The Book Project Results

The Book Project was a success!

All in all 12 people donated a total of 51 books!  I was so happy with the results and loved the variety of books sent!  Thank you SO much for making it such a success!  I actually let the librarian pick the winner, she picked a book ar random off the stack and the winner was the person who sent it!

The book was a biography from Ruth!  Congratulations, you’ll win a gift certificate for a goodie bag from Evil Shades!

4 Responses to “The Book Project Results”

  1. I’m so glad this was a succes! It was agreat idea!

  2. Hurray! Agreed. It was a great project. I am so glad that you made your goal, Grey. The children at that school will have some wonderful new reading material.

  3. yay! I’m so glad that they liked the books I sent! The biographies had great review and seemed so much more interesting than the ones I read when I was in elementary school. I know that it seems a bit juvenile, but they had pictures in them, which makes the stories more real and humanistic, not just “historical figures” that are required reading.

  4. I had fun with this ~ thanks for creating the book project!