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Fun with Aqua Color

So, when it’s the middle of the afternoon and I actually have time to sit down and relax, what do I do? This. I love it when my friends let me experiment.  I used Petrilude’s tutorial and Kryolan Aqua Color from Shrinkle.

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Medusa’s Makeup – Pressed Shadows

While talking back and forth with Amy, from Shrinkle, about the much anticipated Sugar Pill launch she offered to send me the pressed shadows from Medusa that she’d gotten last year. I accepted thankfully and they arrived today!! Packaging They are similar to MAC, in little black containers with the flip top lid.  The containers […]

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A Little Lolita

I found these shoes searching for something on eBay and they came up on accident. I looked at them, then moved on. About a week later I was still thinking about them.  They were a brand I’ve never heard of, and even Googling it, it wasn’t much help.  I’m one for GOOD shoes, I routinely […]

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