Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman – A Review

Real Techniques is a series of brushes developed by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo fame.  Who is Pixiwoo?  Let’s review with my fav Pixiwoo tutorial.

Although I don’t shop at ULTA, I made the exception to order these brushes.  Honestly, I was very excited to hear about them, especially since they are cruelty free and synthetic (which makes them vegan, yo).  As much as I wanted to order ALL OF THEM I only got a few.  Ok, so I almost ordered all of them.

I ordered:

  • Starter Kit
  • Stippling Brush
  • Core Collection
  • Shading Brush

In general, the brushes are pretty unique.  Most of the handle is the actual ferrule, with only a small bit of rubberized ‘handle’ at the very end.  I find myself sort of partial to that because no matter what it seems like some of my other brushes just pull apart from the handle after a while (I’m looking at you Sigma).  Each brush is labeled with the brush ‘type’ which seems like a really handy sort of deal.  Instead of just saying Oh, this is a blahblah #222, you can see what exactly the brush is for instead of having to remember a series of companies numbers.

I also really love the length.  They have relatively short handles.  When I put my makeup on on the days I’m not in contacts (which is 75% of the time) I have to get RIGHT UP ON THE MIRROR to see what’s going on and with a long handled brush… well it’s tricky to not poke your eye out.  When the brush is too long, you just can’t fit it between your face and the mirror in order to be able to see what you’re doing.  Each Real Technique eye brush is less then 6 inches long.  The exception is the Stippling Brush, which is actually just over 6 inches.  A couple of the brushes from The Core Set are a TAD over 6 inches. However, in general, they are nice short little brushes.  They are also light and easy to hold and work with.

They don’t seem to shed.  I washed them all and sort of abused them a little and they stood up marvelously.  The one thing that I should mention is since they ARE synthetic they are all the same texture.  That is they are all super soft, so if you want a more firm blending or shading brush these probably won’t work.

Normally when I get a new set of brushes I actually toss or give away the case.  Even the nice travel sets from Sigma are pretty pointless to me and I bin them.  Same thing with the canvas messes from EcoTools.  These sets have an ingenious little case included with them that I adore.  Called a Panoramic Case, they flip and fold around the brushes like a traditional case would, complete with a velcro tab.  Along the spine is a cord and a toggle.  You can open the case and then flip the case back, making it into a stand.  You use the cord and tighten the toggle to hold the case erect.  The brushes are held in place by elastic.  The elastic goes the length of the case so you can slip in additional brushes in, not just the ones that came with the set.  That probably made no sense, but check it out.

The Starter Kit ($15.99)

Includes 5 full-size brushes + case:

  • Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color
  • Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring
  • Accent brush: designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging
  • Pixel-point eyeliner brush: tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application
  • Brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows
  • Panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand
  • Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light

Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
Extended aluminum handles are light and easy to use

The Base Shadow Brush reminds me a little of a concealer brush.  It’s a little long with a little point.  I’ve actually found it really useful for working with cream shadows and getting them even and blended.

You can tell that I’ve been loving the Deluxe Crease Brush, it’s still pink.  I love that thing hard.  It’s almost the perfect size, texture, density and everything for working with my crease.  I wish they sold it separately, it’s a brush that I would horde it’s also great for blending edges.

The tiny little Accent Brush is my new favorite smudger for under my eyes and for popping little contrast colors in the corner of my eyes.  It is, however, a ridiculously tiny little brush.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the Eyeliner Brush.  It’s sort of on the thick side and longer then I’m used to working with.  I can’t get it to work for the life of me to actually draw a fine line or to work my cat eyes. However, it’s almost obscene how much I love this to line my waterline with a gel liner.  I load it up and run it across the back of my hand to shape it flat and just use it exactly like I would a pencil, sort of squinting it through my eye and it’s AMAZING.

The Brow Brush is too thick for me to use on my brows.  It’s so soft and lovely though, it’s hard to dislike it.  You could possibly use it as an angled liner, but again, it’s a tad thick, but I used it to smudge shadow into my lashes to tightline and liked the results.

Core Collection ($15.99)

Great looks start with a flawless base. Create a perfect canvas with this collection of coverage essentials by Real Techniques.
Includes 4 full-size brushes + case:

  • Detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
  • Pointed foundation brush: use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
  • Buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
  • Contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish
  • Panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand

Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
Extended aluminum handles are light and easy to use

The Core Collection is a set of face brushes.  The handles on these are bronze, setting them apart from the purple handles of the eye brushes, a touch I really like.

The Detailer brush is tiny.  It’s very thin and while it’s soft, for some reason it’s a little firm.  It would probably make a great lip brush, but to be honest it’s a bit big for my lips.  It does work great for spotting on concealer.

I am not a fan of the Pointed Foundation Brush.  It’s far too small for me to use effectively and it’s pokey, meaning the bristles are scratchy when you run it across your face which is the primary reason that I don’t like using this sort of brush for foundation.  It would be suitable for maybe spotting on a bit of foundation to build up problem areas but I can’t use it as an actual foundation brush.

I do love the Buffing Brush.  It reminds me of the Sigmax brush I love for foundation from Sigma, however the RT brush isn’t as dense and it much softer.  I’ve been using it with a bit of cream blush and it blends it in perfectly.  I also use it after I’ve applied my foundation to blend the edges and fix little lines.

The Contour Brush had me on the fence.  It took me a bit of working with it to decide that I love it for… contouring.  I don’t wear bronzers all over or all that often, but I like to use a touch of them to emphasize the angles on my face (which is contouring, duh) and to warm up my temples now that I’m not wearing fringe anymore. This brush has pointed tip that helps me get the color where I want it and not all over, which a uberpale gal like me avoids.  It’s a very compact sized (ie small) brush that works great with both loose and pressed powders.

Stippling Brush ($9.99)

The final step is a perfect finish. This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup:

  • Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
  • Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

You know, I never got the Stippling Brush fad.  I honestly have no idea why I ordered this brush.  I have a couple that I never use, I… yeah.  I’m stumped on this purchase.  When I opened it I realized it’s a little different then the ones I already had.  It seems shorter and denser and I really do like the way it works with some of my thinner foundations (like my tinted moisturizers).  I’m going to give it a shot with my bronzers next.

I realize it’s a pointless thing, but I love that you can sit it up on it’s base, bristles up.

Shading Brush ($5.99)

Boost your look with effortlessly enhanced eyes. From subtle to dramatic, this brush is ideal for creating flawless high-definition results:

  • Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
  • Ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • Extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

This is a great little brush. So much so I’m ordering a couple more.  I have smaller eyes (smaller head too, I guess, I dunno) so this is the perfect size to do a variety of jobs.  I use it to apply color, to blend, on my brow, in the crease… I can actually use this one brush to do my entire eye makeup.  Well, this one brush cleaned off a couple of times, which is why I’ve ordered more.


Would I purchase Real Technique brushes again?  Yes

  • They are vegan and cruelty free.
  • They are VERY affordable.
  • They are well made!

Would you like to try some out for yourself?  I’m giving away a Starter Kit as well as a Shader Brush!  To enter, comment below and tell me what brushes you are using now.

You may enter (comment) only once.

Giveaway is open to readers 18 or older only.

Giveaway ends May 4th.

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  1. I really want these brushes! Must have!

  2. I’ve been absolutely dying to try these since pixiwoo announced them, but unfortunately Ulta don’t ship here and I can’t find a soul willing to forward them to me. Woe is infact me!
    I’m glad most of them have gotten a good bill from you- I was hoping they’d live up to what I wanted them to be…Although now I’m even more anxious to get hold of a set! =]

  3. You made me really happy with this review! Thank you! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hand on these!

    At the moment I’m using ecotools and Sigma brushes (Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black). I love these brushes and I’m really satisfied with them. I’m thinking of getting MAC 217 brush (that will be my 1st MAC brush 😀 ).

    I also tweeted –!/beautyaddictnet/status/63325284182659072

  4. Thanks for such a wonderfully through review! I had been waiting for someone to give an in depth review before picking these babies up.

    Currently, I use a variety of brushes from Ecotools, MAC, crown, sigma and Kirkland brushes.

    I would love to have the chance to try these!

    I tweeted for an extra entry! My twitter username is @Sarah29457

  5. It’s great to hear that these brushes are so well made! I’ve been on the fence because while I love my EcoTools retractable kabuki, a lot of the other Vegan brushes are just crunchy feeling. Right now I’m using a mixture of MAC and Sigma but if these are super fantastic I’ll switch to them!

  6. I am currently using

  7. I am currently using a mix of coastal scents, mac and silk naturals brushes and I would love to win these since they look great 🙂

    Tweeted –!/ki_and_makeup/status/63327491305111553

  8. I love the entire look of this line – the cases, the aluminum handles, the color coding!! Right now I have a hodgepodge of brushes – a few MAC, some Bare Escentuals that came in kits, some Smashbox (also from kits), a few Japonesque and some Studio ELF. Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I was actually searching for reviews on these the other day. I’m not a Pixiwoo subscriber, but I just recently got it that she released a brush series and they looked quite cute!

  10. I wants!

    At the moment, I’m using a few of sonia kushak’s brushes and this really old one from max factor. Been dying for an affordable pencil brush lately.

  11. i’d really like to win a brush set. i live in germany and i have no idea when/if they will be available here and i cannot wait X)

  12. Yahoo! I’m excited about these!

  13. I’ll totally have to check these out–I’m always on the lookout for great cruelty-free brushes.

    Also, tweeted:!/queencicada/status/63335552111493120

  14. HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN!! Those are awesome; a nearsighted girls dream come true! I’ve been using small traveling brushes to apply my makeup since I can’t really see well without my glasses.

  15. Thank you 🙂 Lovely brushes! I’d love to win them!

    Tweeted 🙂 My Twitter id is hypnoticlullaby


  16. The brushes that I have been using are Elf and some no name brands one. I have tweeted the messaged –!/msSaroun/status/63336532265803776

  17. I really want to try them, right now i only have a stippling brush!

  18. I’m currently using Sephora brushes. Really affordable and they’re amazing!

  19. Hi! I’m in =)
    Nowadays i’m using Sigma brushes!

  20. I love pixiwoo! Xx

  21. These brushes look amazing!

    At the moment im using Mac:
    190 for my foundation
    275 for blending
    266 for eyebrows
    150 for cheeks
    168 also for cheeks
    239 for eyeshadow

    Much Love! xxx

  22. I’m using Sonia Kashuk and Napoleon Perdis brushes.

  23. these brushes look lovely. im currently using nice paintbrushes from michaels & hobby lobby. The get the job done good but i would love to try some good actual makeup brushes.

    i tweeted- @hjgates

  24. I currently use Bdellium green bamboo brushes!

  25. i would like to win this 🙂 thank you

  26. I’ve been so curious about these since Sam announced them on YouTube. I love that they’re vegan! I’m currently using ecoTools brushes and I like them but I haven’t really tried others to compare them to. I have a small travel set of Sephora brushes and they’re ok I guess but I do like the ecotools brushes better.

  27. I have been tempted to buy these, really good value and of course because they’re from Sam Chapman, you can trust their quality.

    I use brushes from Avon – surprisingly good quality, little-to-no shedding and sleek, sexy black, but not quite perfect enough for my needs. I also have a kabuki from Lilylolo.

    Tweeted –

  28. I am using MAC, Elf and a couple of drugstore brands. Would love to use these!!!

  29. been using cheap local brand till now, but i really want to try these as soon as they are sold world wide, i love that they are vegan!

  30. I’ve wanted these brushes ever since I saw Sam mention them on Pixiewoo and I’m so excited now that you gave such a great review. Hopefully they’ll be more widely available soon.

    I wish I had a coordinated brush collection but currently I have single brushes from tons of different companies: Lumiere, Silk Naturals, Crown, Everyday Minerals, Sigma and some local brands too.

  31. i use any cheap brushes i can get my hands on, they usually don’t last long

  32. Mainly Royal and Langnickel

    would love some vegan brushes!
    Tweeted and Retweeted 🙂

  33. These look really nice! Right now the only brushes I have are ecotool.

  34. Thanks for this giveaway!!I’m using Sigma and Elf brushes 🙂 I’d love to try these!!

    I tweeted about it:!/Sabrys_/status/63265317715050496

  35. Oooh, do want! These look lovely. I’m currently using one of the super-cheap lines from Target, I’m not even sure what it’s called and I’ve worn the name off the handles so I can’t check. 😛

  36. Hi,
    Great review, I will have to get to Ulta & get some of the shading brushes 🙂 Right now I am using the travel Ecotools eye brush kit & I must say I am fairly happy with it! I love short handles too 😉 Great contest too, thanks for having it- Jen

  37. They look amazing. I would love to own some good brushes. Hope I winn. Love your videos xoxo

  38. I am now even more excited about the brushes I ordered (Core set and shade brush) I am also super happy to know that I am not the only one who is pressed up against the mirror trying to put on makeup sans contacts 😉

    I use a whole mess of brushes – BareMinerals, Origins, Urban Decay and one Elf brush (that kind of hurts)

  39. Really informative post! My brushes are from Bare Eescentuals because I use mineral make up. I would say I am an average brush user, but I am slowly venturing out and trying new types of brushes. I recently tried Sephora’s stippling brush and was not a fan. I hope to try a vegan style brush next, I particularly have my eye on hourglass’s brushes. Cheers!

  40. Trying to keep cruelty free – I use mainly Ecotools & Everyday Minerals alongside M.A.C. These seem geat but ordering to Sweden from the US is a pain. Does anyone know when they’ll be released in the UK?

  41. These look so good! I was pretty surprised at how inexpensive they are, too!

    Currently I’m using a couple old Lancome brushes, two EcoTools, and two SpaResource brushes. And a couple e.l.f. ones that came in a makeup set. 😛 I really, really need to build up my brush collection!

    I tweeted:

    Thank you so much!

  42. WANT! I need some none crappy brushes

  43. I would love to win these! At the moment I’m using Sigma (they keep falling apart though) and Illamasqua brushes and a couple of MAC too!

  44. Sarah Thurgood April 27, 2011 at 3:07 pm


    Im new to the world of brushes so starting out with a F35 and F05 from Sigma with the aim of learning how to contour and highlight. I also have a standard set of brushes from sephora which I purchased a while ago. Im amazed at the difference its made by using good quality brushes but as there are so many it is difficult to know which to choose. XXXX

  45. I only have one eyeshadow brush, so I definitely could do with more brushes. I tweeted this giveaway (!/valiumaphrodite/status/63348482064388096)

  46. I’m currently using Ecotools, Studio tools (from Target) and some Sonia Kashuk. Love that Sam made these so affordable!

  47. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I’m amazed at how many of these you do, it’s like you’re the fairy godmother of everyone ever and you just want to spread the love.

    The brushes I use every time I wear makeup are the Too Faced synthetic kabuki, EcoTools blush brush, ELF C brush and concealer brush from the studio line, and a Sigma GWP that’s supposed to be a dupe for the MAC 217.

  48. Hi,

    I would love to win these! My brushes are old and have officially begun to fall apart 😦

    Also, I tweeted! Here is the link:!/pinkskymorning/status/63350583670738944

  49. I currently have a combination of MAC, Smashbox, Aromaleigh, and Kirkland Borghese brushes.

  50. I’d really like to have them. If i won’t win … well that just means that I have to start saving up 😀 But I’d also really like to buy this dress from ZARA so it would be awesome to win here and get the brushes for free 😀

  51. Oh, this is such a great post. I was looking forward to some objective overview. 🙂 I am currently using Sigma brushes and some of the “no-name-brushes-from-ebay”, but would be more than glad to win these babies 🙂

    You can check out my tweet here as well:!/PrincesssEden

  52. I love pixiwoo because they really teach in depth about applying all styles of make-up but I also love that they’re in the uk so I know I can buy what they buy (usually). I can’t get these brushes though, and I am adoring synthetic brushes because I can use them from creams and powders 🙂 x

  53. I’m using Sigma brushes with a few Ecotools and a Crown brush or two. Love Pixiwoo, will be trying these brushes.

    I tweeted:!/karmicdreaming/status/63357493589442561

  54. These look awesome! Currently, my collection is mostly e.l.f. brushes, since I can’t afford the higher end ones. But they hold up surprisingly well, and do me just fine for now.

    I tweeted for ya, @PrettyunDead.

  55. I use ecotools and since I’m pretty basic when it comes to make up I haven’t bothered to try anything else. Every time I think about trying out another set I just end up spending the money on some useless shiny thing that’s caught my eye. I’m a bit like a magpie in that respect!

  56. I’m currently using EcoTools, some Sephora, and the brush that came with the Maybelline gel eyeliner, which I actually really like a lot better than the Sephora eyeliner brushes I have.

  57. I really like the look of the brushes, and they seem to work perfectly!
    I’m using some ELF brushes, some ecotools one (lip brushes, one from Inglot that I LOVE, a kabuki from EM and a zoeva bamboo set (some of the brushes from it are really great)

  58. Shari Puddicombe April 27, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    I SOOO want to try these! My current brushes are a mish-mash of brands: Eco-Tools, NYX, ELF, one MAC blending brush and miscellaneous drugstore brushes. I highly respect Sam and Nic as makeup artists and believe Sam worked very hard on these brushes to make them stand out from brushes already on the market. I live in Quebec Canada and there are very few beauty supply stores here other than Sephora (no Ulta), so really hope to score this Real Techniques set!

  59. Very much enjoyed the review. I’m very much a pixiwoo fan and would LOVE a set of these. Thank you for the review I really enjoyed it!

  60. These brushes are bogo 1/2 off at ulta now, I’m for sure going to get some. I’ve been waiting for someone to review them, THANK YOU!

    As for now I use Bare Essentials, Medusa Makeup, and Elf brushes.

  61. Wow, these look great, I love the starter kit the most 🙂

    Most of my brushes are from e.l.f. and I have a few that are coastal scents. My favorite brushes are e.l.f. crease brush and studio complexion brush.


  62. At the moment I use a bunch of randoms + ELF brushes. Not the greatest, but they were cheap when I started getting more into makeup and they get the job done, so I just haven’t gotten around to upgrading yet. These sound great!

  63. I use a combination of EcoTools and brushes from various mineral companies.

  64. I would love to be able to try these! I am currently using a combination of brushes from MAC, Inglot, Clarins, and Eco Tools. I find they are pretty good, but so interested in trying some more.

  65. Nice review! Although I’m not too fussed on Pixiewoo, I like the look of these brushes — I, too, suffer from smooshing my face up against the mirror, resulting in my brushes clacking against the glass.

    Right now, I’m using a hodgepodge of brushes — Quo, EcoTools, SPAresource, and a brandless brush roll my mother gave me as a gift that I’m pretty sure is made from synthetic carpet fibres. 😛

  66. I must start saying that I have a girl crush on Sam(is that how you say it?). She was this awesome bone structure and her hair, oh, her hair. And the accent. And the talent. And the witty humor…

    Anyway, the brushes I’m using are some cheap ones from unknown Argentinian brands, which is all I can find in this town. And a Revlon one, the contour brush. That’s the “fancy” one. 😛

  67. I love the look of the cases, they look super useful. Love that they’re colour-coded as well. I have the same issues with long brushes, I end up hitting my mirror with them sometimes but I do seem to have adapted a bit.

    I’m using E.L.F. brushes at the moment, I like the length of their regular line but they’re a touch scratchy compared to the Studio line which is annoying. I also have a few Front Cover ones, but they really really need replacing.

  68. Looks like I’ll be picking some of these up. I need a good stipple brush… the one I have currently has a shedding problem. WHICH IS NOT FUN.

    Or, I could win some! XD The brushes I use with any sense of regularity are e.l.f. Studio and Ms Makeup brushes. I love my e.l.f. Studio brushes something fierce.

    And tweeted!!!/tanzmitpalmer/status/63384491489636352

  69. Thank you for the review,I adore Pixiwoo. I am using M.A.C & Louise Young brushes.

  70. Currently I’m using various ones from Sonia Kashuk and Crown Brush but I must try these. ❤

  71. Thanks for the review. I’d love to win the giveaway as I’m in need of some new brushes.

  72. I’m so glad you did this review, I was hopping to grab some when they open their site, as she said they’ed have international shipping.

    At the moment I have a mix of Hakuhodo and a generic brand I grabbed locally.

  73. Thank you for the review and the competition, I would love to win these (presuming this is open internationally), my brush collection is seriously minimal, and they sound amazing! I have three GOSH eyeshadow brushes, a couple that came in a department store set, a Superdrug retractable lip brush, another lip brush that was free with a magazine (really) and sheds (I don’t use it on my lips for this reason, just occasionally to apply eyeshadow as liner), a blush brush and a face powder brush from a brush kit I bought from Boots when I was a teenager (lavender sprigs inside the handles, purple bristles, very cheap feeling), and a kabuki brush from Lily Lolo. The kabuki and the GOSH brushes are the only ones that are actually nice, everything else I’m just hanging on to because it’s hard to find recommended, cheap replacements.

    The tweet:!/ladyjulianne/status/63394593726660608

  74. I use Oriflame, Essence and EcoTools brushes. They are not the best quallity, but they are the only one i have.

  75. I’ve been using ecotool, mac, and sigma brushes! Would love to try Sam’s brushes. They look so soft!

  76. I’m using e.l.f brushes! lol, I’m a college student so affordable is key! Would love to try the Real Techiniques Brushes, I love Sam and Nic on youtube 🙂

  77. I’m using an assortment of EcoTools and brushes that are prevalently sold by indie mineral makeup companies: the brown faux fur range with black handles, the Forever Female line with silver or pink handles, and Lumiere pre-buys (which are similar to the brown faux fur brushes).

  78. I use EcoTools almost exclusively. I have a few repurposed paint brushes that I use for detail work, but the EcoTools are the best, most affordable brushes I’ve ever found. Then again, brushes are much more expensive in Australia 🙂

  79. These brushes look amazing. I’m glad it’s available in the US. 🙂

  80. Loved your fabulous, in-depth review. 🙂 I’ll definitely have to check these out.

  81. I just purchased mac brushes for the first time! I bought a 217, 239 and 244. I love them but they are pricey. I never realized the benefits of good brushes before but they do make a huge difference!

  82. Oh these look awesome! My brush collection is really eclectic. Most of them are from one of Lumiere’s brush prebuy sales, but I’ve also got some from Everyday Minerals, Urban Decay, EcoTools, and brand-less ones from other mineral makeup companies.

  83. I really want these! I’m glad they’re affordable too! Right now I’m using a couple Revlon brushes & Studio 35. Ya I NEED these brushes! 🙂

  84. Hi! Would loooove to try these! I have been wanting to have these since I saw them on her page. They look amazing. Right now I use some MAC travel size brushes because I also love smaller size handles.

  85. I’m currently using a mix of E.L.F. Studio brushes and (more oftenly) Eco Tools. I could use some quality brushes!

  86. I’ve been seriously lusting after these brushes, and unfortunately can’t find them ANYWHERE since I’m based in Australia. I’m currently using mostly Ecotools, though I do have an Australis foundation brush, and I’ve been saving up for an Estee Lauder brush or two. Thank you so much for the review too! I’ve been curious as to the softness and density of the bristles, and this has just sealed the deal for me.

    Also, I tweeted it over yonder

  87. I have the Sigmax Face kit and love it. Thanks

  88. the only brushes i have are from revlon..i am using the revlon powder brush and crease brush

  89. Awesome post! I would love to get these!! Right now I am using all different brand brushes.. I have some ecotools, essence of beauty, MAC.. I have some from micheal’s craft store and some elf brushes!!

  90. These sound awesome I want them as well 🙂

    I am using some Lancome and Studio Tools brushes, I love studio tools! They’re so affordable.
    The Lancome brushes were a gift, and they’re wonderful 🙂

  91. Nice review! I am using Quo brushes from Pharmaprix (drugstore) and some MAC. The Quo brushes are really nice and affordable but I’d love to try something else!

  92. I honestly can’t remember the brands of many of my makeup brushes! I know I have some ELF brushes, an Eco Tools Kaubuki, and some from unknown brands.

  93. I’ve been using EcoTools brushes and I love them. I’ve also been using some Sonia Kashuk and some craft store brushes

  94. Great review/roundup of the brushes hopefully I can get a few myself one day, need to do my research and find out who ships to Australia for a fair price 🙂

  95. I heard mixed review on these but since I’m a brush a hol will have to check it out. I use sigma, ecotools, crown, and a couple of drugstore singles

  96. Currently I’ve got a hodgepodge. A few older MACs my mom gave me when I turned 18 and she decided I needed to “learn makeup”, some Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target, some I got from Fyrinnae, a couple Crown brushes bought on Hautelook, and a bunch of double-ended brushes by Essence of Beauty bought at CVS. That Real Techniques stippling brush sounds awesome – I ❤ stippling brushes for blush, since I like a delicate sort of "natural flush" application for blushes.

    Also, I tweeted.

  97. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing these brushes, I think I need them. I mostly use Ecotools brushes, which are great but these sound even better.

  98. I have a mix of brushed ranging from super cheap to pretty pricey. My favories are a clinique shadeing brush and my Sonia Kashuk kabuki.

  99. I’d love to get my hands on these brushes. I’ve been using a mixed set of BE brushes, with some Brown Faux brushes I got from AL and Meow. Money’s tight, as the man just retired from the military and doesn’t have a job yet. *sigh*

  100. My brushes are like the UN- my daily use brushes are from e.l.f., Lancome, MAC and Victoria’s Secret (yes, they make brushes!) I still have brushes from my very first job in makeup, 15 years ago!

  101. I have a growing collection of E.L.F, EcoTools, and Sonia Kashuk — am particularly intrigued by the eyeliner brush. One can never have too many eyeliner brushes!

  102. I really want to try them,
    right now i only have a stippling brush 🙂

  103. I’m currently using EcoTools brushes primarily, but will need to look into these as well!

  104. Honestly, right now I’m using generic eye shadow brushes from Walmart. hahaaa that’s pretty bad. For face brushes though, I’m using EcoTools. I’d definitely love to try out that shader brush and eyeliner brush though!

  105. I’m using brushes from Gosh and Hennes&Mauritz. The H&M brushes are far too soft for application and have a bit of an awkward shape for blending, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for good blending brushes. I only have one now, it’s from e.l.f. and it seems to always be in the brushes-to-be-washed -pile!

  106. The only brushes i own for now are CoastalScents brushes, but I definitely want to try this ones!

  107. I’m using EcoTools and some artist’s supplies brushes for my eyes. And fingers for foundation 🙂 .

  108. valentina zaccheddu April 28, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Hi! Would loooove to try these!I a big fan of Pixiwoo…..I’m using Sigma brushes, I’ve got some of coastalscent and E.L.F….:-) good luck to all!!! and thanks for these giveaway!!!

  109. aahh I want to try these brushes out so bad, right now im using a mixture of brushes from ELF, sigma and sedona lace lol

    *keeping my fingers crossed*

    I tweeted-

  110. I’m currently using Eco tools and Elf brushes. I Hope I can have a chance to these brushes. 🙂

  111. I have been absolutely HANGING to get my hands on a set of these. I am an absolute brush whore and have brushes by Too Faced, MAC, Sigma, Eco Tools, Crown, Royal and Langnickel, The Body Shop and Napoleon Perdis in my collection…
    But you can never have too many makeuo brushes and these look different to most of what I have already.

  112. I’m using Aromaleigh’s Mini Kabuki, a fiber optic blush brush that I think I also got at AL, a drugstore brand eyeshadow brush, a drugstore foundation, crease and eyeliner brush, a Silk Naturals blending brush and a Silk Naturals mineral eyeshadow brush. That’s all. I recently bought a Stripping brush from Make-up Geek. 🙂
    I might buy some brushes from elf at some point, with the help of Spicy! ^^

  113. I’m now using some elf brushes and some sigma brushes but I would love to use the brushes from Samantha!!!/agnethavdk/status/63591969926025216

  114. These brushes seem awesome! I’ve been thinking about getting some new brushes to add to my collection, and these seem like they would be a total win!

  115. These brushes look great! I use a mix of MAC brushes and Sigma brushes.

  116. I hadn’t heard of these… I love it! I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to make-up so I’ve been brownsing for brushes, but I’m so picky. I have one MAC brush for my crease and for the rest I use Body Shop brushes, some are okay some are bad!

  117. I’m using e.l.f. brushes right now. I can’t believe how affordable these are! I had no idea!

  118. Those brushes look amazing and I love the fact that they are affordable! I’m using a few Sonia Kushuk, E.L.F. and Studio Tools brushes oh and some no name ones that are actually really nice! I need a real set of brushes!

  119. Sam is my favorite from Pixiwoo- the only other look I really like on youtube is Michelle Phan’s “Tim Burton Look.”

    And right now I’m using e.l.f brushes: the flat top powder brush (amazing), the blender brush, the eyeshadow brush (more for detailed application of powder foundation), and the taklon angled brush for applying lipstick. I don’t really have much money, and I feel very lost in the sea of brush brands and all of the shapes I can’t experiment with. But I recently thought I would try Sigma or maybe a random flat top kabuki from Hong Kong, but . . . iffy, as you can see.

    *And I have tweeted your giveaway. ^_^

  120. I have Ecotools, Everyday Minerals, Alverde, Lumiere, ELF studio, Ultimate and MAC brushes. I like all my eye brushes but only use Ultimate kabukis. For blush I love Lumiere angled foptic.

  121. These look lovely- can’t believe how inexpensive they are, I am totally shocked. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to ULTA sooner rather than later 😀

    (PS I tweeted this for ya)

  122. I had not heard of these brushes, but they sound lovely. Thanks for the great review, I will have to look into these!

  123. I’m currently using a brush set I purchased from Crown Brush. I really like them, but have always eyed these when I’ve gone to Ulta since their release.

    Also, that is my favorite Pixiwoo tutorial as well! Even her hair is fabulous in it!

  124. I mostly use Sephora brand brushes that I got on clearance with a few MAC, Elle Bang, ELF, Stila, and other various brands thrown in for good measure.
    Since I live outside the U.S, I’m waiting for these to be available on the website. Obviously, love to win them. 🙂

  125. Right now the brushes I’m using are mostly Eco Tools & elf though I do have some random one lying around that i’m not sure where they came from and a few that came with pallets like the one that come with Tarte’s eyeshadow pallets.

  126. These are beautiful! I use elf, ecotools, and sonia kashuk

  127. I am using a few mac and some of those pink brushes you find at TKB or coastal scents, I would love a new stippling brush and some new eyeshadow brushes and these aren’t too $$ and totally look worth it…

  128. For eyes, I use a combo of MAC (powder shaders, crease), Smashbox (liner brush), and Ecotools (cream shadows, smudger) brushes.

    For face, it’s Smashbox (foundation), Japonesque (blush), MAC skunk brush (bronzers, highlighters) and Ecotools (concealer).

    Thanks for the opportunity! These look like great tools!

  129. Ohhh I would love a starter kit! I mostly use only Ecotools right now, while I love them I wish they had more brushes available, I don’t have a good crease brush yet.

  130. I love Nic and Sam! As of now, I’m using MAC and Bare Essentials brushes. I would love love LOVE to switch to Sam’s new brushes! I adore her.

  131. Right now I’m using ecotools brushes. I have a few long handled ones that I bought individually, and then a set of short handled “Travel” brushes by them as well. I’m pretty sure I’m using half the brushes for purposes that they were not meant for (ie, applying eyeshadow), but no matter, since I don’t use brushes for things like concealer or liquid foundation.

  132. I have absolutely no brand loyalty and use a zillion brands of brushes, from MAC to Ecotools to Essence of Beauty to Sonia Kashuk to ELF Right now, my favorite eyeshadow brush is the cheapest one I own: the ELF C Brush. Never tried these, though!

  133. Ooh. I’ll have to try your contouring technique when my fringe grows out again. I get extremely self-conscious without it because I’ve got major fivehead!

    The brushes I use are Eco Tools (for eyeshadow), an unlabeled blue Clinique brush (I use it for eyeshadow, but it’s probably a lip brush!), some Posh ones (crease and eyeliner), a drugstore brand one (for blush and contouring), Quo (for blush), and a Too Faced retractable Kabuki brush for setting powder. For concealer and foundation I just use my fingers, since I like to use the warmth of my fingers to let it cook first. It applies better that way :D.

    Tweeted 🙂

  134. I’m using all MAC brushes because I worked for them forever and built up a huge stash. I also have five Illamasqua brushes that are amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I won’t even take them out on jobs because they were also amazingly expensive. Heading over to now to check these out!

  135. I currently use Ecotools, a few randoms I cannot recall and a lot of Bare Escentuals because I have so many. BE is what got me exploring the rest of the mineral makeup world.You get a ton of “free” brushes with their products.

  136. My two favorite brushes right now are MAC’s small stippling brush (can’t ever remember their silly numbers) and my $1 elf eyeshadow brush. A big disparity in price, haha.

  137. I use MAC brushes and Eco Tools for eye makeup but my foundation brush and blush brush are from Morgana’s Cryptoria. I think my sucky eyeliner brush is from Crown Brushes (it looks like it has been used for cleaning squirrels’ teeth).

    I also tweeted (@purplesaila)

  138. At the moment i’m using a Louise Young foundation brush, which i bought after watching too much pixiwoo! The sonia kashuk flat top is amazing for cream blushes. Would definitely love to try out this set 🙂

  139. Shamefully, at the moment all I have is an annoyingly prickly brush from the local Kmart, and an oversoft blender.

    Got some EcoTools brushes lined up soon to get on Amazon, and am exciteeeeeeeddd about those. =P

  140. It’s quite ridiculous, right now I use old paintbrushes that I don’t use for arty things anymore… some of them are lovely but pfeh, probably not a great idea xD

  141. Those brushes sound amazing ! I only use ELF ones, I know I am a cheapo, but I am quite happy with them, you don’t miss what you don’t know !
    I have tweeted as well

    Thanks Grey x

  142. I am currently using mostly Bare Escentual brushes, I’ve recently added some ELF studio brushes.

    I ordered a couple of the brushes from her collection based off of your review. Thank you.


  143. I currently use a bunch of e.l.f. brushes from the studio line – they’re not bad at all. These sound really nice, I’d like to add to my arsenal!

    I also tweeted but I can’t figure out how to get the link that’ll go directly to my tweet, not since I’ve switched to the “new” twitter. Username’s @nikkicrissann so you can see it if you need 🙂

  144. Oh, those brushes look lovely! I love the pixiwoo sisters, and Sam seems like an awesome person to design brushes.

    Right now, I’m using a set of crown brushes I got off of HauteLook a few weeks ago. Some of them are really nice, and it’s the first time I’ve had an actual set of decent brushes to play with.

  145. The brushes I am currently using are Makeup Designory. Yes I know they are not synthetic but I have yet to find synthetic/vegan brushes that stand up or even surpass my natural brushes. I would adore to win these beautiful babies. I am in dire need of new brushes.

    Great review by the way. Its funny how its a quinky dink you did a brush review since I have been looking into purchasing new brushes lately. Freaky!

    XOXO, Vanessa Lauren

  146. I must pick these up…at least the eye brush set. The price point is excellent! I’m using the Essence of Beauty (the beauty brand sold in CVS pharmacies) eyeshadow brush and crease brush. I occasionally use the MAC brushes that come in the eye-specific holiday kit they churn out every year. I’d much rather use these because they’re vegan and gorgeous 🙂

  147. I use primarily EcoTools and Urban Decay brushes because they’re cruelty free. 🙂

  148. I hope these brushes ship to where I live!
    Also, I’m totally with you on stippling brushes. I just don’t get them..
    Currently I’m using a mixture of Nutrimetics, Artiste and Inglot brushes.

  149. i am currently using a set of counterfeit MAC brushes that i found at the swap meet whose bristles fall apart as i apply my make-up 🙂

  150. I’m using a whole bunch of different brands–Sonia Kashuk, Sigma, some MAC. I liked the feel of these in Ulta, so thanks for the review!

  151. I’m using off brand brushes from Target which SHED like no other. Great review! I hope I win!!

  152. i tried these brushes and love em. i also like posh,

  153. I am currently using a combination of Sigma brushes and Eco tools. I would love to give these a try!

  154. i don’t even know the brand of the brush i am using right now, it was cheap and i’m in need of new/better ones.

    i also tweeted;

  155. I am using only Sigma brushes, but I am glad you are reviewing other brands, especially if they are vegan.

  156. I use EcoTools exclusively right now.

  157. I’m using a few eco tools brushes, and they really aren’t the best!

  158. Right now I use ecotools, but my dog likes to eat the handles!!!

  159. I’d love to get these brushes, especially since they’re not available in my country!

  160. I’m using a hodgepodge of brushes I’ve picked up over the years, and I could definitely use an upgrade! My shadow brush is an ancient item from the Body Shop, I don’t even know where my blush brush came from, and most of the rest of my brushes came in a little travel kit I got for taking to science fiction conventions. I never really cared much until I started dabbling in MMU and now I know what a disadvantage I’m at without good ones.

  161. I love Pixiwoo and am really excited for these brushes. I currently use EcoTools but am hoping to pick up some Real Techniques brushes soon!

  162. I’d love to try these! I’m currently using Sigma and Sephora brushes, with a few other brands thrown in.

  163. Right now I’m using Sonia Kashuk brushes, but I still have yet to find my perfect HG eyeliner brush. These brushes look awesome!

  164. I’ve been using EcoTools brushes almost exclusively lately. They’re pretty good and nicely inexpensive. I keep the “canvas messes” around though, heh. I use ELF Studio brushes regularly too.

    Pixiwoo is awesome. Sam and Nic are both way too gorgeous and talented!

  165. I’m currently mostly using EcoTools and my older Bare Minerals brushes. These Real Techniques sound great!

  166. I have a grand total of three Sephora brushes. xD But these do sound amazing, and I’ll have to look into them. But in the mean time, sign me up!

  167. im currently using eco tool brushes.

  168. I would absolutly love to test these brushes, unfortunatly I live in France, so I can’t get my hands on it !! Such a shame !
    Good review anyway 🙂

  169. Can always have more brushes and these sound great!

  170. I have a few assorted brushes I’ve picked up over the years. 2 MAC, 1 Trish McEvoy, 4 Bare Escentuals, 1 Sephora, 1 Smashbox…..I really could use more:) Thanks 🙂

  171. Here’s my tweet:

  172. After all the buzz about this line (& my tight budget), I am very interested in testing out this brand. Thanks for the contest.

  173. MrsPetruschka May 2, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    these brushes looks very professionell.
    I want it so much!

  174. I’ve been using EcoTools brushes lately. Real Techniques brushes are actually produced by the same company!

  175. I tweeted (@_galaxies).

  176. francesdanger May 4, 2011 at 1:22 am

    Oh, that shader brush, oooohhh…


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