle
Bridgette – The middle ground between the other two shades, it sparkles with a cool, lilac color
Violet Femme – A deep purple shade that has a blue-silver undertone and has the most sparkle.

ENVY ME – vegan friendly mineral eyeshadow

This blend is more aqua-blue than oceans apart with less sparkle but still a fair amount of shimmer. With yellow undertones, this color is beautiful and bright on tan or fair skin. This can be worn dry and still be dramatic but when applied wet (or foiled), this color bursts with blue and green.

Because of the problems with my order I also received :

HALO – vegan friendly mineral eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is simply stunning. It creates a gorgeous, out-of-this-world “halo” on your eyes. A wonderful base shade with a lot of impact foiled or dry. Features a significant gold interference in a sheerer cream when applied dry. It goes dramatically opaque in a glow of gold when foiled.

I think the first thing I added to my cart was this trio.  I wanted it, very badly, I am a Francophone and the shades were lovely.  I’m going to go ahead and say that the swatches that are listed on the site are fairly accurate, which is something I’m looking for more and more recently.  Doe a Dear did not seem as pink as described to me, although it’s a nice shade.

I was happy with Envy Me, it’s a lovely tealy shade that’s rather soft.  It is a warm shade so it works really well with my skin tone and eye color and it wears well and blends nicely, as do all the shadows.

Halo took a bit to swatch, even though I did foil these.  I had to go over it a few times, it’s more sheer then I expected, although to it’s credit, it is noted as a ‘sheerer’ shade.

While the shades are not complex, they are clear.  The formula, although containing a ‘mystery’ ingredient, is nice and as I mentioned, wears well and didn’t crease or fade over a good primer.  It foiled well, so it’s not all filler or poorly formulated.

CHERRY BLOSSOM – bright pink vegan friendly blush

If you liked Hot to Trot on your eyes, you’ll love Cherry Blossom on your cheeks. A playful and fun shade that has slight yellow undertones and a pretty sparkle that will leave a feminine glow.

You will receive a 10g jar with a sifter and a mini buki brush.

Whenever I order from someone new now, I try to get a wider variety of products. In this case not just loose shades, but a presses palette and a blush. This shade was the obvious choice. I also really like how in the shade descriptions it’s noted what sort of complexion it might be suited for.

This blush is lovely, light and clear and with only a BIT of sparkle could be worn for an everyday daytime look easily but it builds up.  On my super-pale skin it looks oddly natural, which is sort of… odd.  I put it on, went and did something and came back and couldn’t tell if I had put it on or if I was just that pretty today, which of course I was not.

Would I order from by Muse Minerals again? Probably.

✔ I really like the packaging and the ‘feel’ of the shop.  It’s professional and thoughtful.

✔ The shades are very nice although not all that unique.

✔ The formula is very lovely and wears well.

✔  There is a lot of potential for growth.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Shipping: 3/5

Products: 4/5

Customer Service 4.5/5

Overall .25/5


I got a reply regarding the preservative.

Its CAP-5, which is vegan-friendly from my understanding. 🙂

Baby, you a rockstar.

“No bullshit broads, I like my women sexy, classy, sassy.
Powerful yes, they love to get a little nasty, ow!
This ain’t a game you’ll see, you can put the blame on me.
Dale munequita abre ahi, and let it rain over me.”

The Inspiration

I bet this one is going to surprise you.  I actually listen to the most random collection of music.  One song that I just can’t seem to turn off (despite the fact Mr. Worldwide raps out of the side of his mouth), is Pitbull’s Rain Over Me.   I tend to really like Pitbull and the whole Latin/Miami influence in his music.  This song, the above lyrics specifically, is one of my favorites.  This is a long way from the styling of his video, or of the genre in general.  This is my interpretation of the ‘Rockstar’.

The Makeup

Rockstar makeup can mean a lot of different things.  But because of the textures I used in the rest of the look, I wanted the eye to be clean and glittery.  No smudgy mess, very crisp.  I caught Makeup Geek’s Oakland Raider’s eye look and knew it was perfect.  I have mad love for East Bay.  I got my glitter from The Conservatorie.  I paid 1$ for a GIANT bag that contains about three times as much as many ‘glitter’ companies (Lit, etc) sell for 13$!  On the lip I went with a sheer raspberry tint, rather then anything nude or neutral.  I wanted bright!

I wasn’t sure I wanted to pick a perfume for this.  I went through my Indie collection and just couldn’t seem to settle on anything.  Then I remembered Lush’s perfectly named Rock Star scent, and searched it out in perfume form.  This is an inspired by scent (dupe) called Tart from OHWTO!

The nails are sort of unexpected.  I went with a simple French manicure with a raspberry tip.

The Accessories

Once again, I’m using Molly the Pirate’s sequin earrings.  I love them a lot and ALWAYS get a ton of compliments.  This time I chose the holographic silver ones, which is a great jumping point for this look.

I skipped the necklace again, although I did want something dramatic.  I chose another chunky cowl, this time in this soft grey with matching sequin bits.  It’s such a statement piece that you really don’t need much to go along with it.  The lines are clean, so it remains easy.

To me, rockstars are a little dangerous.  I went with a classic spiked cuff on the wrist.  It’s a nice contrast to the elegant and simpleness, it gives this look an edge.  I actually got it for 7$ from CrushCrush, and it doesn’t look like they stock it anymore!  I wore it once and someone mention how they wanted one, but they were ‘so expensive’.

For my hair I made a brightly colored clip in extension to add to the back.  This helps keep things easy and uncomplicated but gives the look a little something edgy as well.  Because of the earrings, especially, you have to be careful with OVER accessorizing and even a barrette in the hair would have been too too much.  I loved the raspberry color I found and oddly, when I Googled to see what the color was like, Phyrra popped up!  The raspberry accents all match, from the lip tint, to the polish, to the clip ins!

The Rest

I paired this look with some of the most comfortable pants I own.  I got these in ‘the mall’ someplace and they are shamefully like PJ pants.  They are paneled black leggins that remind me of motorcycle chaps.  In fact, I want to say I got them at the Harley store, I’ve had them for so long!  On top I went with a long sleeved white t-shirt, this one is actually a little fitted.  The booties are your run-of-the-mill black booties.

You could also, very easily, dress this down!

What’s in My Bag

Volume 13 – Phyrra

My bag that I’ve been carrying for a couple months now is a Franco Sarto East West bag in Bronze. I’ve never felt compelled to buy a brown purse, much less a bronze purse before, but the gorgeous metallic shade and shape called out to me. It comes complete with its own little coin purse, though I typically stick my keys in that bag. The ONLY thing I dislike about this bag is the ugly interior! It’s this icky multi-colored mess. Oh how I wish it was purple!

My wallet is by dakine in the color Lolani, reminiscent of Hawaii. The colors are very me. It’s black, purple, grey and light blue. The bat case next to it is a card case, meant for business cards.

The tokidoki 24k makeup bag is new, but I love it! I put whatever makeup I’m taking with me for the day in that bag. Usually I toss my foundation and lipstick in it.

Of course, you can see my kindle (kindle 2, but I’m coveting a kindle fire) with its tokidoki cover. My cell phone also has a tokidoki skin (htc g2).

I’ve got one of the Revlon lip butters (Lollipop), Epically Epic lip balm in Mango, and a solid lotion in Manila Mango. I’ve also got a Bath n’ Body Works pocketbac hand sanitizer in Vampire blood, lotion in Charmed and body spray in Twilight Woods.

I’ve got my little container of tissues, a brush, and my Icebreakers mints.

There’s also my little notebook with two pens tucked inside it. I jot down ideas in there.

My sunglasses are black, large, and have little rhinestones on them.

Finally, you can see my car keys with 2 tokidoki devil girls and a sushi :>

I’m happy that I’m able to always keep my kindle with me these days, even when I’m at work.

Completely Evil

I thought I would just go ahead and make it a completely Evil Shades weekend and swatch the rest of my goodies!

I did a little swap with Andrea and asked for a couple of new blush samples.  I am all of a sudden infatuated with blushes and I LOVE her duochromes, so I was excited to try some of the ones I hadn’t gotten yet.

From left to right: Curiosity, Ravishing, and Violet Fire

Curiosity- Warm pink with a golden shift and blue to purple shimmer.
Ravishing – An orange toned coral with purple luminescence.
Violet Fire – Wisteria Violet with a soft pink shifting base and cyan to green shimmer.

From left to right: Twizted, Pouty, and Skon

Twizted- Dusty blue with fierce pink shift, you’ll have to be a little twi”z”ted to pull this off.
Pouty- Soft sweet matte lilac .
Skön- Berry/plum with strong pink shift.

I also got little samples of her new lipsticks!

From left to right: Heartstopper, Jenaveve, Last Dance, Power Up, and Schemata

Heartstopper is a flirty bold metallic hot pink.
Jenaveve is a warm sultry rosy toned red with a perfect touch of golden shimmer.
Last Dance is a sweet, flirty metallic lilac with playful aqua sparkle.
Power Up is a light metallic peach/orange with a soft golden sheen.
Schemata is a bold orange toned golden bronze with a subtle pink undertone.

And finally, the last two things in my order was a new Spectrum Pot in Padawan and Victorian Night eyeshadow!

From left to right: Padawan and Victorian Night

Palest nude with an ethereal violet shift and silver shimmer. This was made for my “clear” friends, those who are the fairest of the fair.
Victorian Night – Medium Lavender with teal shimmer and a subtle blue green shift.

I’ve also added the link to order Simply Grey over in my sidebar –>