The Book Project

This year I’ve decided to do something different for my NaNoWriMo project. I want to give to children the love of words and foster in them a desire to write themselves. I’ve picked a (sort of) local school, one who ‘adopts’ deployed sailors (a cause VERY close to my heart) and I want to anonymously donate to their school library.  My goal is 50 books!

The school is an elementary school (grades k-5) and is situated in East County.  The district is home to several Marine and Navy housing areas, so there is a nice population of military kids in enrollment.   The library wishlist includes child friendly science and history books (think DK) and biographies.  Storybooks are alright, but they ask please no cartoons, ie Pokemon, Spongebob, etc etc.  I thought it would be nice that if you lived by say, the Grand Canyon, you sent a book about that.  Or if you were in New Orleans you sent one about Mardi Gras, or if you were in New England, something about the history of your area, etc etc.  It would be like getting a little history/geography lesson but it is not required.  Remember, this is to be anonymous, so you don’t need to include your name, perhaps just a small card with well wishes.

For obvious reasons, they’ve asked that their information not be posted on the site, so you’ll have to email me to participate.  Once you send your book(s) you’ll email the DC# of your package so that I can see they got there.  Once they arrive you’ll be entered into a drawing for some wonderful prizes.  So far both Darling Girl and Evil Shades have promised to donate goodies!  I’ll also offer a custom made Grey Bag as well!

To get the information and to enter the drawing, please email me at contact [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com and PLEASE include BOOK PROJECT in the title so that my inbox doesn’t spam folder your email!

9 Responses to “The Book Project”

  1. I’ll definitely keep my peepers out for some good books!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful project! We donated all our books to the local Veteran’s Hospital. There are resident veterans who told me they had read every single book in their library! Now we use Kindles, a much more environmentally sound book medium, not to mention more convenient! When I first saw this post I thought you were writing a book! That would be fab!!!

  3. I think this is a wonderful project!


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