Good-Buy 2010

After a long and difficult morning dealing with my bank I finally had to force myself to sit down and call TKB regarding the recent fraud on my card.  I was directly connected with Kaila, the owner.  We spoke for over half an hour about the situation and she was very honest about what happened, how it happened, and what steps they had taken to ensure it would not happen again.  It was hard for me to sit and explain the reasons I was having issues, but in the end I think I did a good job in conveying the fact that I thought perhaps I had let my readers down in recommending TKB and possibly leading to their own fraud issues.

In the end I’ve learned a few things:

TKB has put measures into effect that they literally have no way of storing any credit information anymore.

It was isolated, that is, a small percentage of their customers were effected, and a minuscule few of them had any actual issues.  It just so happens that I was one of them.

They are more then cooperating with authorities.

I still have every confidence in ordering from them.

In fact, TKB has generously offered a series of gift certificates so I’m holding a month long giveaway, offering a $25 gift certificate every Friday until the end of the year!

To enter this weeks giveaway, tell me what you would do with $25 from TKB!

  • You may comment (enter) only once.
  • Contest is open to anyplace TKB ships.
  • The certificate is for $25 only, if your order is more then that, you must pay the difference.
  • One winner will be drawn at random Friday, December 17th.

124 Responses to “Good-Buy 2010”

  1. Please don’t feel bad, Grey. It was something you had no control over and your intentions weren’t disingenuous.

    $25 worth of TKB would get you tons of stuff! I would use it to make all the ladies on my Xmas list custom eyeshadow palettes and gloss 🙂

  2. I would’ve gone for the EZ Eye shadow kit to get started with making my own makeup!

    I’ve been looking at it a lot, but the shipping rates that TKB has to Norway is insane, so I keep postponing it. :p

  3. Glad to hear it sounds like they are safe to order from again!

    I’ve been planning on buying one of their kits to play with making my own shadows since some of my favourite shades have turned out to be repacks from them anyhow.

    • I’m glad TKB put measures in effect so they have no way of storing credit information anymore – Geek Chic Cosmetics was one of the companies the was hit by the recent fraud. We only ended up losing 1 dollar (25 was refunded to us by paypal), but I’m glad our money from the wholesale order had not gone through… they tried to charge over 300 dollars on our account, but it failed because there wasn’t enough money in the account at the time.

      I was kind of off put by the email we received after telling them what happened (very short, basically “Our bad, here’s 10% off.) But.. I’ll still order from them. They are one of our major suppliers but I don’t really have a choice.

      ANYWAYS! If I won the 25$ gift certificate I would… order more supplies for our company. Haha.

  4. If I were to win, I’d give the gift certificate to my friend Katie, who wants to mix herself up some fun colors 🙂

  5. I’m glad that Kaila managed to ease your fears – they’ve always seemed like they were running a very top-notch business, and I’m sorry that underhanded people are messing with their reputation.

    $25 would buy me some serious supplies to formulate my own primer (carefully being plotted) and a couple of the jars with the sponge on top. And probably some glitter stackers, too!

  6. I’ve always found their customer service really good, I’m glad they’ve taken such a strong response to the problem.

    I’d get some bases to try mixing my own eyeshadows, since I already have a lot of micas. And scoops and bowls and materials!

  7. I would probably get the EZ Eye shadow kit too! It would be really fun to mix my own shadows!

  8. It’s seems that a very similar breach has happened with a couple online retailers recently, but I’m glad (although a difficult process) it’s getting straightened out and they’re taking the responsible measures to correct the problem.

    If I were to win I’d stock up on supplies to make lip tints and gloss for stocking stuffers!

  9. I’d sit and fuss over what to get for a long time.

    Then probably settle on getting myself some more Hot Mama, Taurus and other sparkly goods, then forget to get a base. =P

  10. If I were to win, I would buy all of the LC dupes for myself and a few of my friends who had been saving up for the eyeshadows, before being disillusioned. 😀

    It’s good to see that the situation’s been dealt with, though.

  11. Im glad to hear that new measures are in place to prevent something so horrible happening again 😦 I havent had any problems with them in particular, but my mum has had her credit and debit cards grauded, and I know how traumatic it can be!

    If I were to win one of the gift certificates, I would try and dupe a couple of my fav AL Shadows and them create unique blends of shadow for my friends for Yule 🙂

    May x

  12. It’s good to know they’re being so cooperative. That kind of thing has been happening a lot lately, it’s scary.

    With $25 I’d probably get some materials to make my own little custom eye shadow palette.

  13. Glitter_Wings1995 November 29, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    If I had $25 to spend at TKB, I would love to order a bunch of pigments to play around with since I hope to open up my own eyeshadow company.

  14. I’d get the basic EZ Eye Shadow Kit, plus the sample set of the Sparks! glitters, because I’m a total sparklefiend. It’d be a great way to fill in the gaps in my eyeshadow collection!

  15. I would get some pressing supplies 🙂

  16. So much choice! I’d love to experiment making my own colours, so I’d probably get tge ez eye shadow creation kit. Also, my brushes currently are abysmal, so I’d definitely take the chance to replace them. It’d take menway over the 25$, but hey, it’d be worth it!

  17. Oh man what WOULDN’T I buy with $25 at TKB? If it were just for play, I’d probably buy some pressing supplies, as I have none and it’d be fun to try my hand at it 🙂 but I also get most of my soapy colorings from them, so I might be practical and just buy more micas and pigments with it 😉

  18. I would just use it to purchase the C-SMAX base, some other micas, the pop sampler again, the small scale and some bigger baggies. Oh and I’d use it to get the stuff to make my friend’s christmas presents 🙂

  19. I have so many micas from TKB but there’s always plenty more to purchase. If I won $25, I’d love to get more colors and mix them around with my friend. See what crazy concoction we all come up with. 😀

  20. With a $25 GC… I’d be able to make some custom colors for the bride and bridesmaids in my friend’s wedding! For the girls who don’t wear much makeup, I think it would be a great alternative to the heavier and more chemical-filled stuff.

  21. Since I already own some of their micas I would get even more and split them with my sister since there is so much in a sample bag. I would also get some pans so I could press them into a palette. Their duo chromes are my absolute favorite. Hmm and maybe some frankenpolish supplies. Oh the possibilities are endless with tkb.

  22. Good to hear the issue was somewhat resolved! If I had $25 I’d probably get a palette, a pressing kit, and a bunch of sparklies 😀

  23. The possibilities for $25 at TKB are endless! I’m love to get some little jars to depot some of my samples into. I’d also love to play around with the mini lip balm kit, or the mini melt and pour lipstick kits. And everything else they sell, too.

  24. I would stock up on mica,s glitters and jars so I can do more with my pop micas hehehehe.

    I am glad things are sorted. I am also happy that they sent you to the head of the company and she spent time talking to you. That makes me even more happy to deal with them knowing they treat their customers right and even the head people still deal with stuff.

  25. I would probably purchase a mini lip balm kit or EZ eyeshadow kit.

  26. Glad to hear that everything worked out. I was the one who gave you the heads up about TKB on Twitter about the issue when you and Phira had credit card problems. Glad to hear that you have been reassured!

    Anywho, I would definately get the pops kit. Up until now I just bought colors I liked and added a base to it. I really want to try mixing my own colors now! (Kind of like the grown-up version of squishing play-doh together :). I also want to try their palettes that look similar to the Z palettes!

    Thanks for making your readers this great chance!

  27. I think I can run for this one! 😀

    I’m glad they are safe to order, still, I wish you didn’t have to go through all this stuff! I’m glad you are being able to solve everything… It must be horrible to have someone stealing from you! >.<


  28. I’ve never ordered from TKB before, because of the $14 shipping. I’ve always needed that extra money (that would pay for TKB’s priority shipping) elsewhere. And since I have to pay customs if my order is over $27, I’ve never taken the step to actually order from them. Even though I have a wishlist there and I’m always thinking what I would like to order.

    If I did get to order some time, I’d probably pick a few of the mirrored sponge jars, some mica and additives to mix my own eyeshadows and finishing powder, and some versagel to make lipgloss. 🙂

  29. I’m glad you’re getting everything worked out- though I am surprised that it took TKB this long to secure card numbers (working retail in brick-and-mortar stores, we made this change almost a decade ago!)

    If I won a $25 gift certificate, I’d probably stock up on pressing supplies and things for my kit (and perhaps a few fun mica shades to play with!)

  30. I’m glad you sorted things out Grey. I found my experience with tkb to be a good one with prompt replies to my emails. I will probably buy again soon but I was worried for a little while about the CC fraud.

  31. I adore red eye shadows and have been itching to try TKB’s crucible red. I would also like to reproduce some of my favorite eye shadow products that I cannot use because they contain bismuth oxychloride. I am ridiculously sensitive to that stuff. I would also like to order some glitter, as well as their versagel that you recommended in another post.

  32. that’s wonderful that the owner was so up front and informative! I’ve been dying to order from TKB and it’s good to know they have good customer service and value their customers

  33. I’m really glad things got straightened out. Between this and the Sleek sale you seem to be getting the short end of the stick recently. XD

    If I won a certificate I’d most likely get some lipstick supplies. I’ve been trying to find my perfect vegan, matte red lipstick lately and failing, so it might be time to just try making my own!

  34. I’d totally order some pigments. Definitely the Pops, and maybe some other pretty colors.

  35. I would love to get a bunch of matte colors and use them to make my own nail polishes ^.^ I’d also love to get a pressing kit (I think I might be able to emboss images in the eyeshadow by using stamps)

  36. i would like to buy some micas for myself to play with, but id probably end up buy supplies to make special custom items for my mom, sister, and friends since money is tight this season.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway. it is very nice.of you.

  37. *hugs* I’m sorry you had to go through all of that!
    But I’m happy TKB is still a trustworthy company! 😀
    And don’t worry, even if it was not, you had no way to predict that! You would not fail your readers!

    If I won the 25$ certificate… well…
    I’d get ingredients to make lipstick. I dream of making a bright coral lipstick with a green sheen. No company I’ve seen has done one so far… I might buy some mica and eyeshadow base too, so I could play with making my own stuff! After all, I already modify some of my eyeshadow…

  38. I’m glad you were actually able to talk to the owner and discuss the situation with her. Sounds like she handled things professionally.

    I would buy frankening supplies with the $25! I have been stalking the TKB site and see they have the new frankening line up!

  39. Jules Noctambule November 29, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    While I’m sorry that happened to you at all, I’m pleased it was resolved without a ridiculous amount of back-and-forth — too often one hears about companies that just can’t admit they screwed up. It’s good that TKB has safeguards in place now, but I have to wonder why they didn’t before.

    I think that at this point, a GC is the only way I’d feel safe ordering from them! If I had $25 to get rid of I’d like to order supplies to mix my own (fake-sweetener-free!) lip colours.

  40. Hmm….I f I won I would maybe start on pressing projects or lip gloss projects… or just go crazy with more supplies for my eye pigments 😉 I would probably lurk the site for an hour before making a desiscion, lol.

  41. Good to know that this issue is sorted out!
    If I got 25 dollars to spend, I would probably get lots and lots of sparkle. It just suits the season, and it’s an nice way to make a look a bit more interesting 😀

  42. I’m glad things worked out in the end, and that TKB is still trustworthy to order from.

    Hmm…if I could order from TKB…I’ve actually been thinking about what I’d do if I had my own makeup line lately, so I’d probably get the Eyeshadow starter kit. 😀

  43. I think I would buy colors to make custom nail polish and lip gloss. Maybe even look up how to make my own lipstick….what would be amazing.

  44. With a $25 gift card from TKB, I would probably make a lot of Franken nail polishes. 🙂 I remember hearing about TKB opening a Frankening section on their website, and I’m so excited for it! 😀

  45. I would pick up more mica and jars to mix up more eyeshadows!

  46. I would get some jars to mix my lip tars in and maybe a diy kit to keep myself busy as well.

  47. I would buy several sampler kits in: Planetary, Base Powders, Primed to Be Pretty, Interference, Metallic, and Sparks!

  48. thebirdofparadise November 29, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    I agree with Bonobo that you seem to have had a run of bad luck lately. I hope this is the last of it. Boo! Go away, bad luck! 😦

    If I were to win, I would plot and scheme to find out what a few friends would like to receive, and then surprise them with gifts!

  49. vulcan_butterfly November 29, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    I would put it toward their lipstick making kit to experiment with making my own lipsticks…..or maybe some mica samplers to add to my eyeshadow mixing stash!

  50. I would just be happy to have the certificate to cover the crazy shipping difference 😀 I was going to place an order once but that threw me off. I would definitely get the colour shifting micas and some face primers to play with.

  51. I’m glad everything is working out! I was just getting ready to place an order with them when all of this happened.

    I think I would use the gift card to get some palettes & pressing supplies or some of the nail polish supplies they were talking about releasing.

  52. it’s so nice you got to talk with someone and resolve your worries!!
    I love TKB ❤
    if I won a certificate, I'd get some of the pigments on my wishlist, as well as jars. Definitely need more jars!

  53. Glad to know its still a good place to order from.
    🙂 I would get the starter kit for eye shadow….I’ve been wanting it for a while…..with the holiday season upon us I’ll have to wait for a while longer.

  54. What WOULDN’T I do with $25 from TKB??! I live close enough to pick my orders up, so for one thing, I’d spend every penny of the $25 on products, not shipping. I think I’d have to go for the sample size of each of the matte colors to use as bases for my own eyeshadows, and maybe get some pressing stuff … then just fill up my cart with colors on my wish list 😀

  55. I’d get the planetary sampler. Oh those “travel to _______” micas look amazing! I’d probably get a starter kit too because it’d be fun to make makeups!

  56. I’m glad they no longer store info. Though I tend to generally make it so none of my accounts anywhere have my card info on file because I’m paranoid.

    I would probably buy more jars, because I have a ton of sample baggies filled with newly mixed colors that need to be jarred. Or some clay, as I want to try making the mask recipe you had up a long while ago but can never get around to remembering to order it.

  57. What wouldn’t or couldn’t i get? I love TKB, they have great supplies, help those who want to learn how to mix and make their own makeup, and have beautiful shades of mica shadow! I think I would use the card to get some of my friends some shadows, or make some lippy products for them for X-mas.

  58. I would buy up BIG in mica samples, a pressing kit and some empty palettes to make all my creations into personal little gifts for all my friends. I also REALLY need to try their make your own lipgloss and lipstick sets.
    TKB has been in my favourites of a while now and I often go browse to see what I should get. I especially love the sheer variety of colours and how cool Kaila comes across in her blog.

  59. I’ve always wanted to place an order with TKB and this doesn’t deter me from still wanting to.

    I know these things happen…I went through some pains myself after ordering some nail polishes from FabulousStreet. I know a few people got their cc info stolen too. I’m always vigilant about my statements so I was able to catch a suspicious charge early. Now I only use one card for online orders or Paypal.

  60. If I were to win a gift certificate, I would buy the eyeshadow kit and experiment with colors.

  61. It makes me happy to see that they’ve taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen. Theft of credit card data is pretty scary stuff :X

    As for me, I’d probably focus on getting more jars/baggies and scoops, since I seem to go through those (or lose them) rather fast. And the rest I would spend on a pressing kit or some of those new-shiny matte tints.

  62. I am so sorry to hear that you had issues, but it’s good to know that they are taking steps to rectify the problem. As for my order I would love to get something to press my own makeup.

  63. I have almost ordered from there a number of times. I am glad you got everything squared away. I would get colors to try to make melancholy maiden and champagne toast and window shopping and Rapunzel Had Extensions. It isn’t like I don’t have enough of those colors!

  64. With a $25 gift certificate from TKB, I would use it to help me buy a lipstick making kit. I have a whole big wish list for TKB, but I would really like to try to make my own lipsticks. I’m glad you got everything straightened out with them. I was a little worried when you mentioned that you had your information stolen. Hopefully that doesn’t happen anymore.

  65. Hi Grey, I’m glad to hear that the issues are being worked out by TKB (I had full confidence in them), and hope that the bank takes care of their side. Identity theft is hell! Good luck, and may everything turn out right in the end. I’m actually plotting a TKB order now, and I would totally blow $25 on their new frankenpolish toys. ☺ Thanks!

  66. I’m relived that you were able to solve the issues you had with TKB. They are a good company and it was really an unfortunate event on both ends. Since I’m a lipstick junkie 25 bucks will go into buying one of their lipstick kits. 🙂

  67. Sorry you had so many problems! Dealing with credit card theft is really the worst. I’m glad TKB was so helpful – I’ve never ordered from them, but knowing how awesome their customer service is makes me want to!

  68. I’m glad it sounds like the issue is getting resolved. A $25 gift certificate would buy a lot of glitter!

  69. If I had $25 from TKB I would save it until I have enough for a lipstick mold so I can make all the crazy rainbow colors I’ve been dreaming of to match my eye shadows. Thanks 🙂

  70. I need buy more neutrals but I just cant help but to buy the brighter ones! I’ll keep placing orders with them regardless whether or not I win. It wasn’t your fault what happened but I’m glad they fixed it quickly and was straight forward with you.

  71. I can’t believe there’s only one month left til the end of the year @_____@ And I’m glad TKB’s taking steps to ensure nobody’s information is in danger. Sorry it happened to you, though ):

    If I had $25 to spend on TKB, I’d go straight for the glitter! I’d have enough to get the complete sampler pack and make a complete and fabulous mess. Er. I mean, mix them into nail polish.

  72. I had been tempted to buy from TKB, but in light of recent events, I’m glad I waited!

    I’d get the eyeshadow kit and some pretty micas 🙂

  73. I noticed they now have frankening supplies so I would use my money on that or a lip kit. Its great they’re fixing the situation. I was afraid this post would be a bad one, I’m glad its not!

  74. I would buy that lip-safe pigment sampler set I’ve been eyeing, the cute little rubbery pourable mixing cups, lip balm tubes, and the lip balm base and I would make all kinds of lip balms! I’ve had that order sitting in my wishlist for the longest time, but I just can’t afford it right now (Black Friday didn’t help). Pretty sure that will be more than $25, but heck it’d help a lot.

    I’m glad TKB is straightening things out, Grey. It was nice of you to clue us in!

  75. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Kaila about your concerns and then sharing with us. TKB is not too far away from me (I’m in San Francisco) and I’ve always wanted to place an order there, but could never fulfill the minimum…

    With $25 to spend at TKB, I’d try my hand at making the perfect finishing powder! I see allantoin and silk powder in that order for sure.

  76. Thank you so much for taking the trouble of setting things straight with them and letting us know. I greatly appreciate that!

    With 25$ I would probably get myself the duochromes, some base powder refills such as silica (I just love it in my shadows so it gets used up quickly) and some more of the matte colours.

  77. Thanks for the TKB follow-up. I was “this close” to ordering from them right before the card fraud happened to you and something stopped me. Dunno why, but whew! And I am glad they have fixed their problem.

    That said, I was looking to by some eyeshadow base for mixing my own colors with micas. And I was looking to get some materials to mix up a custom finishing powder. That’s what I would use $25 at TKB on.

  78. The draw is on my birthday! Yay! (:
    I would get one of the sets as I’m already planning to get one for my best friend’s birthday. That would be about $23 dollars so I’m not too fussed I wouldn’t have anything for myself!

  79. I’d get some rectangular pans and matching size pressing blocks, some MyMix blushes and Freestyle palettes and make little blush palettes for myself 🙂
    Besides, I really need to stock up on some of the favorite colors – after all what happened to Dragonfly and Shamrock :S, I’d better get ounce bags of my favorites just in case.

  80. I’d get a bunch of their micas. They are so pretty

  81. Oh gosh.. there’s lots of stuff I’d like to try. Maybe some of their lip supplies to make my own gloss or lipsticks. Or perhaps I’d try my hand at whipping up a couple of batches of my own sparklies. 🙂

  82. Wow, I’m glad that’s sorted…

    Ummm so much to choose from! I would probably get some supplies to play with eyeshadow colours and some glitters!

  83. This is pretty awesome of TFB to offer! Glad everything got sorted out.

    I would buy some jars for some og my primers, lotions, etc that I can’t get out of the tube anymore, some pigments, and maybe some of their brushes

  84. What I’d get with 25 dollars:

    Mica in Garpe Pop , because I’m a huge fan of a centain make up company, but some people say their shadow Empress is just a repackeging of this one. So I’d like to compair those.
    I’d get the POP sampler cause I like the colours. Plus a base and some containers so I could make tones of lovely eyeshadows and wear a different colour every day of the week 🙂

  85. I’d purchase a lipgloss making set and eyeshadow making kit to gift to my nieces. They range in age from teen to twenties and would love to make their own lippies and shadows.

  86. I would use it to buy ingredients to make lipsticks! Or buy a bunch of mica samples 😀

  87. I’m glad they’re being so professional about it and going the extra mile to fix everything. 🙂

    Hm, with $25 of TKB stuff I’d probably get some versagel and lipstick-making supplies so I can have blue, green, orange, and white lips! Probably not all at once though :p Oh, but Annamax did once do a blue/orange lip inspired by Mudkip for a Halloween costume, and I really loved it… so… 😀 maybe.

    Of course anything I stew up would never compare to my much-loved Morgana lipsticks, but I bet it’d be a fun time.

  88. If I had a gift certificate for TKB, I’d probably pick up some silica powder and some glitters, or maybe the EZ Eyeshadow Kit.

  89. I probably would get in touch with my creative side and try and make my own colours! That would be a lot of fun.

  90. I think the first thing I would do would be to run straight to the lipstick section x) I’ve always had such a fascination with mixing my own… like, when I was wee I used vaseline and eyeshadow and all that xD Got dead into it too… xD

  91. I would use it to buy more sponge powder containers (thanks to you I’m now hooked to the tinted version of Illusionist, the Night minerals, Oil control, powder blushes…and the list goes on)

  92. I would get a bunch of mica samples. I’ve been wanting to for a while.

  93. Funny you should ask!

    Several months ago, I came very close to buying some of Lime Crime’s shadows. Luckily, when I Goggled them, I stumbled onto Anastasia’s blog, which also led me here! So, my first order from TKB would those shades I almost bought from LC, along with a base and some jars.

  94. If I won $25 from TKB I would definitely look into their pigments and micas, and eyeshadow pressing things. It would be fun to get into custom colors, and I know a few choice ladies I would make them for, as well.

  95. I’d get all the Pops! I’ve stuggled with the right colours for a Harry Potter series so I could start over!

  96. I would use the 25$ to get jars (to put my samples in) some mica (for my eyeshadows, I’m attempting to open my own etsy store) and whatever else catches my eye!

  97. wow I seem boring, if i ordered from TBK I would order tons of jars, hehehe I buy tons of samples (which usually come in bags) and I hate bags so I transfer them all into jars, that the moment I am using little paint mixing jars but their lids are a bit annoying

  98. Ahaha, looking at what everyone else is hoping to buy, I appear to be an odd one out.

    If I won $25 to TKB, the first thing into my cart would be 8 oz of Kaolin Clay. Back in September of ’09 you mentioned mixing some in to green tea to make a face mask, and I’ve been curious ever since as to what else it can do though I never actively looked up anything else (yet).

    Second thing would be the mini mortar and pestle. I make my own deodorant and I want to try grinding the baking soda down a little bit, as sometime putting it on I can feel a bit of grit.

    Third is actually the Color Wheel. My husband and I joke around that he is color dumb so this would be awesome to have on hand when I am trying to explain something to him. It would also help me out as well, because it is always good to have a reference to look back at.

    I would also like to get some small zip lock bags to put eye shadow into for traveling. (As far as I can tell, there just isn’t a good way to travel with loose powder in the jars without them getting flipped over and stuff getting into the threads.) Then the mini-spoons needed to be added to transfer, though I would love if the website at least listed more accurate measures than a ‘dash’ or a ‘drop’.

    Add in a Liquid Spray Bottle (in silver) and I think that is what I would start out with. Although the Awesome Scale is tempting me with technology…

  99. Sterling Morgenstern December 3, 2010 at 2:55 am

    $25 would get me started on supplies to begin prototyping and experimenting with formulations for mainly lip products and eyeshadow colours for my cosmetic line I hope to have up and running by next year! (God I want like half the site!)

  100. Jars. Lots and lots of the iddy-biddy jars. Boring, I know, but whenever I get mineral makeup samples in baggies I always transfer them into jars. Only I’ve run out!

  101. I’m sorry that this has happened to you (and the others as well!) but I’m glad that TKB is working to resolve the issues.

    If I won a TKB gift certificate, I’d mix up a bunch of stuff for myself and family/friends. I’ve always wanted to give making my own a shot 🙂

  102. Very nice of them to do this for their customers! I would get a bunch of micas and a base to make my own eyeshadows.

  103. I would use the $25 to buy some gloss ingredients and supplies to gift my family and friends. My mother-in-law loves gloss and blush. My mom loves shadows in grey, purples, browns and golds. I’d love to handcraft a few things for them. My friends love gloss and balms. This year I would like to give gifts made from my own hands. I have been wanting to order from TKB. 🙂

    Happy Holiday to everyone!

  104. I would get a few samples so i can check for dupes of things i order. I’d also like to start mixing my own product… and it would help me get started on my reviews C:

  105. I’m sorry that happened to you. =[

    I am a huuuggggeee fan of matte anything! I feel a TKB gift card would increase my matte collection a tonnn!!!

  106. I’d probably go for the eyeshadow starter kit, or just a bunch of different coloured things and some bases and start mixing up colours I don’t have or can’t find.

  107. If I won $25 from TKB, I’d order supplies to make some eyeshadows – a couple of my favorite companies have recently gone out of business and I’d love to try to duplicate a few of my favorite shades before the jars I’ve hoarded are empty.

  108. There are still so many colors that I would love to have, not to mention some nail polish bases. Those would be a lot of fun!

  109. I’ve been making loose eyeshadow for friends, but it seems they’re really into pressed powders so I’d get pressing supplies. And thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  110. my best friend’s birthday is coming so i will give it to her if i win!

  111. I started thinking about what I’d do with 25$… and then I saw what eplefe linked to (the EZ Eyeshadow Kit) and – that’s what I would have gone for 😀 – so nice to see it already assembled!

    I’d probably spend the rest on some other mica samples (maybe even exceed the amount and pay the difference).

    Then I would be able to make my friends and family shadows of their choosing (hopefully XD ) – especially for my mother’s godchild, who’s studying in the US and bringing us the stuff that would otherwise be swallowed up by the import taxes.

  112. I’m really glad to see this, because I was considering making an order for a while, and knowing there are some minor issues (that are obviously taken care of in a professional way) makes me feel alot better about it!

  113. I would buy some micas to compare against some companies that I review. To see who is repackaging….

  114. I have never ordered from TKB. I have a wish list in the making there. I want some versagel (gonna make my own lipgloss) and some various micas. I want to try making some eyeshadows so I’d throw in one of their pre-made eyeshadow bases also. Oh and some jars and maybe a lipgloss wand tube thingy. Thats what I’d do with $25

  115. Well, it is good you were able to talk to someone at the company who was willing to work with you and remedy the situation!

    I would love to start pressing some of my mineral shadows, so I would get the supplies (pans, pallets, etc) to do so. Along with some pretty colors to make my own!

  116. I’m very new to mineral makeups and am turning to them as my skin tends to be oily and breaks out easily. “Sensitive” skin is no fun at all!

    For this reason, I would probably either invest in some brushes to go with the Orglamix foundation I just bought, or some pure silk powder to try and control my skin during the extremely hot, humid Florida days. No makeup in the world can stay on properly if the heat is melting it off of your face, but I’m willing to bet either rice or silk powder would help at least reign some of that in!

  117. If I won the $25 gift certificate to TKB I would make the leap into mineral makeup!

  118. I’m glad everything worked out with it.

    I would so get the EZ Eye shadow kit. I’d love to try and make y own shadows. =)

  119. I would get the Eye Shadow Kit to have fun mixing pigments. 🙂

  120. If I won $25, I’d buy a ton of colors and mix them around with my friend and press them to make some presents! I haven’t ordered from TKB before but i’m always look through their micas *_*

  121. i’d probably get the EZ eyeshadow kit or some supplies to make lipgloss!!


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