Black Rose Minerals – A Review


I’ve been meaning to order from Black Rose for a long time.  I’ve been getting to know the owner a little, and I adore her.  Which sadly automatically makes me hesitant.  That’s the major reason I don’t follow many people on Twitter or read a lot of blogs.  What if I like these people and have to give their company a bad review!  It’s so hard!

The website is self hosted, which I like.  It’s a little amateur, but it’s really easy to overlook since it’s easy to use and navigate.  The categories go down the left hand side and then the submenus are easy to work with on the main screen.  I REALLY like that they have an integrated cart on the screen, so you can always see what your working total is as you browse.  The listings are complete with swatches, shade descriptions, and ingredients.  You can also choose if you want a sifter or not, which is a great option for those you don’t like them.

During the Black Friday sale I ordered:

Dusty Trails





Shipping came to $1.75, which was insanely fair.  My order was shipped quickly and it arrived quickly.  Black Rose is a local (to me) company, so I love that.


I was really happy with how my package arrived.  Everything was well wrapped inside a bubble mailer.  My shadows were wrapped in a little Christmas cello bag along with a bunch of little goodies and some samples, as well as my invoice and a little note.


Each shadow comes in a standard 5 gram clear jar and is completely labeled with the company name, shade, ingredients, and the weight.  I really like that even the samples are completely labeled and include if the product isn’t lip safe!

I like the formula.  It’s smooth and blends really well.  It lasts and doesn’t fade over a good primer.  I really like Dusty Trails, it’s more of a plush finish and looks amazing on it’s own all over my lid with a little pink, Dot, in the inner corner.  I was so surprised with Minky!  It’s really lovely and I wear it mostly as a liner.  Starfire was unexpected as well.  It’s got a delicate shift to it that I love.

From left to right: Dusty Trails, Dot, Starfire, and Minky

The descriptions and the swatches were fairly accurate.  I’m always impressed by that because I really do realize how hard it is to get good shots, it’s why so many of my posts have a few different swatch pictures.  Depending on lighting the shadows can look very different.  I think my own complaint is that the are not quite as pigmented as other shadows, but they wear amazingly well, it’s not as if they are all base.  They foil beautifully!

Click to embiggen.

Would I order from Black Rose Minerals again? Yes.

✔ The shadows I tried were really nicely formulated and wore well.

✔ The prices are incredibly reasonable.

✔ Shipping was quick and my order well packaged.

✔  The owner seems to sincerely care about her business and the products she makes.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Shipping: 5/5

Products: 4/5

Customer Service 5/5

Overall .75/5

6 Responses to “Black Rose Minerals – A Review”

  1. Some of my favorites are from Black Rose Minerals: Eros, Mome Rath and Sirena. 🙂 I love the look of Dusty Trails and Dot – will have to look into those for sure.

  2. Oh, I’ve been eying their New New York collection, especially Zoidberg. I’m not sure if it’s because I like the color or the character!

  3. Starfire is definitely one of my favourite colours from BRM, it’s so insanely pretty in person 🙂
    My other favourites from there are Manson, Citrine, Medusa and Runes. Just can’t recommend this store enough 😀 So many of her colours are vegan as well, and many colours which aren’t have very similar vegan versions, so I don’t have to miss out if there’s a particular colour I’m craving. Lovely owner, lovely product. ❤

  4. Ooh, Minky looks gorgeous! The website does seem to suffer from “Too Many Different Fonts-itis” and “Papyrus Font-itis,” but that color alone makes up for it :).

  5. i love black rose mineral eyeshadows. the colors are so lovely, very pigmented and lasts on me!