Cheery and Cherry

This weekend, since I was away most of the week, I’m hosting a Cheery Cherry Inglot Give Away!

You could win :

3 Square Palette with the shades DS 496, Matte 362, DS 461

Sleeks Lip Gloss in 97

Nail Enamel in 337

To enter, comment here with your favorite way to celebrate Spring!

You may enter (comment) once.

Give away is open internationally.Β  You must be 18 or older and a follower to enter.

Give away ends Monday, March 28th at noon, PST.

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Celebrate Spring with @_grey and Inglot!

150 Responses to “Cheery and Cherry”

  1. my favorite way is to to celebrate the start of spring is to create an ostara altar in my room with fresh flowers, and to put away all my winter clothes and bring all my spring bright makeup to he front of my vanity πŸ™‚

    I tweeted as MissVioletSnow


  2. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to watch the tulips & crocuses come up in my front yard.

  3. My favourite way to celebrate spring… it’s traditional in my home country to have a meal with friends and/or family under cherry blossoms (fitting, no?).
    Now I wish I was home…

  4. I traditionally always do spring-themed looks, this year it was sakura collaboration with a fellow blogger, last year I stuck rose petals all around my eyes.

  5. I love painting my nails with flowers to celebrate spring and do my usual spring cleaning around the house. I also tweeted the giveaway!/msSaroun/status/51381059555835904

  6. I celebrate spring by taking a walk and enjoying the blossoming flowers. πŸ™‚

  7. I love to watch little lambs jump around in the sun.
    Then I know spring is here! I can watch them for ours and enjoy the sunshine on my face. That is how I celebrate spring πŸ˜€

  8. First and foremost: always change the hair color to something springlike! It sets up spring clothing, makeup, and colors to follow. Other than that I just enjoy being outside enjoying the fact that it’s not snowing anymore! (Though I do love snow, it was just a bit brutal this year >_>)

  9. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to go to open ground on a sunny, windy day and fly a kite. There’s something about kite flying that makes you a kid again in the very best ways.

  10. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to lie out in the sun. Granted I can do it almost any day of the year where I live, but it’s a different sun to lie under!

  11. Picnics! Full of delicious delicious homemade food and near a playground so I can play with my niece and nephew!

    Also tea dresses.

  12. I love to celebrate Spring by doing everything I can in the nude! Calgary gets subzero Winters, so when Spring hits, OFF COME THE LAYERS! Picture it…


    (My connection dropped after hitting “post,” so if I wind up submitting this to you twice, feel free to delete one! xo)

  13. my favorite way to celebrate spring is to hang out at the beach because its finally warm enough to start going again!

  14. I personally like to gorge myself on Easter candy and dance naked in the woods by the light of the full moon. Not necessarily in that order.:)

  15. My fav way to see in the spring is by getting out in the fresh air!

  16. I like to do spring cleaning, when I clean everything, and throw away things that I hoarded during the winter.
    I’ve just finished doing it today and I feel liberated and ready to start a new season πŸ™‚

    Also, with the weather being so warm and sunny, I love long walks with my dog, it gives me lots of energy and I feel truly alive.

  17. Hi,

    In India, spring is marked by a festival of colours called holi – people throw coloured powder and coloured powder on one another to celebrate… THAT is my favourite way to celebrate spring πŸ™‚
    I tweeted as well –

  18. Picnics! And spring cleaning. But mostly picnics.

  19. The last few years I’ve celebrated Spring by going “down the shore” for the day. It’s not really the beach, but it’s more or less on the water and all the trees are starting to bloom. Really perfect for coffee at a sidewalk cafe. ❀

  20. This is pretty simple and possibly lame… but my favourite way to celebrate spring is to BLAST AROUND TOWN WITH MY WINDOWS DOWN. I hate driving with the windows up… so as soon as it gets warm enough to roll ’em down, that’s exactly where they go.

    I tweeted the pretty!!/tanzmitpalmer/statuses/51391146039062530

  21. I love tulips and buy them to brighten up the house. I also love to decorate Easter eggs and find different ways to decorate them.

  22. I love to celebrate spring by cleaning everything and getting rid of junk. Spring has a newish feeling to it and ridding my life of old stuff and clutter adds to it and makes me like spring even more!
    I tweeted for an extra entry!!/ElleCaszatt/status/51395000411504640

  23. I celebrate spring with bright colours!

    I tweeted:!/minotaurbb/status/51399032953778176


  24. I like to do some spring cleaning, and surround myself with things that remind me of spring; soft colors, flowers (especially Sakura!) and baking! So many cookies =D


  25. It may sounds so stupid, but when I still was in school, I had a fun tradition for 4 years.

    I always would come to school, first day of spring dressed in a flowerdress, with gold make up.. Then I loved to celebrate the spring by buying yellow flowers at the store, in my break. Then I would take them, and just randomly give them to people, saying β€žcongratulations with our first spring day” I would do that until the flowers where gone, and by that time, break was over and my friends were laughing their asses off. People actually never knew how to react, when someone random just gives you a flower.

    Especially when I did it to a construction site, next to our school. Al those men were looking at me like I was crazy, but did take the flowers with a grin asking for beers later on!!!

    Those were the best days!!

  26. I celebrate Spring with fresh fruit and starting jogging again now that it’s not too cold outside.

  27. Despite my year-round love for dark nail polish, when spring first hits I’m all about bright, cheery colors. I also really love to walk through the park and notice the ways the seasons are changing. Lastly, I redo my altar with pretty spring colors and flowers I’ve gathered from walks. I feel a bit guilty so far this year because I’ve been slacking. :\

  28. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by spring cleaning! It feels so good to de-clutter from the winter. I swap out winter clothes for spring/summer clothes and I edit my closet. I scrub the house and air it out. I clear out paperwork. I do a bunch of tasks I felt unmotivated to do when the weather was depressing. It makes me feel renewed to give myself what feels like a fresh start!

  29. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to wear flip flops and spend more time outside!

    I tweeted too:!/KimmieKarmaLove/status/51408812581724160

  30. I celebrate spring by painting my nails spring-and-summer-y colors and opening the windows again. I love having the windows open all the time, and it’s one of the things I really miss during the winter.

  31. For me, Spring has always been about the tulips growing in our yard. They’re only around for a short time, so we go outside with scissors and a cut a few every day to put in a vase inside. I used take tulips to my teachers when I was in elementary school.

    I tweeted for an extra entry:!/color_obsessed/status/51409817650200577

  32. Please enter me, so much lovely pink!

    I love love just being able to go take walks in the woods again! I love being outdoors and the cool weather is great.

    I tweeted under Minou_Mowmow

  33. I love celebrating spring by exercising outdoors, spending time in nature, and by finally storing my winter coats for good (well, until winter really). Winter is still lingering here so I haven’t been able to celebrate just yet.


  34. I love going to the park when Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping merrily in the trees, gentle breezes caress my face, and the warm aroma of blooming flowers reminds me of a simpler time πŸ™‚

  35. i love to celebrate with more outdoor type things like picnics with friends at a nice big park or forest preserve.

  36. My favorite way of celebrating spring is going out to smell the flowers and giving out flowers to my friends. I can’t to this as much as I used to, since I don’t live in the country side of the city anymore, but I still like smelling the jasmines and other flowers near college!

  37. A few town over there’s a lilac garden that I like to visit when weather permits. It’s only open for a short period of time when the lilacs are in bloom so I have to get there quick or I’ll miss it.

  38. I love to go for walks. It’s boring, but I love that its not too hot, and its beautiful to go walk and stargaze at night.

  39. I love to take a couple of hours in-between lessons at uni to take a ride around town in a streetcar which follows a circular route, here in Milan.

    I tweeted:!/fraulein_doktor/status/51417617222737920

  40. Planting flowers! My mother and I buy 20-30 different kinds of flower seeds and plant them all over the yard every spring. It’s so fun to try plants we’ve never grown before and watch them develop.
    I tweeted under secondhook.

  41. I celebrate by dusting off my ‘Summer’ weather CDs! It’s not quite Summer, but some cheesy, upbeat music really gets you in the mood for it!

  42. I love to celebrate Spring by pulling out my bright eyeshadows and nail polishes as well as wearing my ballet flats everywhere again.

  43. I tweeted:

    My favourite way to celebrate spring is enjoying the spring rain (which we get a lot of here) and put on my boots and go puddle-jumping with my best friend. Also, eating out. It’s NEVER warm enough, but we’re stubborn and do it anyway..

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway, Grey!

  44. The first day of Spring is the first day I can open my window and that’s a really important thing for me! I like to enjoy the fresh air, then clean up and rearrange my room a little. Time for change!

    (also, tweeted at!/EgyptianIris/status/51426947850440704 )

  45. Clean the whole house and make lots of delicious seasonal food!

  46. Jules Noctambule March 25, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    I pull out the seed catalogs and start fantasizing! I’m hoping for at least twenty different heirloom tomatoes this year.

  47. I love looking for new things to plant and getting inspiration fr magazines for spring plants

  48. granattrichter March 25, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    My favourite way to celebrate Spring is by having a BBQ with friends: delicious salads, seitan sausages and ice cold beer, while waiting for the night to come. That’s love right there.

  49. My favorite way to celebrate Spring is by pulling out the sprinkler, letting me girls get into their swimsuits and play all afternoon. Ending the day with a family BBQ!!!!

  50. I like to play Bob Marley’s Sun Is Shining (Funkstar Deluxe Remix) for the first sunny day πŸ™‚ .

  51. it’s not spring until I start gardening πŸ˜€

  52. I love celebrating spring by going through my closet and donating the things I haven’t worn in a while.

  53. I love celebrating spring with painting my nails a pretty spring like color (pastels!!), grabbing my camera and taking some pictures, listening to upbeat music, and breaking out my saved up spring dresses!

    i tweeted =]

  54. My favourite way to celebrate spring is to buy tulip, crocus and daffodil plants to brighten up the house!

  55. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by eating TONS of fresh fruit. YUM!
    I also Tweeted the giveaway (@theprettyerin)


  56. I love celebrating spring by wearing a bright bold hot pink lip and bright purple nails! πŸ™‚ spring means vibrant colors for me so I go all out!
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  57. I love celebrating spring by taking my kids to the park:D

  58. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to clean my house from top to bottom. Yay Spring cleaning!

  59. I celebrate spring by starting my garden & always having a fresh bouquet of daffodils on my kitchen table.

  60. I like to bust out the flowy skirts and sundresses and walk around the city enjoying a mild breeze. Sadly, its still freezing here though.

  61. I like to pretend my favourite way to celebrate spring is to clean the apartment top to bottom, but I actually don’t enjoy that much at all. Just the ending part when everything smells nice and fresh because I probably found a box of wax tarts somewhere during my cleaning and then I’ll pick up a book, read a page, wonder why I bought this book and set it down, starting my chain of clutter again πŸ™‚

  62. Spring= walks. Lots and lots of ’em, and tons of pictures of birds and bunnies and flowers to go with πŸ˜€

  63. I love to celebrate spring by going to the park, the first warm day and sitting on a blanket to read a book. I take my shoes off and put my toes in the grass.

  64. I love all the flowers of spring so I celebrate spring by having flowers in my house, helps brighten the place up from winter. I also start to garden and clean my house πŸ™‚
    My tweet name is tjelwell

  65. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by opening up the windows and enjoying the thunderstorms! I don’t know if this is so much celebrating, but it’s what I LOVE about springtime/to do. πŸ™‚


  66. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to plant flowers with my baby sister & go for a long hike with friends & family.

  67. I love how pretty all that you’ve chosen for this giveaway is! It cheers me up, the title is ever so apt. Thank you for the opportunity (:

    My favorite way of celebrating spring or just about spring in general is daydreaming and wearing what would inspire me: spring is that season where you feel like everything is magical. Maybe it sounds a little trippy but I like to think I do and dress/wear make up that sort of makes me float away with the season.

    I don’t know how to put it in words! (:


  68. Shew, there are so many things to pick from! I like being able to put away heavy winter clothes, bed clothes, and such, but I also love to spend time outside because it means getting to spend more time with my horses and seeing all of the beautiful plant life! My Mamaw has a lovely lilac bush that never fails to captivate my nose πŸ˜‰

  69. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to start spending time outside working in the garden, and bringing flowers in the house.

    • Spending time in the garden.

      Sorry for posting twice but after I hit enter I realized I put in my email wrong.

  70. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to get my first spa pedicure of the year.

  71. It’s the start of autumn here in Australia (blasted Southern Hemisphere) but my favourite part of spring is making ginger beer. Spring’s the perfect weather for it, and by summer, we’ve got fantastic, home-made ginger beer all stocked up.

    Tweeted it over!/beezlebard/status/51478062369480704 yonder too!

  72. I like to make “spring in a bottle”. It’s something that my older sister came up with a long time ago to keep my friends and I amused. Basically, it involves picking buds and flowers from various trees and plants, putting them in a sterilized bottle, and then filling the empty space up with with a high proof vodka before sealing it shut. It used to be just for a quick decoration, but I replaced the water with the vodka on a whim one day to keep the plant material from getting icky when it ages. By the time the bottle starts looking not-so-pretty, you already have a tincture on your hands, which you can strain and keep for later if you chose the right plants. Lavender is especially lovely for this purpose, and I like to combine it with sage, mint, or other such herbs.

  73. My favorite way to celebrat spring is with trips to the zoo with my little girl & fiancΓ©!

  74. I like to go to the state park and see the wild flower fields start to blossom.

  75. In spring I love to throw on a skirt instead of jeans and go for walks along the river near where I live.

  76. Grey, I don’t know where to click to follow you 😦

  77. my favorite way to celebrate spring is definitely with spring projects: cleaning, building, painting. It’s a good way to refresh your energy and motivate yourself and prepare a clean slate for summer.

  78. My favorite way to celebrate spring has to be a picnic, and since I’m very indoorsy it’s always a really heady, shock the system for me. There’s a place just south of us (perth australia) called Araleun which has theis massive sewttlements of tulips and native flowers and the whole place is amazing in spring. we’re just about to enter autumn down here, but I’m still thinking longingly of spring πŸ™‚

    and I tweeted as @HogSandwich. thank you πŸ™‚

  79. I like to replant all of my flower beds with bright cheerful flowers

  80. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to spend the day at the beach and eat raspas (snowcones).

  81. I celebrate by wearing dresses all week long!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  82. My favorite thing about spring and what I do to celebrate spring is take my dad outside.. I know it sounds weird but my dad has had both of his legs cut off and is confined to a wheelchair, he also has lots of illnesses for many years, I have been taking care of him since I was 14 and due to the fact we have bad winters here and its really cold my dad stays inside , it hurts to much for him in the cold and when its snowing and icey its not easy getting him in and out of the house.. but once the nice weather hits I
    try to take him out at least once a day, even if its just outside on the porch to enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh air, sometimes i’ll wheel him down to the park or around town.. and in may my town has a spring festival which he alsways is so excited about I always try to save like 100 bucks, he goes wild bying all types of crafts and stuff!! Anyways I love spring cause my dad can enjoy the nice weather and not be so sad and cabinfeverish. and also spring starts my starbucks java chip fapp addiction!!!

  83. Watching it rain.

    I live in Australia, so watching it rain in the spring (especially last year) is some sort of strange mix between “Weeee! Rainnnn!” and “Goddammit. Rain.” =P

  84. I love having my morning cup of coffee outside in the Spring.

  85. I celebrate spring by getting all of my dresses and skirts out and dressing in a colourful way. Helping spring on its way!

  86. Oh my god this makeup!!~
    Spring for me is: skirts without stockings, loads of picnics & lemon gelati eaten around sunset.

  87. Make Up Monster March 26, 2011 at 3:59 am

    This is such a lovely give-a-way! My favorite way to celebrate spring is to sit in the sun with a book or with friends (or both). Talk, read and enjoy the lovely weather.

  88. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to plant chili, cilantro, basil, oregano, mint and rosemary seeds for the summer crop. It’s so delightful to see them grow because they bring summer with them.

  89. What I love so much about spring is that it celebrates itself! I just love to see the first blossoms budding, the snowbells and crocusses, de first rays of sun shining on me huddled in a big fat wintercoat and warming my hands on a hot cup of coffee, to wake up in the morning and just list for a few minutes to all the bird songs that had been silent all winter. So all I do is just enjoy, and smile!
    My tweet:

  90. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by taking my allergy medicine religiously! πŸ˜‰

    sara dot e dot allen at gmail dot com

  91. To celebrate spring me and my boyfriend always make a little picnic and walk to the local bay and take in the blooming flowers and then watch the rapids from the little falls in the area.

    I also tweeted

    I love spring and cant wait for it to finaly reach ottawa. we had snow 2 days ago 😦

  92. You know it’s spring when I whip out my epilator and finally remove all the leg hair I’ve been lovingly cultivating since November so I can start ditching the black tights & leggings that were a staple of my winter wardrobe. woohoo! XD

  93. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by going on a storm chase whenever nasty weather hits. we are both storm lovers and living in kansas we got quite the stom season each spring.


  94. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to open all the windows from noon to evening. Spring air right after a rain shower smells so fresh!

  95. I like to celebrate spring by wearing lots of brights, like blues and pinks. I love a good bright pink for the nails. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “hot” color either for spring. I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  96. I celebrate spring by packing away the socks and boots and bringing out my sandals and flip flops.
    I’m an email subscriber.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to go outside and read in the grass, next to some flowers. It’s really relaxing.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  98. I love to go to the arcade in a small amusement park near the ocean and buy cotton candy!

  99. Fave ways to celebrate spring: 1. Planting seedlings; 2. Going bare-legged; 3. First spring pedicure!!

  100. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to have all of the windows open, lights off, air conditioning off, and enjoy a good book in the afternoons. It’s very relaxing and there’s nothing like it.

  101. Sun! I’m a sun child and winter makes me so, so sleepy. Like this, it’s opening all the windows, going out every now and then, and just enjoying sun rays! πŸ˜€

  102. My favourite way to celebrate Spring is to spend lots of time out in the back garden with my two cats.


  103. My favorite way to celebrate spring is heading to the beach the MOMENT my last class is over on Fridays and spending the whole weekend not worrying about due dates and research papers.

  104. On the first beautiful day of spring when I’m not stuck in the office, I like to sit in the garden among all the gorgeous flowers I’ve planted, with a great book and a bottle of wine (wearing factor 50 sunblock to ward off my freckles)

  105. Alyson Whitechapel March 26, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Treating myself to a new pair of spring heels. AHaha.

  106. I love celebrating spring by getting yummy little treats and leaving them for my friends on their cars. i also try my best to clean out all the dust that has collected during the winter and to put away all my thick warm clothes. also, to start the swimming suit dieting! hehe. always fails but i guess its just fun to try. :p

  107. Rebecca Russell March 26, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    I love celebrating spring by driving around and looking at all of the pretty wildflowers sprouting up everywhere.

    I tweeted as zombeeezgirl. πŸ™‚

  108. It’s having freesias and lillies that come out of the ground..put into my room. Both are my favourite flowers!

  109. It’s Spring in Ohio so that means I’ll be enjoying beautiful warm weather on one day and then drive through a blizzard the next day. Then it will rain for two weeks straight, while a plague of locust gets thrown in to spice things up. I usually stick to dyeing my hair a new color and stocking up on canned good (in case it’s actually an apocalypse and not just our weather)

  110. my favorite way to celebrate spring is to wear pastels (like pink!) and purple and especially yellow. It makes me really happy!

  111. I like to drive to my old hometown and go down some of the side streets that are lined with cherry blossoms and for a short few moments, I feel like I’m in fairy land.

  112. I usually celebrate spring by celebrating Beltane in the forests near my home with my hubby!!/wampalover/status/51849410572845056

  113. I love spring! I usually celebrate spring by lighting burning some sage and smudging my room. Then I clean the ever living crap out of my room. I even deep clean my carpet. Cleaning is the best way to get the negative, cluttered feeling of winter away. I even go through my make-up drawer so I can give away the stuff I don’t use.
    I also tweeted your give away!

  114. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to stand outside look up into the bright blue sky..and close my eyes and feel the sun hit my face. I feel its so refreshing and brings me alive. I also do that a lot in the shower too. It’s just so depressing during the winter. I love the winter because of that but it can also get a little TOO sad. I also enjoy walking my dog and going around feeding all the stray cats in my neighborhood :).

  115. Getting out of the thick wooly clothing has to be a celebration in itself! That’s the part of Spring I enjoy the most. The rest of Spring is usually a torture for me, because I’m allergic to pollen! *SNEEZE*

  116. That nail color “337” is gorgeous!

    My girly way of celebrating spring: I pack away my winter nail colors and break out my lighter, more cheerful spring colors. I ordered Zoya’s “Gaia” during their three-free promotion and I made myself wait until spring to wear the lovely shimmery white. It brightens up my day whenever I glance at my nails, which seems silly to say but it’s true!

  117. My favourite way to celebrate spring is by acknowledging how fresh and beautiful it is outside. I open the doors in the morning, I smell the air. I love the smell of spring. This spring I will be going to Switzerland, which will be absolutely incredible. Going somewhere when the flowers are blosseming and life is renewing will be magical.

  118. To celebrate spring, I love to throw all my windows open! I love fresh air and sunshine, and hate the rain that winter brings. Also, I start driving on the beach a lot more often

  119. ::waves:: Hi there! ❀

    I'm Lili Marlene on FB, if you need to check.

  120. To celebrate Spring, I buy tons of fruit to snack on, put some potted plants on my balcony, and open all the windows.

    I can’t wait!

  121. To celebrate spring I take my little niece to go horseback riding and to a walk to bring home first spring flowers.

  122. In the morning I love leaving my winter coat on the peg and putting on a light jacket, digging out my sunglasses and walking along the river to work knowing that the weather is only going to get better.

  123. i celebrate with wearing floral outfits + bright sunnies + jelly flats walking around with iced frappuccino and bunch of macarons to eat at the bench or at the cafe enjoying the view πŸ™‚

  124. I think the way I like to celebrate Spring, is to walk around the many botanical and recreational parks that are close to me to intake the slow rebirth of the lands bursts of color. And to wear my shorts outside to enjoy the much needed rising warmth.

  125. The only way to celebrate spring is to curse winter in Finland. I just peeked out and it’s still snowing! I’m going to love it when it turns to actual rain, might even thank the nature then πŸ˜€

  126. I can’t wait to try Inglot!

  127. My favorite rite of spring is eating Cadbury chocolate mini eggs. (Only 1 small packet, no need to be a pig!) After that is taken care of, then on to the baking of countless sugar cookies, with colorful icing decorations – tulips and lambs especially.

  128. I live in northern Canada, so we still have snow even though it’s officially spring. It’s starting to melt, but I’m cheering myself up with bright nail polish, and fruity/citrus-y cocktails.

  129. My favorite way to celebrate spring is with frozen yogurt!! I pile about 5 different flavors into my cup and then cover it with toppings and eat it outside πŸ™‚

    I also tweeted the giveaway here:

  130. Spring is best celebrated by me with long walks, kite flying, outdoor hooping, and sitting outside with cold beverages watching the stars and smelling the grassy air. Also here where I live, the lightning bugs start to appear again….bzzzzzzzz

  131. I like just staying at home doing my homework…the life of a university student it hard…

  132. My birthday is today (march 27), so my best way to celebrate spring is to celebrate my birthday. When I was young, we always went to the sugar shack (cabane Γ  sucre) for my birthday and I knew that spring had officially begun, despite the snow that was slow to melt.

  133. My favorite way to celebrate spring is ACTUALLY going outside. I’m lucky to have naturally tan skin because I’d look like a ghost most of the year otherwise πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait for it to stop SNOWING IN NEW YORK WTF.

  134. Usually the weather starts to change here by the end of March. That’s when spring starts for me. I then like to use yellow eyeshadows very often and it’s like inspiration comes back to me I go all colorful! To finish the change into spring mode I like going to the beach which is less than 10 minutes walking from home, have an icecream under the sun then go back home. It’s starting this week for me! πŸ˜€

  135. Oh, and I also tweeted as @lostmakeupland πŸ˜€

  136. My favorite way to celebrate the spring is to open up all of the doors and windows in the house. We don’t have much of a spring here as it quickly becomes much to hot, so I enjoy it while it lasts!

    I also tweeted here:

    Thank you!

  137. Sun starts to shine on my bed in the late afternoons around mid April, so I like to take long naps with my cats in the sunny spot!

  138. krista carlson March 28, 2011 at 5:58 am

    My favorite way to celebrate spring is to get out all my pastel colors and create some new looks…Also to me spring means a fresh clean start to life…So nice…

  139. My favorite way to celebrate spring is to go out in my yard and plan out this years garden! Each year I make my yard a bit nicer and I can’t wait to plant all the wonderful flowers and vegetables that I have in my seedling trays πŸ™‚

  140. I love to go to my local nursery and get potted flowers and decorate my front porch.

  141. My favourite way to celebrate spring is to start wearing brighter makeup and to try on sneakers/ballerinas. It’s so cold here in winter so I have to use these awful Goretex boots to keep my toes warm and dry so trying on lighter footwear is a bliss!

  142. My favorite way to enjoy spring is it sit out on our back covered patio and relax with an ice cold beer. It’s so hot in Texas during the summer that the spring is really the only time you actually get to enjoy being outside.. I miss Cali weather. 😦

  143. On the first warm-enough, tempestuous night, I open my window, play Stravinski’s “The Rite of Spring” at full volume, and face the storm. It sets my mind racing, makes me feel like I belong out there with the growing wild things. My heart beats too fast; feels like that of a little prey bird. Something in me howls, waiting for something in the reawakening earth to howl back at it. My own personal Walpurgisnacht.

  144. My favorite way to celebrate spring is by going to the Festival of the Arts and looking at art from around the country while eating a Strawberries Newport.

  145. My favorite way to celebrate spring revolves around food. Artichokes, fava beans and fiddlehead ferns all mean sprint to me. Cooking up some light meals with these spring veggies is my way of ushering in the season.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. I love to celebrate spring by going to the park. I take my shoes off and put my toes in the grass.

  147. My favorite way to celebrate spring is going on a walk just as the sunsets and watching the fireflies ❀
    I tweeted!!/shefallssoftly/status/52440255730688002

  148. I live in DC so of course, the first thing we do is check out the Cherry Blossoms festival. I love it when the Tidal Basin is filled with floating petals and the full blooms reflected in the pool. There are some major kodak moments.

    Also, breaking out the bright and colorful sundresses – squee. πŸ˜€

  149. I don’t really tend to celebrate Spring; other than getting rid of my Winter clothes and basking outside glorying in the sudden warmth and sun.