Step right up! Step right up!

Due to popular demand I will FINALLY be compiling a list of my personally ‘Black Listed’ companies!

The list will be comprised mainly from my personal reviews, but I WILL be accepting submissions from readers as well as close friends!

Know any shysters or scam artists?  Repackagers or unethical glitter-mobsters?

If you have a company you’d like submitted, please email me at contact.gothique [at] and let me know.  Please include the company name, a link, and a description of the reason you think they should be included in my list.  Include links to your reviews and pictures if possible and please use BLACK LIST in the subject line!

PLEASE make sure you have a valid personal grevience!  Things like ‘bad photography’ wouldn’t really qualify them, you know the drill.  I’d like to keep things as civil and factual as possible!

5 Responses to “Step right up! Step right up!”

  1. Grey, you’re great. Thank you!

  2. Hallelujah!


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