Although there is a bit of bare bones still there, Aromaleigh is basically closed.  Since I first discovered it it’s been a staple in my makeup routine and the one company I own the most of.  Collections have come and gone, and I’ve pretty much sampled them all.  It feels like such an honest loss to me.  In the time since I’ve known her, K had become a friend to me.  I’m torn between being greedy and wishing she could have kept AL open and being excited to see what she plans next.

My favorite collections have been Gothic Lolita which was an elegant mix of goth and princess shades.  It was gritty and beautiful and two of the shades I wear most are Strawberry Despair and Morbid Curiosity.

I also really love the En Pointe collection.  Although it was mostly soft and light shades it featured amazing plush finishes.  It would be hard to pick just ONE shade that I like best, although I’m sure that Sylph would be a universal favorite.  It’s a beautiful clean white shot through with an spark of rainbow of glitter.

Without a doubt the Bette Noire collection was amazing.  All the shades were multidimensional and even wearing just ONE shade made it look like you’d managed a miracle of blending.  It made for easy perfection.

I placed a couple of last orders, all to stock up on what I could.  In the meantime, I collected as many different samples from as many different collections as I could so that I could offer a Goodbye Giveaway.

The Grand Prize  is :

Rocks! Lip Tints in Head Over Heels, Falling From Grace, Nuance, Fiction Romance, and Love On Your Side.

Rocks! Eyeshadows in Helter Skelter, Fan Club, Downward Spiral, and Googoomuck

Lost in Faerie Eyeshadows in Calista, Liriope, Elodie, and Celinette

Pure Eyes Frost in Fairy and Trifle

Elemental Lustre in Entangle

Twenty assorted samples from a variety of collections

Two Runners Up will win :

Fifty assorted samples from a variety of collections

Giveaway runs from now until Monday, November 29th.

  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • The contest is open internationally!
  • Tell me about AL.  What was your favorite collection?  Do you have any must have shadows?

Please note : This is a give away.  This is me being generous, you’re getting something free.  Don’t like AL?  Fine, don’t comment and you won’t win.

223 Responses to “Goodbye.”

  1. Such a beautiful goodbye, Grey. I’m still sad over the closing. Gothic Lolita was probably my favorite collection because I own so many shades from it:
    Aqua Nightmare, Violer Ruffle, Purple Princess, Velvet Dream, Divine Intervention, Little Craving, Strawberry Despair, Wonderland, Elegant Reverie, Lush Memoir and Plush Romantic.

    I felt like the En Pointe was a sleeper collection. I loved Serenade, Sylph, Elegie, Promenade, Arabesque, Aurora and Calliope.

    Hot in the City was great too, with Italian Ice, Late for Work, Return to Tiffany’s and Girl’s Night out.

  2. Bete Noir was definitely a gorgeous collection. As I’m a sucker for darker shades of gold, Ambre and Solange were perfect!

  3. It is sad to see a well-established company that a lady worked so hard for, close up shop. Kristen & her vision will definitely be missed in the makeup world. This is a really beautiful way to say goodbye..

    I think my favorite collection of AL’s was probably En Pointe. I really liked the selection of colors, and they all seem to have this beautiful sheen to them. Although.. the Rocks! collection was truly beautiful to behold the amazing selection of colors. It’s really hard to choose.. I’m still waiting on my Wonderstruck & Spells samples, so who knows.. those might replace my favorites above. 🙂

    I’m not sure off hand about any must-have shadows.. but I absolutely loved her lippies & her finishing powders… oh.. and the Gothic Lolita blushes for sure. 🙂

  4. I think Mourning’s Whimsy is my favorite Aromaleigh shade, although everyone always covets my Alloy.

    I wish I had been able to afford the entire Rocks! Sonic eyeshadow collection. The colors were so bright and the formula was great.

  5. I will definitely miss it, but I know Miss K will be back with some new endeavor sooner or later – she’s got too much creativity to keep it under wraps.

    My favorite collection, hands down, was En Pointe. Partly because it’s work-appropriate for my boring corporate job, and partly due to my lifelong love of ballet (since putting on my first teeny pair of slippers at age five). I wear Tutu allllll the time, and Aurora is one of my favorites too – it has just enough excitement to attract attention without being as overt as a bright purple. And Odile is loveliness in a jar.

  6. Sadly, I literally just discovered Aromaleigh about a month before they started shutting down. Of course I decided to grab up some of their eyeshadows before they were completely bought out. I bought the entire Bette Noire in full size and the entire Carolina Summer in sample size. If I had had more money I probably would have bought Mythos and Spells! also. It’s frustrating how I always seem to come in on the tale end of good things.

  7. What a kind gesture on your part. Please don’t count me in for the giveaway as I probably have 200 samples and over 100 full sizes. Just wanted to comment.

  8. My favorite collection was definitely L’Orchidee. I love Dragon and Unicorn so much.
    Aside from those, I think Dominion and Cat’s Pajamas are must haves.

  9. :O Awesome giveaway!

    I also love En Pointe; one of my top 3 AL shades came from that set, Serenade. And I absolutely adore the Eye Lustres! Sophie, Daphne, Arielle… oh, I’m gonna seriously cry when I run out of those colors. I could go on and on with fangirl-esque gushing about how I love this and this and this, but I’m not gonna bore anyone- the quality of K’s products is unmatched, and I’ve been going nuts ordering samples from every MMU co I find to see who’s going to be my “new AL”. While I’ve found a few really really good companies, I don’t know if anyone really stands up to the consistent high quality across the board that I found at AL- some do “sparkle” well, some do “duchrome” like nobody’s business, etc etc, but for overall excellence in every single product offered, I think AL had them all beat and it sucks that I will have to go to multiple places to get stuff now instead of being able to get it all in one shop. I’m all about convenience 🙂 Still, I’ve been plotting one last mega order, even though I swore I was finished with my last “last” one 😀

    Also, her blushes? To die for. Seriously.

  10. Sadly, I never got to try any of their stuff. ): I would still like to try some even if they’re gone though! ❤

  11. Man . . . Aromaleigh is the company that got me back into makeup after my middle school obsession with poorly applied silver and blue lipsticks waned. It’s only been a year, and it’s quite sad to see Aromaleigh go.

    I think there are a few of the real standbys that I love. Passion from the Pure Eyes Frost is so lovely–it’s a dark, dark purple, but for some reason it doesn’t look too heavy or dark on my skin. It’s gorgeous. Googoomuck is another favorite, as is Ozone, both from Rocks! I’ve never found another blue quite like Ozone. Also, Moth, from Le Orchidee, is so gorgeous–I have so many samples of it, not to mention a full-size, and I”m still scared of running out. It’s got all these gorgeous undertones to it that really compliments my brown eyes and darker skin tone.

  12. I’m still sad that the only things I’ve been able to try are the few samples I got from you! Bette Noire & gothic lolita look incredible. Had I had money while the store was still open I would have bought each color from both collections.

  13. When I first learned they were closing I hurried up and snatched up over 25 samples of colors that caught my eye. I don’t think I have one definitive favorite, but the collection that always stands out the most to me is the En Pointe. It’s bold and delicate all at the same time, aptly named with a ballet term since ballet requires both of those aspects of its dancers. Giselle was, unfortunately, not available by the time I was making a purchase.
    I have so many pinks, golds and bronzes from Aromaleigh.
    First kiss, airy ethos and the smokier colors like verdant wisp, abyss and gaslight – I love everything.
    I think what I am going to miss the most is the opportunity to try everything.

  14. I had actually started using Aromaleigh after they went out of business and started clearancing everything out. I had hear of them prior to that but I just never got around to buying anything.
    I like the Hot in the City collex for the duotones. I’d say a must have is satin slippers, bacio and chocolate heart for a subtle natural but shimmery eye look.
    Great giveaway!

  15. I am kicking myself for not ordering more from the final clearance, and I placed three orders! I just used Jolie, from Bete Noir (my favorite Aromaleigh collection) for the first time a few days ago, and it’s definitely my new favorite. I really should have grabbed that whole collection, plus a few backups of Jolie. I own tons of other Aromaleigh though, and it really is/was some great stuff.

  16. My favorite collection was definitely Summer Solstice… I didn’t even realize it was officially closing today, I made two orders yesterday to pick up some extra Heartleaf in case I ran out. Thank goodness!

  17. So bad I could’nt try this brand! I live in France and the international shipping doesnt seemed to be possible 😦
    The bete noire collection looks like the perfection made eyeshadow. Love the name too!
    Thanks for that generous giveaway!!

  18. Impressive entry. I’ve been an AL fan for only 1 year, but it almost broke my heart when I read it’s gotta be closed soon.

    My most fave blue is and will always be AL’s ‘Bluebird’, which surprises me again and again. I’ve never seen such a vibrant and matte blue before and I’m quite sad that it’s gone forever, that’s why I rarely use it 😦

  19. Aromaleigh cosmetics was the first company i bought mineral make-up from. until the announcement of closing, it was the only mineral make-up company i bought from. 1 good thing did result from the closing, i discovered other awesome indie stores. i will miss aromaleigh though.

    my favorite eye shadow was torment and i love the rocks sonic rouge.

  20. although i’ve never tried its products but going by the pics. i’m really loving the En Pointe collection. they are all MY kind of colours. waltz, sylph, tutu, giselle and i can go on and on! i would love to try them on 🙂 thanks for the giveaway

  21. I’m sad to see Aromaleigh go.. I really loved their lip balms. Fortunately I still have some left.

    My favorite collections would probably have to be Lost In Faerie and Rocks! Oceanrain is a color I adore and frequently wear.

  22. I first discorverd Aromaleigh last christmas and got a few samples. I loved them all and went back and got L’orchide colection in full size my fav being cricket with its green and yellow mixture of colour. It was the perfect lime green for me and mixed with i think its called grass roots gave it a nice darker mixture. all the colours i own from them are unique and my fav to use. though im sad to use them now because i wont be able to replace them once they are long gone.

  23. Favourite collection was definitely Bete Noire. I managed to get a full size of Colette when the website first closed down and I was soooo happy I got it !
    Haven’t used any Aromaleigh eyeshadows for a while, it’s like they’re just too precious to be wasted, so I just look at them in their jars/sample baggies…

  24. I think En Pointe has to be my favorite collection, the ballet dancer in me commands that I must! It is sad to see how everything ended, I wish it just wasn’t so drama-filled.

  25. im so sad to see Al go. i love all of her collections but i have to say my fave is Gothic Lolita…. and my all time favorite colors are emergent beauty and morphing moon thank you so much for the chance of this give away

  26. I’ve actually never got around to trying AL. As I am still quite young, I didn’t own a debit card till about half a year ago. Because of this, I never could purchase anything online, because my parents would never let me. I purchase all of my own cosmetics with my money, and even with the promise of paying them back with my own cash, buying things online, let alone makeup (which they do not like me buying) was nearly impossible.

    I always saw swatches of Aromaleigh and heard nothing but good things about the company. This is saying a lot; I’m usually not a fan of indie loose mineral eyeshadow brands; there are so many, so it takes a lot for them to stand out to me. As a fan of brights, I was thoroughly intrigued by the AL Rocks! collection. Again, never got around to ordering.

    It’s a bit bittersweet; part of me is disappointed, but another part of me is glad, since I really won’t know what I’m missing since I never tried it to begin with.

  27. I heard about Aromaleigh about a year ago, but even though I made lists of things I wanted to buy, I never got around to ordering them. Then I heard that it was closing, so I decided not to buy anything at all because I didn’t see the point in it. I’m definitely regretting my decision now. And actually, I might try to pick up some of the remaining matte eye shadows because I heard Aromaleigh mattes were some of the best.

  28. I tend more to soft shades and I loved the Wonderstruck collection and the Carolina Summer collections. If going bold then its all about the Drama Queen Collection. The teal, topaz and green are to die for. Its hard to pick just one because over the years the shades have been so beautiful and of such great quality. I really hope that K will find another way to make and market the shades and not get put down by so much of the negative out there today. Thanks so much for having this giveaway.

  29. I loved Rocks! and Bete Noir specially. Rocks had those bright colors I’ve never seen before and Bete Noir was so sexy and dark! AL was my first mineral company. It made me wear make-up daily. The first foundation I’ve liked. I fell in love with AL. I gave it to many friends. It was special to me…

    To see aromaleigh go is hard to me. Still, I’m glad I’ve met it and shared it with others.

  30. i’ve been making more orders from aromaleigh than i should.. but it’s closing soon and i don’t want to miss out on anything! sadly, i was unable to get a hold of emerenta, naida, skeleton key, among other beauties. luckily, i got all the bete noir shades i wanted and a select few favorite from the mythos, wonderstruck, and spells collections. some of the faces were hades, theia, hyperion, asteria, alohomora. those 3 collections have some serious winners!

  31. I have unfortunately never purchased aromaleigh as I am outside of the US and never managed to order before she was closing 😦
    The Mythos collection would have been sooo up my alley, though. The colours are vibrant with a lot of cooler shades, which I really like. Shame on me.

  32. Definitely the Spells! Collection – mainly because I’m a huge HP fan. Disappointingly I just found out about Aromaleigh when a bunch of blogs started posting about them closing down. I don’t know much of the drama involved, but it’s sad to hear and I hope the individual behind the company is ok & I wish her luck in her next adventure 🙂

  33. I’ve only just recently got into makeup via blogs, but Aromaleigh stood out at once.

    I loved her brights!
    My favourite collections are the Bete Noires (the normal and the glitter one), the Rocks! Glitter (oh, the sparkliness of Kerosene, Reverberation, Hothothot!).
    Hot in the City and Ciao Italia looked nice, too.

    I’m just sorry I haven’t found out about it earlier.

    I’m looking forward to K’s future projects and wishing her strength and good luck 🙂 .

  34. I sadly discovered Aromaleigh after they stopped shipping internationally, and was pretty annoyed, until I found out what had been going on and that they were shutting down. xD I’ve heard so many good thigns! It would be awesome to try some

  35. hi,
    I never got a chance to develop a fave al anything as I discovered al & the beauty blog world after al was closing although I have coveted the gorgeous looking shadows on many a bloggers EOTD especially you & Phyrra. I would have liked to play with the Rocks collection though 😦 so sad that some mean girls crush someones dream & livelihood out of spite. thanks jen

  36. I’m a big fan of Lost in Faerie. Such beautiful shade that were a perfect blend of bright but soft. I sadly never got the chance to really try them, but I still admire it from a distance.

    I did get a bit of Gothic Lolita though and I use lush memoir almost daily.

    So sad to see AL go, but I’m sure Miss K will bring us something amazing from the ashes.

  37. It’s so difficult to pick one favorite from AL! I love Bete Noire and Retro Mattes but in my last order from them (*sigh*) I got such beautiful shades from Spring Solstice collection and I’m still sad I was never able to get full sized of them (the international shipping was closed shortly after). There were such pretty shades in Les Papillons and Hot in the city too. Oh and Chloe (eye lustres) is my favorite coral shade for summer and Glowing Luna (Papillons) brightens up any look. The list just goes on and on…

    I can actually find some perfect shades and favorites from every single collection with AL. It makes me sad I never got to try the newer collections starting from the Faeries. I had to stop reading Miss K’s blog for a while because I didn’t want to see all the goodies I won’t be able to buy 😀

    If I could only wear one shade of eyeshadow for the rest of my life, Amarante would be high on that list.. it’s just perfect!

  38. I never got a chance to try Aromaleigh, as I stated in my blog entry. However, looking at the rocks! in retrospect I wish I’d gotten at least Helter Skelter. Dominique sent me a sample, and it’s just so wonderfully gorgeous. She also sent some fullsizes and other samples, and they’re now staples, and made it even worse that I never had a chance to try out more from miss K.

  39. I am very sad that Aromaleigh is closing. I feel like I just found them and they are gone. I think my favorite eye shadows are Velvet Dream, Colette, Jolie, and Burnt Roses.

  40. En pointe was my favorite collection as I do get to wear bright makeup in medical settings at work. They were soft enough but intriguing enough to wear a wash over the lids and have a fantastic colour. Calliope is my favorite in there with odile in the crease.

    Gothic Lolita was what drew me there, I missed out on so much with international orders closing and thankfully got some sent over from a competition so I could play with them more and the latest colours.

  41. Aha, here it is, the ‘I never ordered from aromaleigh’ confession. I’ve only gotten into looking at makeup in the past two years. In the past six months, I’ve started looking at brands online, especially indie. I first saw Aromaleigh after I was disillusioned by a certain indie makeup brand, but even then it had started the process of closing down, and I was broke, so I passed it without thought. But as I started to look at beauty blogs, I saw it mentioned more and more and honestly regret not swiping something while I could, and now I’m broke again. D: Don’t it always seem to go?
    The En Pointe collection is exactly what is missing from my tiny makeup collection – something soft and feminine, yet colourful.

  42. I just found out about AL recently, after the international shipping rules changed for it. I was fine with the high shipping cost, but it stated that you had to already have been a customer. So i never got the chance to try them, though i’ve visited the site a lot lusting over pretty much everything. I was initially drawn in and haunted in a way by spells. before i saw them i hadn’t thought it possible to dream of makeup.

  43. Regretfully, I never got a chance to try Aromaleigh. I’ve heard so much good about them, I feel like I’m really missing out. I reeeally wanted to try out their lippies, particularly the balms.

  44. Sadly I never got to try AL make-up. When I found out about them they where already closed for international orders. Since every review I read about them was super positive I really wanted to give them a try but I couldn’t.

  45. AL was the first MM company I tried and I’m really sad that they’re closing.

    The Rocks!-eyeshadowa are absolutely lovely. I adore their pigmentation and the sheer amount of glitter and shimmer. ‘Boiling Point’ is my favourite my far.

    I really regret not getting any of the pinks/trying out the other collections.

  46. I got my final order from AL yesterday, and I’m so sad to see the company close. Although I don’t buy LOTS of makeup, I certainly bought the most from Miss K!
    I have to say my favorite collection is Les Papillons, by far. I love Spread Your Wings, Glowing Luna, and Zephyr’s Breeze to death. Oh, and I won a prize in my container of Flutura’s Cloud last year!
    I’m also really sad to see them go because the lip balms were the best EVER. I’ve been trying not to use mine very much lately because I want them to last forever. ;-;

    Anyway, I will miss Aromaleigh and the beautiful sparklies they made dearly. Farewell to a lovely company!

  47. Aromaleigh was the first and only mmu brand I’ve tried! My favorite collection is Gothic Lolita…those colors! They’re so fun and can make cute liner shades. I was really looking forward to the Rocks collection being revamped, and I’m sad I’ll never see that…but I’ll be happy to see what Miss K comes up with next!

  48. My favorite collection is En Pointe. I work in a conservative-type office and the colors allowed me to go beyond neutrals but still look polished and acceptable. Good stuff. I would’ve liked to have gotten the collection in full size, but, alas, I’ll just have to make my samples stretch. I’ve been too broke to order more, even though the prices were rock bottom.

  49. I never got to try Aromaleigh, but I’m kicking myself for not being able to. The colours I have seen is absolutely beautiful and I think I would really have gotten behind the business if I had been able to order. I think as an intro I wish I had tried her ‘Rocks’ collection for the bright colours.

    **sigh** I wish I had tried Aromaleigh.

  50. I was kind of late to the Aromaleigh game, but for the most part, everything I tried was amazing- the colors unique, the service fast & friendly…I’d recommend the rocks collection to anyone looking for the brightest the bright, and the few Bette noire shades I sampled were perfect for my inner drama queen!

    Honestly, when I first ordered from K, I was a bit overwhelmed and am now sorry I never got around to profiling the company & their products. Best wishes to Miss K, and thanks for the giveaway!

  51. I can’t believe it’s really going to end. I have been buying Aromaleigh for a couple of years now, and it always makes me feel so happy and full of anticipation to see that pink-wrapped package knowing no matter what is folded inside is going to be beautiful. Aromaleigh not only makes/made standout quality products, but their Customer Service is unmatched. They are generous and kind. There are many many colors I love in the eyshadow lines, but I also love the glissade. I always believed I had such “strange” skin tone since I could never, ever find something that would blend and look natural – until I found AL. Also, to have such a commitment to making things that are not harmful to the people who use them is commendable. Ok.. at the risk of witing a novel here, I will stop my gushing. Thanks so much for this giveway – it really seems to represent the spirit of the company you are honoring!

  52. I only managed to make one Aromaleigh order before they closed for international orders, but I love the shadows I got my hands on. It was mostly from the Opulent Lustre collection, such soft and beautiful shades! I also got Return to Tiffany’s from Hot in the City, it’s gorgeous.

  53. Same as others, I am so saddened to see Aromaleigh close. 😦 Aromaleigh was my gateway into the make-up world. And no matter how many other make-up companies I tried, Aromaleigh was (and still is) my favorite. I would have never set foot into the make-up world, if it wasn’t for the company. To coincide with the latter, Aromaleigh has made me feel better about myself. Beforehand, I suffered from zero self confidence, no matter what. As cheesy as it sounds, Aromaleigh really did change all of that. 🙂 I’ll never forget my first three samples from them: Le Mystere #75, Burnt Roses, and Wonderland. The last two becoming staples for me.
    My favorite collection…that’s a huge toughie. 😛 I’d have to say my favorite would have to be a three-way tie between Victoria’s Revenge, Wonderstruck, and Holiday Blast. Victoria’s Revenge had some of the most amazing black-based shades ever (my fave being Poison Utopia), as well as one of my top five faves ever: Infernal Chaos. Wonderstruck is a total given: anything indirectly inspired by something that Johnny Depp appeared in, I’m automatically going to love. 😛 Mimsy and Pass the Tarts are my faves. Lastly, Holiday Blast. I love every single color in this collection…every single one. The complexitiy of every shade can only be described as WOW! Seriously awesome, amazing, brilliant, all of those words. 😛 Champagne Toast is my number one favorite shadow in the world…it’s lovely.
    With all of that said, the world is going to be a little less bright without Aromaleigh. 😦 Eternal hugs and wishes to Kristen…she’s really a rock star!

  54. This is a touching tribute to a great cosmetics company. I will truly miss it.

    I too love En Pointe, but I find myself reaching for the Aromaleigh Angels collection a lot… almost everyday. It was a great philanthropic project; thhe colors are as lovely as the woman who made them and the ladies who commissioned them. Beautiful inside and out.

  55. I only found out about AL shortly before it closed 😦 But I wear Avalon ALL the time!

  56. Lovely goodbye, Grey 🙂

    I miss AL SO MUCH :/ My favorite collection is Bete Noire and my favorite shadow might be Amarante… or Glowing Luna… or… 😀

  57. Victoria’s Revenge was my favourite collection, simply because it was my first. I’d had AL on my “order from soon” list for months but never got round to it. I ordered the full sample set of that collection and promptly threw as much money at AL as I could afford.

    So sad to see them close, but I wish her all the best in the future.

  58. I have never owned any AL! All the stuff looks so beautiful and I know tons of bloggers love her stuff. I hope the owner is happy with her new direction and finds something to do that she truly loves and can enjoy drama and stress free. 🙂

  59. I wear a mineral foundation but only delved into some of the companies that you and Phyrra have blogged about in the past 6 months or so. AL was my favorite for shadows. I have purchased so many back up full sizes as well as samples. I adore Bacio, Seed Pearl, Air & Light, Amarante, Foxglove (such a nice neutral on my skin tone), Elegant Reverie and Lillith, among many others. But those are my staples. I will miss AL tremendously and only wish I had discovered them sooner so that I may have built up a larger collection over time.

  60. thebirdofparadise November 23, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    I actually DO NOT want to win, only because I was fortunate enough to score an “embarrassment of riches” in the brief year that I have been a customer. So if I am the winner, please pick another person so that someone else more deserving/needful than I can receive a wonderful surprise. 🙂

    But my exploration of the indie blogging world, and my love for AL are intertwined, so I wanted to make a post about such a remarkable company.

    I really worry about Kristin and her employees as AL finally ends. I really hope ALL those who depended on this company for their food and shelter, etc. are going to be OK. I don’t pray, but I will say I’m praying for them for lack of a better term.

    Grey, would you ever accept a guest post of my AL stash, when I finally get it organized to my liking? People will either be impressed, or they will call the men in white coats to haul me away! Perhaps both!

    Oh, and last but not least, what an awesomely generous contest this is. You are the best. 🙂

  61. I wasn’t fortunate enough to come across Aromaleigh until just before learning they were closing. I don’t have a whole lot but I have a few from the Ciao Italia, Gothic Lolita, and Pure Eyes Frost collections. I really love the Ciao Italia one, Frutti di Bosco is a really amazing purple. Even though I didn’t get to try much, I love every single thing I own from AL, and I’m sad that there won’t be any more. I wish the owner the very best, though! 🙂

  62. I received two of the en pointe shadows as a gift from a friend (serenade and waltz) and they remain two of my favorite shadows. I regret not purchasing more from her if the quality of my two is anything to go by! I can’t wait to see what else she will do!

  63. Too bad this is the first time I hear about them and I’m short on cash too lol. Their stuff looks awesome.

  64. Tigrilla was my all-time perfect shade. It’s yellow/orange/gold, depending on what I wore it with, and suited me perfectly.

  65. I’m another one that discovered AL (through your blog) just as they were closing. I’ve been doing my best to make up for lost time – I’ve grabbed lots of samples and quite a few full sizes, but there’s so much I’ve missed out on. I haven’t gotten to really explore the blushes and I completely missed all the lippies. Le sigh. I’m really enjoying what I do have though. Especially En Pointe – I think that’s the most beautiful of all. I love the plush finish and green and purple are my favourite colours, so of course I’ve gotten full sizes of most of them and multiple samples of the ones I couldn’t snag full. The three farewell collections are wonderful as well. Oh well, better late than never and here’s looking forwards to what the future will bring.

  66. Hi Grey….thanks so much for an Aromaleigh giveaway! I’ve been in love with this company ever since I started following beauty blogs and have collected quite a bit over time.
    If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the Bette Noir Collection since I absolutely love dark, intense and sparkling, multitonal shades. My favorite out of that collection would probably be Mirelle and Bette?!

  67. Aww….beautiful post. I’m going to miss Aromaleigh a lot. I only ordered from her once, but I loved what I got. I don’t really have a lot of money to spend so I don’t usually buy a lot of stuff online. I’m so glad I got to try out some of her shadows though. They were all beautiful. I never had any full sizes though. I just got a lot of samples. Most of my samples were from the Rocks collection. Some of my favorites were Estranged, Planet Earth, Green Hell, and Spellbound. They were all gorgeous colors though. AL will truly be missed. I wish her all the best.

  68. Why is it shutting down??? =’O

  69. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have anything from AL. But it’s only because I’m new to this whole “indie” world of makeup. Sad that I’m so late to the party.

  70. Oh, I’ll miss Aromaleigh!

    My absolute favorite shadow is Myrtha, I haven’t found anything like it. I went through quite a lot to get more of it after international shipping was suspended just when I placed my last haul this summer. I love the way it makes my blue-green eyes look!
    When it comes to my favorite collection, I think i must choose Bete Noire. I do love dark, complex shadows. En Pointe and Bete Noire is like angels and devils, and by having a bit of both collections, I don’t need much more.

  71. I had heard about AL before, but I did not pay attention until I’ve heard they were closing. Too late, I miss the chance to know their products and experience why you all are so in love with them. Given the opportunity, I would have got the Bette Noire collection. Those colors are amazing.

    As someone said before, I hope everyone involved (the owner, the employees) is going to be fine and something good comes to their lives after this sad end.

  72. OMG you are so awesome. And I’m so sad to saa AL go; I didn’t discover her till the middle of the brouhaha, so I missed out on amazing stuff! My favorite one was the Victoria’s Revenge (and I have NONE of it, since all my faves were gone by the time I arrived on the scene.)

  73. What a shame…

  74. The collection that still stands out for me was Victoria’s Revenge, with Phantasm and Cyanide Sorrow as my favorites. My other favorite collection was Gothic Lolita. For a while my go-to eye was Morbid Curiosity, Verdant Wisp, and Wonderland.

  75. oh wow! What an awesome giveaway.
    I’ve been really sad to see AL go. I don’t have tons and tons of their products but I have a fair few, and it really is a bummer to see them no longer be around =(
    my favorite collection was les papillons, i have a few fullsizes from it.

  76. I’m sad to say I did not get a chance to purchase any AL. I came to know of indie mineral make-up just as AL was closing.

  77. Sadly, I’m also a latecomer to the party! I just got into make-up two months ago and never had the chance to try out aromaleigh, although I have heard such wonderful things about the company. I never ordered anything from the final sale because I was terrfied I’d fall in love with the product and then never be able to get it again.

  78. I loved the ROCKS! shadows which she discontinued a while ago, and the Victoria’s revenge. As far as favorite colors I loved Hot Stuff, First Kiss, and Heart & Soul from the Valentine 2009 collection. I was unable to really grab anything from her “goodbye” sale as I am sure many other people were unable to as well. So thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  79. I have been an almost exclusive Aromaleigh customer since 2002 and was most fond of browsing/window shopping her website through the years. Her word descriptions of the colored powders were enough to make me need to have it.
    I will miss K’s daily blog on style and fashions that tickle her fancy and subsequently added sparkle to my morning commute.

    The collections I could not live without are the Elemental Lustres and the follow up Opulent Lustres.

    Good luck Kristen on your future ventures and I hope you choose to share your sparkle with us again soon.

  80. I’m so sad that Aromaleigh is closing, because I put off ordering from them and now I won’t ever get the chance to try their shadows 😦

  81. I’ve been a customer since about 2003. I love Aromaleigh! And, I think Kristen is an awesome person with a very big heart. My favorite collectoin is En Pointe because of the wearability of the shades. I do love those bete noirs though. My favorite shades are Window Shopping, Melancholy Maiden, Champagne Toast.

  82. Hi Grey! Thank you for introducing me to AL cosmetics. After reading so much about AL from you and other beauty bloggers, I just had to try it. Unfortunately, my discovery of AL came about just before Miss K announced the closing.

    I have been placing orders, and I adore the mattifying primer for the face and the shadow from Ciao Italia collection that I reach for almost daily is Bacio.

    Thank you again for spreading the word about AL and also thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. (Now off to make another “last” order…)

  83. Aromaleigh was the first indie company I’d ever ordered from, and I was so stoked to find bright colors. My favorite collection, obviously, was sonic Rocks! Before it was discontinued I’d ordered two full sizes of Psychocandy. Unfortunately, I’m out now, but if anyone out there can recommend a good hot pink sparkly substitute, I’d love you forever 🙂

    I also miss their lip balms! I still have half a tube of Italian Blood Orange, but I sure miss Minty Cocoa Chip.

  84. I only discovered AL and its sheer awesomeness when it was closing. I browsed through most of the collections through the many, many reviews people gave in their blogs. Out of all the ones that I adored (the Gothic Lolita collection being one of them), the “Les Papillions” collection won me over. The colours were lovely, and would definitely flatter my eyes. If I were to have the money, I’d buy ALL the colours right away.

    It’s so sad that K had to close down, and that she had to deal with so much unnecessary drama, but I’m happy that she’s taking it into a positive light.

  85. My favourite collection has to be Bete Noire. For years my online persona (blog name, twitter @name etc) has been Bette Noire so it tickled me. The colours are to die for and completely unique. I bought two jars from the collection but unfortunately could only afford one order due to international shipping costs, not that I ever grudged it because AL is/was an outstanding company. Best of luck.

  86. Les Papillons was definitely my favorite…I still remember swatching my samples of jewel and tigrilla and falling head over heels in love with the many dimensions of those colors. Since then I’ve tried others of that collection, and they all have that beautifully soft, sparkly, luminescence that looks like tiny jewels 🙂

  87. I unfortunately only got the chance to place one order with aromaleigh, but I’m glad i did. I was scared to buy mineral makeup, as I have never been very skilled at applying it, but aromaleigh cured me of my fear! As im from the uk I was so sad I couldn’t purchase anything from the goodbye collections, but I’m glad I got what i have.

    I got a bunch of full sizes from the rocks! Collection and I love how vivid they are. I was using velvet goldmine as a highlighter for a smokey eye with black planet. I wish aromaleigh all the luck in the world for the future, can’t wait to see what she does next.

  88. Absolutely, without a doubt, the Rocks! Sonic eyes collection. Aromaleigh was the first indie company I’d bought from, the first MM company, the first company that made me experiment with make-up. It’s very sad to see her go.

    Though I own a few colours from Rocks! Sonic, my absolutely favourite, never-fail shade is Estranged. I’m now hunting for a bright lime that can replace it; it’s difficult to find one with a colour as bright or a formula as smooth.

  89. Without a doubt, Spring Solstice is my favorite collection because it has the most colors in one collection that are wearable for me 🙂 However, as a lover of color in any form, my heart is stuck in my throat as the impending death of Aromaleigh looms ever closer. I cannot think of one single creator of eyeshadows that will ever be able to match the breadth, depth, range, and complexity of eyeshadows that are known collectively as “Aromaleigh.”

  90. Glitter_Wings1995 November 23, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    As much as I would love to write about what collection I liked best, I can’t because I never got the chance to try Aromaleigh. If I were to guess, it’d be the Gothic Lolita collection though. Aqua Nightmare looks so, so lovely.

  91. Overall, my favorite eyeshadow collection is the Elemental Lustres because so many of them are warm-toned. I also love their smooth metallic finish and high pigmentation. Miss K once revealed in the AL forum that cool colors far outsell warm colors. I’m one of those rare customers who adores warm tones and abhors cool tones. I also appreciate the Opulent Lustres because of the same smooth metallic finish, but less so as a collection overall because most of the Opulent Lustres are cool and pastel. Beside the Elemental Lustres, I love the Eye Plushes, which are indeed wardrobe staples with their subtle colors and beautifully soft plush finish. (Again, only the 4 warm colors and not any of the cool colors.) The Midsummer Night’s Dream collection has fascinating multichrome attributes, but I found the collection difficult to blend because of how the shimmer mica floats on top of the iron oxides. In terms of multi-layered eyeshadows (one texture floating on top of the other), En Pointe is a much better executed collection of the concept.

    Miss K’s release of the Twilight powders was genius. Not only were they timely, they were wonderfully formulated for their specific purposes. Although I don’t normally dare to wear them on my face, those aurora borealis sparkles are so fun.

    Lastly, Aromaleigh’s Melancholia is my Holy Grail tinted lip balm. The pigmentation and glide are perfect. My only tube is still going strong and I’m not looking forward to finding a replacement.

  92. I’m particularly sad about this, I really love AL. I don’t buy by collections, but I have all of their finishing powders and now I don’t know what I will do once they run out! I also love the lip tint in Nuance, it’s my absolute fave, and I’m glad you are giving one away 🙂

    Byebye, aromaleigh 😦

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  93. I only found out about Aromaleigh when people started posting that they were going! Though I think it would have been hard to order from where I come from, because our postal system sucks. And it’s just too bad because En Pointe looks like it could have been a favorite collection of mine! It looks like it has very wearable shades and a few nice colors to play around with.

  94. It makes me so sad, I JUST discovered Aromaleigh and never got to try any of their products. I’m getting paid tomorrow though, so I might have to place an order on some of their last items! I definitely think, just from pictures, that the Bette Noire collection looks amazing.

  95. I also got into Aromaleigh a bit too late. I live in Australia, so I sadly wasn’t able to order from any of the most recent collections. However, I have quite a few from the Bete Noire and Victoria’s Revenge collections.
    There are so many gorgeous colours, but my absolute must-have is Concrete Jungle. I only have a sample of it and that almost makes me cry! It doesn’t look like much in the sample baggie, but when you put it on, it’s amazing. I think it’s one of the most unique colours I’ve ever seen.
    I have others that I love too, including Colette, Chantal, Mania’s Locus, Elegie and Brianna. But Concrete Jungle is the most amazing. I really wish I had a full-size version!

  96. I didn’t have the opportunity to order from Aromaleigh before they closed. Once I found out that they were, I was afraid to fall in love with their products only to have them unavailable. The mineral makeup mutiny helped me when I was learning about MMU and how to shop for it and I’m still thankful for that.

  97. Unfortunately, because I only started ordering from Aromaleigh at the end of last year, I didn’t get to try so many of the products I would have liked to. I really wish I could have tried the Bete Noire collection – I was planning on eventually ordering a complete sample set, but when the closing was announced I was (and still am) unemployed, so could only justify one order to get five final full sizes of shadows that I’d tried as samples and adored: Aqua Nightmare, Sylph (possibly the most beautiful eyeshadow ever?), Plush Romantic, Clara, and Heart and Soul. My favourite collection was the Holiday Blast collection, all that glitter and bright colour – I bought full sizes almost immediately after receiving the samples.

    I wrote a post about all of these Aromaleigh eyeshadows in September, if you’re interested:

  98. This makes me so sad. AL has been my favorite mineral makeup company for the last 3 years. Getting a package in the mail from AL was always something I looked forward too. Especially with Miss K’s written ‘Thank You’ on your order form. I didn’t realize how much I loved that until I received an order from another small makeup company that didn’t do the same thing.

    A shade called Champagne from their Holiday 2008 collection is my absolute favorite. It is overflowing with shimmer and is a beautiful light gold/bronze color. An everyday color with an extra kick of sparkle. My favorite collection would have to be the Eye Plush because it is so easily wearable with anything and everything. It is a very unique take on more neutral colors that I tend to love as I’m more of a bright lips person with light neutral sparkly eye and black eyeliner. That’s another thing I’ll miss, their lip products. I am not a lipstick person…I feel like it is still too old a look for me. And AL always had such awesome sheer lip tints and lip glosses.

  99. I first discovered Aromaleigh about 5 years ago while reading a makeup forum. This hairdresser kept posting these gorgeous looks with amazingly bright colors that just dazzled me. Ever since I’ve been a out right Aromaleigh fiend. No matter what the product, face, lip, eye, I’ve never been disappointed and am utterly bummed that this is the end!

    My favorite collection would be a dead heat tie between Rocks! and Les Papillons. I love the bright neon outlandishness of Rocks! and the lighthearted yet bold colors of Les Papillons.

    I wish Miss K the best of luck, and although I’m sad, I know whatever she does to harness that creativity will be amazing.

  100. When I heard AL was closing, I borrowed nearly $300 from my mom in order to buy everything I’d been eyeing for months. I’d just sort of assumed AL would always be there when I got around to ordering, so never had.

    As a collection, I think Les Papillons is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of clear true gem-tones, and LP shades also have quite a lot of sparkle, which I like too.

    However, the single AL shade I use most is Moth, from L’Orchidee collection. It’s a soft, semi-sheer, silvery grey, with green, purple, and pink iridescence depending on what it’s worn with. Incredibly versatile, with a gorgeous shimmery finish (and outright metallic sparkle if worn over Pixie Epoxy!), I bought three extra jars because I’m so afraid of running out. Applied with a light hand, it’s a beautiful highlight shade on my very pale skin. Applied more heavily or over PE, it forms the base for 90% of the looks I do, as the lid color I can then build on with other colors. I am not looking forward to trying to find a dupe for it, when I eventually do run out!

  101. Bette Noire was my favorite, but sadly I discovered this company very late in the game. I only got a few things but everything I ever got from the Bette Noire was my favorite.

  102. Victoria’s Revenge.
    The entire collection is just gorgeous. I use Nightshade and Poison Utopia the most.
    I’m so sad to see it go.

  103. I think my favorite collection would be the Bette Noire & Mireille being my must have shade. Mireille is one of the prettiest purples I’ve ever seen. I will truly miss Aromaleigh.

  104. Jules Noctambule November 23, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I adore the texture and sheen of the En Pointe collection, and wear Dulcinea at least four times a week. I’ll miss the variety of colours and textures available in the Aromaleigh collections; so many other MMU companies may have great shades but they lack the variety of finishes.

  105. I really love the Gothic Lolita Starbright mineral shimmer. They remind me of a super sparkly version of the old MAC Beauty Powder Loose. I’ve used even the blue one on my cheekbones because the color can be super sheer but the shimmer is so eye-catching. These are great on the body, too, or as eye shadow toppers to give a little extra pop. On top of Pixie Epoxy, these are on crack. I got two originally, she sent me samples of two more, I ordered two more, and then I panicked and ordered another round so that I would have all the shades and additional for presents/backup. Truly terrific!

    The Les Papillions collection also really owned me. I just kept acquiring them as I went. I like vibrant colors that aren’t too matte and these did the trick.

    My favorite single item that I reach for all the time is the Drama Queen Green liner. I mix some with my Benefit She Laq or Illamasqua Sealing Gel and do the super swoopy pin-up liner with it. It looks amazing with a lavender lid.

    Yes, I am with you on the sadness. I’ve already spent about $35 in shipping because I keep thinking of other things I need to get before the very end. I think I mentioned in another one of your threads, too, that she sends samples and then I fall in love with something else. Not being able to “get it later” really puts a sense of urgency on it all.

  106. I found AL in 2004, trying to match a deep green mineral eyeshadow I’d had for years and was running low on. From that day forward I was hooked. Age interfered though and I gave up makeup for a while because my eyelashes were getting short and stubby and I was never happy with lengthening mascaras. Then the miracle of Latisse came along, and I was back in the game! I was/am heartbroken that AL is closing, but the sale has allowed me to realize most of my dream of owning every color. I missed most of the Rocks! though, waiting for reformulation.

    My favorite AL collection is the one in my bathroom, lol! I just can’t play favorites . Some go-to colors are L’Orchidee Wild Cocoa, Spring Solstice Mallow, pretty much all of the Opulent Lustres/Elemental Lustres, Carolina Summer Oyster, and Matte Ebony. I also love L’Orchidee Tigrilla and Hot in the City Girl’s Night Out. There are just so many to choose from! The new Mythos, Spells!, and Wonderstruck are also some of the most gorgeous colors ever, I’m still determining my favs for those collections. A couple more orders still to place! Most colors are still available at rock bottom prices, so anyone who is still hoping to get great e/s at a fantastic price should order before the final bell tolls!

  107. Thanks for having this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

    I only discovered Aromaleigh recently and am bummed that they’re closing. I’ve ordered as much as I can without going into the poorhouse! I’d say my favorite collection is Victoria’s Revenge. I like them because they’re versatile. If I want a darker smokey look just add Pixie Epoxy. But dry they are still true to color too. My favorite AL shade is definately Window Shopping from Hot in the City. Yes it’s a bit of a safer shade but I just love it.

    I never did get to try any lip tints but I heard they were great. I really like their Twilight powders too. They give me a nice glow without looking like a glitter factory blew up on me.

  108. I’m also going to be very upset when it’s all done with completely. No more peeking at the colour charts. No more dreaming up my cart. No more “last chance” orders.
    Part of the reason I haven’t worn much eyeshadow lately, is it’s just too depressing. I have so many colours to chose from but now looking at it all, I think of them all as “limited edition” because I won’t have another chance to re-buy.
    It’s just been 1.5 years that I’ve known of AL but out of all the eyeshadows I have, Aromaleigh pwns my makeup cart.
    I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to grab so many beautiful shades. Aromaleigh has helped me feel more confident when I put on my face and go outside. And I’m a bigger girl, I need all the confidence I can get! I don’t shy away from bold, bright colours anymore.

    It feels really good when someone behind a makeup counter asks “what are you wearing, I love it!” (mac store, 2 weeks ago)

    You can skip past me for the draw, Kristen has kindly given me so many chances to order, if I don’t have every shade I want by now, that’s my bad 🙂 (although I saw someone mention Dominion, crapIforgotthatoneexisted!)

  109. Sad days, especially for someone who is relatively new to mineral makeup. I’m another En Pointe fan — so many gorgeous, distinctive colors, and a lot of them are buildable (especially with a good base) for greater depth and intensity. Personal favorite there is Pique; I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. I think I’ve accumulated full-sizes of almost all of them in the last few months, though. 🙂 The Elemental Lustres are my second-runner up collection; -so- gorgeous. Astonish is one of my miracle metallics, and Psyche is another. I just got Gleam from the most recent update on available colors and it makes my very dark brown eyes look beyond amazing.
    Other must-haves for me were: Wonderland (from the Gothic Lolitas), Expecto Patronum (Spells!), Eos (Mythos), and Loxy (Lost in Faerie). I love the variety of textures, colors, and levels of sparkle that she has offered, not to mention a very clean and easy to navigate website. 🙂 I value things like that.

  110. I was so sad to hear of their closing. I was not able to try any of the beautiful products she had, but my favorite has to be, hands down, the Bette Noire collection. From that collection I adore Vivlane and Mirellie. Also most of her Gothic Lolita, Spells! and Wonderstruck collections too.

  111. I think my favorite collection was probably the Eye Plush collection, because I use Dollhouse, Sunny Disposition, or Pink Negligee CONSTANTLY as either a highlighter or all over for a ‘safe’ look with kimono for Tea events (no flashy makeup allowed, including too-dark eyeliner, etc).

    As a color I reach for day-in and day-out, it would be Mallow. That is the most amazing pink-with-gold-sparkle shade for the inner corner of the eye, etc to look awake. (Though I love her bright, bold colors, too!)

  112. My favorite collection would have to be L’orchidee. Such vibrant and intense colors. I also love the Hi-Fi Mattes collection.

    Thank you for this giveaway and for having such a great blog.

  113. WOW! You’re awesome, this is an amazing giveaway. I unfortunately never ordered from AL…I’m just too new, I do wish that I could have gotten Gothic Lolita, the colors are really beautiful! Thanks for hosting this!

  114. I only discovered Aromaleigh in the begining of the year so I had only ordered mostly samples. The full sizes I bought and love are air and light, morphing moon, and ephemeral violet, and soul takes flight from the Les Papillions collection

  115. I’m so sad to see that we really are at the last hurrah 😦 My skin has always been horrible and AL changed that for me. I fear the day I finally run out of foundation because I just know that my skin will be a message again. ~sighs~

    I have so many favs but I’d have to say for me the line that I turn to the most is The Gothic Lolita collection. It was the one that had me stepping way outside of my norms. I only hope that I have enough to last a lifetime. I fear though that isn’t the case.

    I hope that Kristen and her staff have much success in their lives after AL.

  116. I’ve never ordered from them before, but I think it’s unfortunate that Aromaleigh is being closed. The bright colors inspired me to play with my makeup and make my own shades. I’ll be happy to sample something from the company.

  117. I’m so sad to see her close up shop. She put so much of herself into it, and the products are so beautiful.

    Favorites? Hmm. ‘Party Dress’ is the perfect gold- not a green gold or an orange gold, but balanced. ‘Edie’ is my favorite light pink. ‘Glowing Luna’ just lights up my eyes. ‘Oleander Vapor’ is just… great. So many shades- she even made beiges that sang with sparks of color!

  118. 😦 My favorite colors were Darcelle and Foxglove. My favorite collection was the Bete Noire. All the colors in it were amazing and complex. I am truly sad to see that Aromaleigh’s gone.

  119. my favorite AL collection was the rocks!sonic. I was really disappointed when I found out they were getting rid of it. My particular favorite was Googoomuck! What a great green and great song too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. i totally just started using AL before she closed down shop 😦
    and being broke at the time left me with no money to buy any goodies!
    well of what i did have, i think aqua nightmare was my favorite color of all. actually its my fav out of everything i own. i wear it almost daily. on the lid, in the crease, as a liner ( my fav! )

    i do hope she does something else soon!!

  121. My favourite collection is by far ‘La Papillions’ butterfly inspired shades. I LOVE, love, love ‘Earthly Delights,’ it’s probably my favourite Aromaleigh shade ever, followed by ‘Elysia,’ ‘Meliora’ and ‘Moth, ‘Vigil of Change,’ ‘Clara,’ and ‘Dulcinea.’ Ah, so many to love. I haven’t been able to order from Aromaleigh for a long time since she suspended international shipping, but I definitely stocked up on my fave shades! Thanks for the contest Grey!

  122. I’m really hoping she decides to re-open! I only ever placed two orders, and then when the sale hit I was really disapointed she wouldn’t ship internationally.

    My favorite recent collection was Mythos, love all of the purple/red shades! 😀

  123. Rocks were amazing. Rocks will always be amazing. By the time I came back, Rocks was already off the site, and I’ll never be able to buy more estranged and that’s extremely sad. I have a pressed version of it I made, an unopened jar and a mostly-full jar of it left ’cause I stocked up when they were going to revamp the line.

    I missed the drama, but I read about it when I came back and came to my own conclusions. I sincerely hope that Kristen recovers and goes on to do wonderful things.

    Aside from Rocks, I loved the Hot In The City and …er… Les…Occisomething. I can’t spell it. Whatever unicorn was from =P those were my other favourites, but Rocks! will be mourned forever. T_T

  124. Elemental lustres were by far my favorite, the were so pretty and complex that I could wear them alone for a really quick eye look.

    I too am sad to see aromaleigh close, they were the first indie mineral makeup brand I tried and most of my makeup collection is comprised of Miss k’s stuff. I am excited to see what she is up too next!

  125. Hot in the City (if i remember correctly) was my favorite collection. Wish I stocked up on more Asphalt. That was like Satin Taupe on crack 😦

  126. I’m not sure if this’ll get accepted, since I keep getting a duplicate comment error ><

    Hot in the City (if i remember correctly) was my favorite collection. Wish I stocked up on more Asphalt. That was like Satin Taupe on crack 😦

  127. ^^^ oops, sorry grey, i guess it did get submitted twice for some reason. Could you please delete this comment and the duplicate one when you get the chance? Don’t want to be getting an unfair advantage XP Thanks :>

  128. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. If I had to choose one collection though, I would have to pick the Rocks! Sonic collection. I love reds and Tainted Love is my favorite eyeshadow. Torment from the Elemental Lustres collections comes in a close second. The theme of the Rocks! collection really spoke to me too; music is life and I could not live without it!

    Aromaleigh…you will be missed 😦

  129. I love really clean, bright colors, so I’d have to say the Rocks! eyeshadow collection. Fanclub is like, THE perfect pink… bright and sparkly and with a super pretty duochrome. Ugh, I just love it. Ozone is an absolutely gorgeous darker teal, too. Those and Spellbound, which is a fantastic bright matte purple, are my must-haves from that collection.

    I’m sad to see her close up shop. I wanted to place a final order but paypal has been giving me grief and for some reason I can’t check out at her store–only AL 😦

  130. Aromaleigh was my first foray into indie cosmetics/mineral makeup, and I’m quite sad that Miss K is closing ): There were literally hundreds of shadows I never got the chance to try, but I am excited to see if she’ll be doing anything else. I had really loved the way the En Pointe colors looked/sounded, but I haven’t seen them in real life. My favorite that I’ve actually tried though, has to be the Spring Solstice, despite the collection’s name. The shadows in it were just so spring-like; they immediately conjure up images of warm weather and blooming flowers and springtime air, and cheer me up whenever I use them. The ones I loved most were Zinnia, Hemlock, and Alyssum.

  131. I am very sad that Aromeleigh is closing. I just recently discovered the company and I was extremely disappointed that I couldn’t order any shadows as international shipping is suspended. Based on swatch photos though, Bete Noire looks *amazing*. All the shades in that collection are so wonderfully complex and beautiful! There were so many other brilliant collections as well.

    Goodbye Aromaleigh. It’s sad to see such a wonderful company close down.

  132. It’s hard to say if I have a favorite collection, mainly because I haven’t tried enough shadows from one single collection. I do like the looks of the new Mythos and Wonderstruck, and I think my current favorite (current because I have several I need to play with still!) would be Arielle from the Eye Lustres. I find myself reaching for it consistently for either a one color wash, or using it with a darker color for a simple smoky look.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  133. Damask…I cannot live without Damask! It is the most absolutely perfect neutral-pink shade. I still have and love Elfin, my first AL eyeshadow purchase. And Earthen Sage, and Champagne Toast, and Wish, and High Heels… *sigh*

    I also love the Eye Plush collection. They are perfect for those mornings when you’re in a hurry but still need a hint of color. 🙂

    Like many others have said, AL got me back into makeup and made it fun. Many thanks & a fond farewell to AL!!!

  134. Hmmm… My favorite AL collection was definitely the Rocks! collection, but my must have shadows are any blue ones. I love Aqua Nightmare, Planet Earth, and Frigid Gloom.

  135. Dang, there are a lot of comments on this thing already. xD

    My personal favorite collection from AL was the En Pointe collection. The colors were so unique, and so beautiful and wearable that I just fell in love with them. They also made my go-to matte eyeshadow in Peach, which is a perfect match to my eyelid skin, and great for when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing nay eyeshadow at all.

  136. Due to my status as a starving college student, I could never really afford to try Aromaleigh, but I spent quite a good deal of time ogling all the pretty eyeshadows and wishing I had disposable income, so I’m sad to hear that she’s closing down.

    I’d say the collection I most wanted to try was Rocks!

  137. I wasn’t able to sample all the collections, but out of the ones that I was able to try, my favorite is En Pointe. I love the soft, plush shades, especially Giselle, which is so pretty and easy to wear, and Elegie, which rocks. I like the Eye Plush collection too.

    I use the headoverheels lip tint everyday, and have a reserve jar of the Ultra Resolution powder so I won’t run out. This is a sweet way to say goodbye to AL…I’m still sad they’re closing.

  138. I really loved Aromaleigh and I’m sad that Kristen is closing the store. She became my friend and I wish her all the best in the future.

    My favourite collection from AL was L’Orchidée, hands down. I hogged a lot of full sized products from that collection. My favourite products were blushes, lip products and my go-to eyeshadows include Unicorn, Seed Pearl, Wild Coco and Spot of Tea. I wish I had grabbed more things from the Spells collection.

    I got my last order from AL yesterday and the sop that I am, I started to tear up a little.

  139. I never got to try AL.
    First, I didn’t have a credit/debit card to pay with, only my poor bank account, and then by the time I had a debit card, they were closing and had closed international orders, then I couldn’t afford to pay $25-$30 in shipping alone. XD

    Didn’t stop me checking up on the site regularly, though. Spent a bunch of time fangirling over the Bette Nior collection (so many pretty browns and greens), half of the angels, and about half of the Mythos collection.
    I adore that so many of her colours don’t revolve around blue based ones.

    Though, looking at the picture, I can see why promenade was one of their good sellers.

  140. Sadly I discovered Aromaleigh too late but the bete noir colors look wonderful, I would’ve loved to get my hands on that collection.

  141. I had stalked their website for a while and came close t ordering, but for some reason I can’t remember I didn’t. 😦 I always was interested in the Rocks collection the colors were so vivid and appealing. I also loved their whimsical names.

  142. I always wanted to try the Rocks! collection. I never got round to ordering from AL… let’s hope the fates favour me, haha! Sad to see such a respected company close 😦

  143. hey grey 🙂 gosh, when i first heard about aromaleigh, i was genuinely shocked! it was part of my very first foray into mineral makeup and i really still can’t believe that it’s really closing down for good 😦 my favourite collection is definitely spells! i love the dark colours and rictusempra is an absolute favourite of mine!

  144. I had chance to order from AL only few times. Then they unfortunately closed the international orders. All the eyeshadows are beautiful, but Bette noire collection is the prettiest 🙂 But still my favorite shade is Ruthless Indulgence from Victoria’s revenge collection.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  145. Bete noire is probably my favourite because of the amazing complexity. It sounds ignorant now but I never even fathomed, had a passing thought, that aromaleigh would close ever.

  146. My favorite collection has to be Elemental Lustres. I love metallic shades! Close seconds are Bete Noire, Spells!, and Gothic Lolita for the color selections and complexity of the shades. Favorite shades: Abyss, Entangle, Verdant Wisp, Bette, endlesssea (from Rocks!), ack…too many to name, really! So sad to see them go. My last order was bittersweet.

  147. My absolute favourite Aromaleigh item is the sundaygirl blush. I only have a sample of it (I thought I’d buy a full size, but missed out since they closed the International shipping). Now I’m I’m only using it on “special occasions” 😦

    I also loved the gothic lolita collection! and the elemental lustres too. Makes me soo sad I only have samples of these.

  148. You just reminded me that I have to place my last order with Aromaleigh. Since I only discovered Aromaleigh very recently, I haven’t been able to get used to the earlier collections and as such, when asked about a favorite collection, my mind immediately went to the newest three. I was lucky enough to get at least a jar from a couple of the collections and I’ve got to say, no one does neutrals like Miss K does. My favorite collection has to be Wonderstruck. There are just so many pretty colors like Frumious, The Wrong Alice, Rule 42, Hearts A’ Plenty, etc!

    Now I gotta go and make my final order! I really hope that even though Aromaleigh is going, Miss K will keep on creating pretty colors. 😀

  149. So much of my makeup collection is from Aromaleigh and I still never managed to get everything I wanted. I think Retro Matte was probably my favorite collection followed very closely by Elemental Lustre. Torment is such an amazing red, definitely one of my favorites.

  150. I’d only just found AL when the closing came down. I was sad.

    My two favorite collections were En Pointe and the Eye Plush collection. I own my fair share of Rocks!, but Eye Plush I could wear every day.

    My very favorite color of all was Moth. It looks good with everything.

  151. Thank you for all the great info! Unfortunately I found out about AL after is was pretty much closed. I did place an order and absolutely love the En Pointe collection! I’m going to order full sizes of whatever is left later this afternoon.

  152. I didn’t have a chance to order much before they closed but I enjoy the elemental lustres collection since I’m obsessed with metallic shadows. I wish I could have tried retro mattes!

  153. I am another one of those sad people who discovered Aromaleigh when it was closing. 😦 I’ve read so many rave reviews that I am genuinely disappointed at missing out. I can’t say for sure what my favorite collection might be, but from the swatches I’ve seen, the Spells collection looks great!

  154. I unfortunately never got a chance to order from AL, but I would love to get my hands on Better Noir.

  155. Aromaleigh was the first mineral foundation makeup I ever used….probably about 8 years ago…it made me a convert.

  156. argggh! Daft laptop buttons and my clumsy ways!

    As I was saying…

    The sheer number of collections and colours was so exciting and made me feel like a child in a sweet shop. So many pretty things I wanted to try.

    My favourite collection was definitely Bette Noire. The colours that I got to try were so sumptuous and lush. Wearing them was an instant pick me up. Gothic lolita, Victoria’s Revenge and En Pointe were also high points for me.

    My must have colours are:

    Bette Noire: Bette, Aurelie & Colette
    Gothic Lolita: Verdant Whisp & Satin Laces
    Victoria’s Revenge: Skeleton Key, Obscura & Mania’s Locus
    En Pointe: Odile, Myrtha & Elegie

    Aromaleigh is going to be sorely missed

  157. I LOVE their L’Orchidee collection. I think the moth might be the perfect silver shadow.

  158. It’s kind of cathartic to read down this list and see how many people will miss Aromaleigh. I knew it was true already, but it’s nice to see everyone gathered in once place.

    My favorite collection was also my first collection, Holiday Blast was just perfect the first time I saw it. Champagne Toast, Not So Silent Night, and Spiked Punch have all become makeup staples. The colors are rich and super sparkly and I’ll probably never seen anything like them again.

  159. I really regret that I got into buying from Aromaleigh so late. I didn’t have a favorite collection as I just bought a few from each, definitely sad to see them closing. 😦

  160. Awww… *sad face* this is just so not nice. I only got into your blog a month ago (and believe me I’ve been religiously reading) though it didn’t take me long to garner that you’re an Aromaleigh fan. I live in Australia, so we don’t really get many international brands here 😦 I’m sorry to say that I don’t actually have any Aromaleigh at all; I was saving the remnants of my paychecks to buy the Spells! eyeshadow collection because ohmygod I’m a die-hard Potterhead and the Gothic Lolita Starbright collection because they’re just so pretty. But how totally unfair is this?
    Oh well, I suppose that’s just life eh?
    By the wayyy, please keep up the fantasmical blog, it’s rad 🙂

  161. I am so sad it’s closed; it’s strange to feel a real sense of loss from a cosmetics company. That being said, the entire Bette Noire and Faerie collections and Promenade from En Point are my favorites.

  162. It’s sad about aromaleigh closing. I’ve been eyeing up their stuff for years. Their stuff always looked interesting, good quality and fun. I think at first they didn’t do international shipping or something as that point I was wearing makeup. I then developed eye problems and have spent most of the last few years eye trying to get to the point where a) I could actually see to be able to apply makeup and b)manage my allergic reaction to treatment so that the skin around my eyes wasn’t full of cracked weepy sores. I’ve manage to wear a full face of makeup whilst on my eye treatment for the first time this month. So yeah, It’s sad that aromaleigh is closing and sad that Kristen had so much poor behaviour to deal with. Aromaleigh was one of the things I promised myself that when I got this far with my eyes I would treat myself to as well so it’s also a disappointment in terms of that.

    I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to remeber the names of oneof the collections that IIRC had to be discontinued due to componenet issues. IT’s driving me batty. It was one of the earlier ones.

  163. What made the brand attractive to me was the Angels line, in which the company not only gave to charity, but didn’t skimp on the quality of the eyeshadows for the donors. All the swatches looked lovely.

  164. This makes me so sad!!! I’ve literally JUST stumbled upon them and I wish I could of tried them all!!

  165. Hands down Bete Noire, I love how the colors are so vibrant and sparkly, after all I’m a sucker for everything glitery! I’m sooo sad that they are going…. 😦

  166. I loved AL’s Rocks eye colors so much. It really got me into super colorful shades and really excited about makeup. Earlier this morning I was so sleep-deprived that I accidentally knocked my container of AL’s “White Wedding” shimmer color over and lost most of it into the sink. I’m so crushed because that was, to me, the perfect white eye color and I can’t buy it any more because of the site closing. I was so upset when they first announced…Aromaleigh was hands down, completely honestly, my favorite and primary line of makeups. This is someone who has tried and been given “name brand” stuff like Too Faced, Nars, and MAC. I always just kept buying from Aromaleigh…didn’t have anything to do with their great prices either. They were just the best in my eyes.

  167. I will miss Kristen and the wonderful work she has done. I’ve probably gone bankrupt trying to get as much as I could before she closed. I just recently learned about Aromaleigh and its addictive.
    My favorite would be Hot in the City. its so sparkly and the colors are super vibrant. I love them. and out of her newest 3 its Wonderland, mainly also because I have a slight obsession with alice in wonderland but the colors are amazing. my newest must have color is wonder-ous. and strawberry despair was my utmost more natural non bright color. Italian Ice being my favorite super bright color ^_^.
    but above all her finishing powders and foundations are just amazing. I can’t get over them. oh how I’ll miss Kristen sparkly world but I can’t wait for the next adventure!

  168. The Bette Noire collection is my favorite. Ambre looks so great with my red hair and green eyes. I am going to miss it when I run out! 🙂

  169. I think L’Orchidee was my favorite. I loved Tigrilla because it’s such a gorgeous and unusual color!

  170. Aromaleigh is the company that makes us internationals cry! I have never gotten the opportunity to purchase from them and lusting after them is agony especially when swatches and FOTDs pop up left right and center using their products. I would have loved to invest on their products and have some to call my own and so I enter this with the desperate hope I can win! (:

    I don’t have any favorite collections as to be honest, from what I’ve browsed online I have a must-have from every single collection (window shopping is cruel…).

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway and tribute to AL!

  171. I like the Spells collection the best, though I didn’t buy any of them, actually! Of the ones I do own, Jessamine is the most beautiful.

  172. I really hope that Aromaleigh comes back in some sort of shape and form in the future. Talent and experience like that is so hard to come by and it will be sorely missed. As for collections Bette Noire was gorgeous but i’m really quite sad I won’t be able to try out the mythos collection.. I’m a sucker for the names.

  173. I love Aromaleigh so much… it was the company that first got me interested in makeup. I was so sad when I first heard it was closing down.

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to agree with you and say the Gothic Lolita collection–not just the eyeshadows, but the lipsticks were AMAZING, too! I own more GL eyeshadows than any other aromaleigh shadows, and they’re all amazing. I really love Angel Bouquet and Satin Laces. Gorgeous colors.

  174. I just loved the sonic rocks collection. Space Oddity was my favoright color.

    Them closing is really sad for me. hey were the company I bought from when 1st got into make up.

  175. Oh dear, I love just about everything from AL. But my especial faves would have to be the Wonderstruck! collection and En Pointe. My must-haves change a bit, but the ones I keep coming back to are Sophie, Circe, and Thalia’s Return. 🙂

  176. L’Orchidee is definately my favorite collection, although Mythos is a close runner up. Pink Fingers is my holy grail pink shadow. I had been on an endless quest to find just the perfect pink I was looking for, and I completed my quest when I found Pink Fingers!

    Glissade was a life saver for me as far as foundations go. I don’t know what I am going to do once my backups run dry!

  177. Bette Noire is just amazing! I never placed an order and I’m so sad that I didn’t 😦 Who would’ve even think they’ll close? 😦 But I’ve been always lurking and writing down some favorite looking shades 🙂

    I’m glad you gave me a chance to win something! 🙂 ❤

  178. I am also going to miss Aromaleigh and her lovely collections dearly. My all-time favorite color is Prim Tweed. It’s got an amaaaaaaazing plush finish and is the perfect base shadow (I’ve already stocked up on it!). I don’t know that I have a particular favorite collection, although I’ve been really impressed by her good-bye collections (Spells, WOnderstuck AND Mythos).

  179. I have never used AL, but, this would really be a great prize to win. I hear nothing but good things about them and while I’d love to seize the opportunity of her clearance, I am literally broke and have no money for anything. So, maybe I will get really lucky here and hit the jackpot and have a chance to wear some truly unique makeup. Nothing like getting gussied to make a girl feel lovely ❤

  180. Mmm, the En Pointe was a lovely collection – probably my fave. As for must-have colours – too many, far too many. And even more must-have were the loose foundations – boy did I stock up on them when I found out she was sadly closing down!

  181. My favourite collection would be Bette Noir. It’s so sad they’re closing…

    Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  182. Aromaleigh was my favorite – it probably always will be. I remember the thrill of getting my first few samples, and every package after that filled me with happiness, too. How sad that I won’t be experiencing that anymore.

    My favorite collection is probably L’Orchidee. Combining those colors into beautiful looks was effortless!

    As for must-have colors, I repeatedly reach for Calliope, Glowing Luna, Soul Takes Flight, and Personalitycrisis. Personaliticrisis is a gorgeous hotter than hot pink with crystal shimmer. I doubt I’ll ever find anything to match it in terms of pigmentation and pizazz.

    Beautiful tribute you have here.

  183. I like the Aromaleigh Rocks collection. Tutu & Oceanrain are my 2 favorite colors from the eyeshadow collections.

  184. I have never tried Aromaleigh, which is a shame, as I just begun getting more into loose eyeshadows and pigments. I’d love to check out some of their goodies and I’m sorry to see the store go…

  185. dude, as sad as it is, “all good things must come to an end.” this has never rung more true. i discovered aromaleigh last november, right about before the rocks! collection was to be “reformulated”. i only ordered a few thinking i should hold off for the revamped versions. i was SO very wrong! oh well, shoulda, woulda. fave collection is ciao italia. love mora, tiramisu, fico, mirtillo, melone, moth, chatterbox, athena, morsmordre, silencio, tarantalegra, dollhouse, lychee, tapestry, colette, apocolype pansy, soul takes flight, …. too many favorites. thank heavens for the aromaleigh facebook fan page. this is where devotees can go to swap n sell their aromaleigh treasures.

  186. I’ve actually never tried ANYTHING from Aromaleigh. I meant to once I heard they were shuttering their doors, but finances have been unfortunately tight lately…

  187. I was fortunate to be able to put an international order in before AL shuts down–my first order ever. I drooled over everything on the site for at least 2 months before K decided to open up for some international shipping! I ordered literally everything that I thought I might like because I have been in makeup artistry for years, and own a ton of MAC makeup as I previously worked as an artist for them. When I received my package from AL, I literally could not believe the beauty and complexities in each tiny little jar!! I can’t pick a favorite yet, since they are so new to me, and each color is like a little sparkly piece of heaven. 🙂 I contemplate another order as I write this, just so that I can have the thrill of opening up another box of beauties! Sad that they are closing, glad that I could enjoy some of the amazingness that Aromaleigh was while it lasted. Blessings in your future Kristen, I wish you all the best in wherever your road takes you next.

  188. I started buying Aromaleigh back when she did skincare and the foundations were called (I think) Pure Cover and Pure Powder. I can’t even remember where I heard about it. I would say my favorite collections were the ones I couldn’t get, but in all seriousness, I loved Gothic Lolita and L’Orchidee and Wonderstruck and… yeah.

    I wish I’d had more money and had been able to get more over the years. I’m going to miss her creativity and vibrance, but I remain convinced she won’t be able to stay out of the game forever. She’s got too much talent.

  189. My favourite collection would be Victoria’s Revenge. Freakshow and Mayhem’s Trilogy in particular. And sadly, those are the only shadows that I have tried. Learned of Aromaleigh a little too late, it seems. So sad they are closing.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  190. Tell me about AL. What was your favorite collection? Do you have any must have shadows?
    Aromaleigh is how I discovered MMU, it’s the only foundation I’ve EVER put on my face and I love it 🙂
    Their eyeshadow was some of the first I’ve owned as an adult, the first mmu definitely. My favorite collection was retro matte, even though I can’t wear most of the colors I bought a sample set just because and they’re the most amazing colors I’ve seen from any compant, so awesome! I own a lot of AL’s matte colors from other collections and I’m completely in love with them, I wish I could have collected them all before they were unavailable.
    I have only fond memories though, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  191. I never got to try Aromaleigh before she went out of business, unfortunately. I’ve never tried anything, but I have to say that En Pointe looks absolutely gorgeous, as do all the other collections, of course.

  192. I love the Bette Noir collection, and I wish I had full ones instead of just samples. It’s sad when things end.

    This is an amazing giveaway. Thank you Grey for doing so many giveaways.

  193. Sadly , I too only learned of Aromaleigh from Scrangie’s blog about three months ago, but I have tried to stock up on as much AL as possible before it closes. As far as a favorite color or collection. there are too many to name. Bete Noire is definitely at the top of the list as is En Pointe, L’Orchidee, and the new Wonderstruck collection. But I will say I get more compliments when I wear the Elemental Lustres than any other colors. I plan on making at least two more orders before the final curtain call, but it will be a sad day when the Aromaleigh sparkle finally fades.

  194. Sadly , I too only learned about Aromaleigh from Scrangie’s blog about three months ago, but I have tried to stock up on as much AL as possible before it closes. As far as a favorite color or collection. there are too many to name. Bete Noire is definitely at the top of the list as is En Pointe, L’Orchidee, and the new Wonderstruck collection. But I will say I get more compliments when I wear the Elemental Lustres than any other colors. I plan on making at least two more orders before the final curtain call, but it will be a sad day when the Aromaleigh sparkle finally fades.

  195. Like a lot of people that have been posted here I have never tried AL. Being new to the indie/blog make up stuff. When I saw her stuff on Lipsticks and Lightsabers and Jangsaras blog I rushed to her store to buy some to find it was closing but that a lot was on sale. I got very excited, the found out that she was not posting internationally. So I practically had no way to get any AL thing at all 😦

  196. Found AL just before they closed and they weren’t taking international orders already…


    was really tempted by Bette Noir and the Rocks collection. Loved the texture of the shades that I did manage to get hold of via some lovely friends.

    too many mmu companies are closing… it really is making me sad

  197. I loved the plush eyeshadows and I am happy I stocked up on fanclub, the perfect light pink! I also dont know how I will live without nocturne!

    nettysgirl at

  198. I just wanted to make a point of noting that AROMALEIGH IS NOT ACTUALLY CLOSED YET!! It sounds like a lot of people commenting here think that they are. I just ordered like 60 clearance shades and I think every one of them were in stock….her dropdown menu shows tons of stock left, and she IS shipping internationally!! It just works a little different and costs a bit more, but it’s worth it! I had mine shipped to Canada and it came in less than a week. So get some of the awesome goodness that is Aromaleigh before they close, you still have a chance to buy the wonderful products!

  199. I’m so so sad Aromaleigh is almost gone. I’ve been ordering like crazy since I first discovered the company this summer, when it was already closing. I longed for the rocks! shades since they had disappeared before I got there and thus took on a sort of mythical status.
    I’m gonna have to echo everyone else and agree the En Pointe collection is one of the most beautiful from any company. I also loved her Hi-Fi mattes, quite a feat to make matte shadows that apply so well. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Aromaleigh foundation, it’s the first I’ve found that I truly love and matches my skin perfectly.

  200. My favorite is actually the Pure Eyes Frost collection. I find them easy to make nice and subtle or loud and vibrant. Damask and Glow are both must haves, and the brown, blues, and greens are all beautiful and all so different from each other.

    My second favorite was the Angels line. This was the first makeup I actually bought from AL, and there are some I only have as samples that I wish I had gotten full sizes of. Georgiana is the absolute must have (and I don’t have! ;_;), and Anastasia is a close second. I love using Georgiana, Elena Marguerite, and Ella Runciter together; I think it looks like strawberries.

    Mythos is amazing all around, and I really like the silvers. Victoria’s Revenge had amazing blackened colors and Skeleton Key. En pointe had Sylph and Pique. Wonderstruck has Pass the Tarts and Hearts o’ Plenty. Les Papillons had Morphing Moon and Soul Takes flight, and I’ve heard a good things about Air & Light.

    And I have no idea how I’m going to replace the Healing Down Under and Yuzu lip balms. ;_;

  201. I found Aromaleigh through their Gothic Lolita collection, so that’ll always have a special place in my heart. I never got to try many of their products (monetary issues + being overseas), but when I learned they were shutting down I scrimped, and ordered a bunch of samples, and when I received them I was blown away by the prettiness. By the time I placed my second order, though, international shipping was being closed, and it was cancelled. Looking at my sample baggie of Torment breaks my heart, knowing I’ll never have a full size…I’m pretty sure that it’s the single most beautiful shadow I’ve ever laid eyes on. I really wish that I had ordered from them sooner (and that other international people hadn’t abused the Paypal dispute system — I mean, my order only took two weeks to arrive!).
    I wish Miss K all the best in her future endeavours, she truly created something beautiful.

  202. I only found Aromaleigh about a year ago, but bought as much as I could when I heard she was going out of business. I stockpiled voile powder and my favorite eye shadows. I am now the coolest mom to all my daughter’s friends, with hundreds of eye shadows for them to play with (when I let them!). I have to be careful now, though, since I can’t replace much more.

    My favorites are some of the Rocks colors (like londondungeon and vampira (thanks for re-releasing these recently!), and the bette noir colors mireille and jolie. But I have never experimented so much with color, nor been so brave with blending and sampling some rather outrageous colors (venom, livewire, and planetearth have all become regulars in my eyeshadow routine, against my previous sedate color choices!). So most of all, to Aromaleigh, thanks for making me think again about beauty and color, and giving me courage to try new things. I am eternally grateful!

  203. I love AL. The colors and creativity amaze me. Just looking at the pretty jars of sparkle gives me a lift.

    My favorite collections are the Elemental Lustres, the Eye Plush, and Hot in the City.

    My can’t live withouts include: Silk Stockings, Girl’s Night Out, Entangle, Wonder, Persephone, Moth, Burnt Roses, Viviane, and Coppelia.

  204. My favourite overall collection was without a doubt En Pointe, the colours went from beautifully subtle to ridiculously dramatic while retaining the same super elegant feel 🙂 Although I loved that collection, my fave Aromaleigh shade is “I love Candy” Its the absolute perfect glitter pink and reminds me of Marie Antoinette so much!
    I only discovered Aromaleigh a year or so ago, but I was absolutley gutted to discover they had gone 😦

    May x

  205. I heard about Aromaleigh from Chantel, as she loooved them. I’m sad it is closing before I really had a chance to try it out… I think my favorite set is the Bete Noire. Very gorgeous.

  206. I keep making my “final” order with Aromaleigh… working on my 3rd one now. It’s so sad that I’m making so many orders when she’s closing when I should have supported her during better days. Alas, I’m stocking up on Pure Eyes Lustre. My favorite color so far is Severina. Also in love with her Rocks! Sonic Rouge…

  207. I’ve known about (and lusted over) Aromaleigh for a good 3 years or so now, but I was unemployed for so long that I only got around to placing my first order a few months ago. I was an immediate convert, and I was gutted when I heard about the impending closure so soon after.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite collection, much less a favorite shade. The Bete Noire collection is easily a favorite–Mirielle takes my breath away every time–but so are so many others. L’Orchidee, Spring Solstice, Victoria’s Revenge… I even love the ones with a ton of colors that clash horribly with my skin, like Lost in Faerie.

    As for favorite shades… Jeez. Trillium taught me that even my pasty ass could wear neon greens if I just worked it properly. Mania’s Locus is such a lovely dusky purple that coordinates well with so many of my favorite silvery shades. Wonderland. Dollhouse. Dragon. Moonset. Lupine. Morphing Moon. The eye plushes, like Prim Tweed, that have become work staples. The obnoxiously bright shades like Forget Me Not that I use–in my mind, anyway, since undoubtedly no one gets the point of it–to express distaste when I’m temping at an unpleasant office with a strict dress code.

    Aromaleigh has opened my eyes to a world of experimental color in my makeup choices. I will miss it terribly. Even MAC seems dreary by comparison.

  208. I would say that my favorite collection is the Bete Noire one, Sabine and Darcelle are amazing by themselves and go-to shades when I can’t figure out what combination to wear. The Rocks! line is my other favorite. I put off ordering Aromaleigh because I figured I always could, and then I found out they were closing! So glad I did, because all the eyeshadows I bought were great…if only I’d ordered much sooner!

  209. I also love the Gothic Lolita collection with Violet Ruffle being my fave shade. AL makes such beautiful colors that it really is difficult to single one out as an all time fave.

  210. I love Victoria’s Revenge, and also Bete Noire looks amazing too, I’m waiting to get paid so I can do my last order!
    Even though I only ordered from Aromaleigh for the first time a few months ago, I stumbled upon the gallery a couple of years ago and that was the exact point when I got interested in makeup.

  211. I’d been hearing about how great Aromaleigh was long before I got into mineral makeup, and always wanted to place an order but unfortunately I never actually got there as I am not in the States and whenever I did look at the site international shipping was either not an option (many many years ago) or it was very expensive or it wasn’t available internationally unless you’d already placed orders in the past. Nevertheless, I’d love to try some of their farewell collections!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  212. I have loved AL since early 2007. They are what got me into mineral make up in the first place.I don’t have a favorite collection because they are all beautiful in their own way. My favorite product is the Metamorphois finishing powder. It was the first thing I got and I use it most days.

  213. My favorite AL collection was Rocks, off course. I love super bright colours and that collection looked like it was made for me.

    And my must have colours are atomic (to this day my favorite yellow), white wedding (my favorite highlight colour), and seedpearl.

  214. I never got a chance to try Aromaleigh due to being poor. 😦 I’d love to enter despite that

  215. my fave was en pointe…i love every color in it

  216. Aromaleigh provided so many color options and inspiration for newcomers to the world such as myself. Nothing but positive feedback surrounds this company and Kristen and all the products they supplied to the make up community. I have to agree that the Gothic Lolita set was my favorite. Such a beautiful mix of colors and shades to create any look from the most devious and sinister to the most glowing and romantic. Its a shame to lose a company run by people with so much knowledge and insight, and I can only hope that the future will bring us something even remotely similar to Aromaleigh.

  217. I’ve never tried this brand before but the Bette Noire collection looks amazing!

  218. 😦 Makes me sad thinking about it, but I think my favourite has to be the Les Papillons and Gothic Lolita Collection. Les Papillons because I found my favourite taupe and brown (Earthly Delights and Thalia’s Return) which I love love love pairing together for a neutral look that is still stunning. From the Gothic lolita collection I adore Velvet Dream. It’s a perfect gothic red (usually paired with Bete Noir Jolie) for a red smokey eye look 😀

  219. I finally picked up some stuff a little while ago, and i”ve got to say.. i really do enjoy the product. I wish they weren’t closing. 😦 i”m always last to know about these..

  220. I seem to be among the minority, in that I was not all that thrilled with the En Pointe collection.

    My favorite two collections – for different reasons – were Rocks! Sonic Eyes and Carolina Summer. Almost at opposite ends of the spectrum. (I know. I’m so very decisive…)

    My must-have colors from Aromaleigh:
    Planetearth – gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS
    Angelique – the most beautiful neutral OF ALL TIME. A dead-on match for TSS’ Define Beauty, which I found and fell in love with before I tried Angelique. I was so thrilled when I found a “backup”…and now, the search is on. Again. (!!!meh!!!)
    Orion – I only just got this, and it’s amazing. In the name of fiscal sanity, I’m trying to talk myself out of buying three more backups.
    Ruthann – gorgeous rich barely-muted-but-not-greyed blue.
    Justlikeheaven – lovely, rich teal-green
    Trixie – gorgeous cobalt-grey shimmer
    Candy-O – bright pink that can be a hint of color, or vamped right up
    Borealis – beautiful, soft, understated, and most definitely a cool color

    I have tons of Aromaleigh. TONS. (And I love every last grain of eyeshadow, blush, and color corrector, and each tube of lip tint/color.) So if by chance my name is drawn, give the prize to someone else and let them enjoy, especially if they only just found Aromaleigh. I just wanted to share my memories of some products that I love, and had fun reading everyone else’s lists of “favorites”.

  221. I only discovered aromaleigh when they announced they were closing. But I’ve managed to build quite a nice stash since then. Have the entire Bete Noire shadows and glitters- all must haves!! Also all of spells and just ordered the new collection Astronomical.
    Good luck to everyone and thank you for your generous giveaway. You will be making some people very happy, i’m sure.


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