The Black Donnellys

I am notorious for loving shows that are going to get canceled.  In fact, my friends sometimes beg me not to watch things because I curse them.  For example, Firefly (everyone loved that show), Touching Evil (Jeffery Donovan?  thank you very much), My So Called Life (anyone remember that?), Rubicon (my current favorite), and the list goes on.

I picked up The Black Donnellys last week, because Integgy mentioned Enterprise and I NEEDED to find it on DVD.  While searching I rediscovered this gem and spent the weekend remembering I should never get attached to things.  As an aside, it’s odd I mention these two shows.  Kate Mulgrew, who is Captain Janeway in Voyager (another Star Trek franchise) plays the mother in TBD.

The celebrate all things good and Irish this coming St. Patrick’s Day I’m hosting a Going Green giveaway sponsored by Brazen Cosmetics!

You’ll receive three limited edition green shadows as well as Lots O’ Luck lipgloss.

  • To enter, comment below.
  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • Contest runs from now until March, 7th.
  • You must be a follower and 18 or older to enter.
  • Giveaway is open internationally!

122 Responses to “The Black Donnellys”

  1. GREEN. YEEESSSS. One of my favourite colours. Do want!

  2. Love the contest, love the color! Just saw you for the first time and love your style 🙂

  3. If you’re watching Burn Notice, just don’t tell anyone.

  4. That is such a pretty shimmery greenish gold lipgloss. Love it!

  5. Poor firefly 😦
    It’s all my favourite comic books that get cancelled.

    I’d like to enter, I just got some stuff from Brazen, the cupid and heart candie sets, very cute!

  6. I loved My So-Called Life, though I was too young to watch it at the time. I remember picking up one my sister’s old issues of Sassy magazine which had an interview with a young Claire Danes. She seemed so cool. It’s a shame that show got canceled, and Sassy bought out. Sadness.

    Anyway, may I enter your contest? I’ve never tried green eyeshadow before! 😀


  7. I don’t watch tv ever :/ I sometimes watch anime, and I specially LOVE Monster and Nana.
    I sometimes watch law and order, though it bothers me the show likes to maintain the status quo :/
    Still, I don’t watch many shows, so I can’t give suggestions!

  8. Awesome! Please do enter me =D

    I gotta say, that is one jammin’ gloss!

  9. I mostly watch nerdy shows like Forensic Files and cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show, so I think the chances of them getting canceled are pretty slim because (again, I think/hope) ratings aren’t completely detrimental to their existence.

    I can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day because it means spring and my birthday are almost here. That lip gloss reminds me of the kind I would get around 1999, so I’m feeling pretty nostalgic just looking at it.

  10. I love Brazen Cosmetics!! I have the Good Glitter Gone Bad and it’s so much fun! Thanks for the contest 🙂

  11. thebirdofparadise February 28, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I am quite desperate for Spring, so I would love a chance to win some (Spring) green items.

    Thanks again for another giveaway. 🙂

    I am currently on an HGTV kick, but I know I will burn out soon because I am finally starting to see repeats (for me, at least) I kinda missed good old HGTV while I was OCONUS.

    Scott McGillivary is my secret boyfriend!

  12. I remember My So Called Life! Loved that show! What a fun giveaway! Will Brazen be listing Lots O’ Luck for sale in their shop also?!

  13. We’re under the same curse. Interesting.

    Also: I need the Lots o Luck-lipgloss. Geez, it looks amazing!

  14. I have the same problem, only I discover shows long after they’ve been canceled and end up going..WHY??!?! I want more! The perfect example: Deadwood.

  15. I’d love to give this brand a try! It’s sometimes hard for me to decide whether to give a new makeup brand a go, since I live in Australia and shipping can get expensive.

  16. I can’t stop staring at that gloss! Good luck, all!

  17. More recently, I like Life Unexpected, and before it was Joan of Arcadia. I don’t get to watch TV all that much, but I’d love to enter this contest 😀

  18. I loooooooooooooooooooove the British version of Touching Evil ~ we own the series. Sadly, I never saw the USA version.
    My sister is putting me through the torture of watching Carnivale, even though she knows it was erroneously canceled with a mega cliffhanger. Sadist.

  19. Your mentioning of Kate reminded me of how she also played the mother of the main character in Mercy (I’m not sure if you watched it, but coincidentally, that family was Irish as well). Still very mad at NBC for canceling that show; ER was too graphic for me, Grey’s Anatomy is too soap opera, but I found Mercy highly entertaining.

  20. *jaw drops* That lipgloss…oh my, instant lemming! 😛

    I’m kind of the same, as well. I love the HBO show Carnivàle…so sad that it’s gone! And every time I pass by a Firefly season 1 DVD, I always wonder if I should pick it up. I’ve never seen it in my life (*ducks flying tomatoes*), but it looks great! 😀

  21. I’ve never seen any of those shows but I know lots of people who love them and feel very bad for them that they’re all cancelled 😦
    Please enter me, I want that gorgeous lip gloss!

  22. What about Arrested Development?!

    Well, I literally *just* made my first Brazen order this morning. So okay, sign me up for this giveaway ^.^

  23. Ah!! I’ve been lusting over that lipgloss since she first put a picture of it up!
    I love ‘alternative’ lip colors and shimmers that aren’t your typical neutrals or pinks or reds.

    Also, I’m a sucker for short-lived series too. 😦 Like Pushing Daisies.

  24. That gloss is wicked awesome. Enter me, please 🙂

  25. Wowo- What a terrific giveaway of three limted edition green shadows as well as Lots O’ Luck lipgloss.

    Yeah.. they always cancel the great shows.. I loved my so called life… Claire Danes ,Wilson Cruz aka Rickie Vasquez & ohh Jared Leto to name a few. Hard to believe it was only (19 episodes, 1994-1995) and 16 years ago.

    Time flies…

    Thanks 🙂

  26. I hope I win.

  27. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose favorites get canceled. Canceled shows and discontinued favorite shades of any makeup item are never fun.

  28. Wow! That lip gloss is GORGEOUS.

  29. That lip stuff looks so pretty. Also…SO you’re the reason Firefly got canceled! And not the idiocity of the Fox Network.

  30. I loved the Black Donnellys!! And while I never watched My So-Called Life, I had a friend who pretty much flunked our creative writing class because she wrote to the show’s producers/network about the cancellation of the show instead of doing the actual assignments we were given 😛 Good times!

    With me, it’s not so much TV shows that get canceled once I declare my undying love for them, but cosmetic products. I’m never telling anyone I love any face product ever again!

    Also? Yay contests!! 😀

  31. I loved My So Called Life! I think they canceled Flash Forward and I liked that one a lot!

    Enter me please! I love anything Irish & St. Patty’s Day!

  32. awesome contest!!! Ahhh i ❤ st pattys day!!!!

  33. Cool lipgloss!

  34. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

    I seem to have the same problem with regards to TV shows. I don’t even watch TV very often, but it always seems to be the shows I like get canceled. Firefly anyone?

  35. My so-called life, Farscape, Firefly, Angel… lots of cool shows I adore get cancelled.

  36. My mother has the exact same curse: every time she likes a TV show enough to tune in every week, the network cancels it. Pretty sure the last show she religiously watched was Touched by an Angel…and we all know how that one went.

    Also…? That gloss is AMAZING. I’ve really been digging colour-reflective glosses lately (as opposed to straight-up coloured glosses–does that make sense?)…

  37. My favorite tv shows at the moment are Fringe, Community, and 30 Rock it’d be horrible if any of those got cancelled (although Fringe hasnt been picked up for next season yet)! i think there are some really great tv shows on at the moment. I also love cartoons like adventure time! (and i’m so mad that FlapJack got cancelled 😦 Buffy would have to be my all time favorite show though 🙂

  38. That lipgloss looks amazing! It would look fabulous layered over black lipstick!

    Um stop watching CSI I don’t want it to be cancelled 😛 😉

  39. Please don’t start watching Fringe, I don’t think my heart could take it if that show got canceled.

    Love the giveaway, though! Thanks for hosting it!

  40. i still love watching me some reality tv. current fav and guilty pleasure basketball wives. on the plus side to cattiness is the makeup

  41. I miss firefly sooo much like most. hopefully your luck does not kill this show as well. lol.

    this give-away is sweet. loving the sparkly lip gloss too!

  42. Thats the reason I refuse to watch a new show until it finishes at least a season! I’ve had my heart broken too many times.

    I’ve been wanting to try Brazen but haven’t gotten around to it yet. So many companies, so little monies.

  43. I loved My So-Called Life back in the day! I watched it religiously. Of course I loved Firefly as well, didn’t everyone? (Have you seen this btw? And I also watched the season of Rubicon. I can see why they ended it, it was moving a bit slowly. But it had such potential! I don’t think it’s so much that you’re cursed as the networks think we’re all vacuous pod people who only watch reality tv. *mutter mutter*


    Everyone and their mother is in love with Firefly. I seriously need to find the DVDs and watch it before I get kicked out of the cool people club.

    On the subject of cancelled shows, though, I LOVED Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. There were only, like, six or seven shows made, though.

  45. I love Brazen Cosmetics! This looks like a gorgeous colour!

  46. I just got a lip gloss from you in the mail today! That lots o luck is GORGEOUS! And I do remember My So Called Life, I used to watch that show religiously. I had such a crush on Jared Leto. I remember when my mom got sick and stayed home she would stay up late to watch the reruns of it on TV. And Firefly was amazing. Joss Whedon is AMAZING. His shows always end up being tragically cancelled.

  47. So YOU’RE why The Tudors got cancelled!

    It didn’t have anything to do at all with Henry dying :-O

  48. I’m not going to lie Jeffery Donovan is the only reason I watch Burn Notice. Strangly the lead singer of Between the Buried and Me looks so much like him it’s uncanny.

  49. That lipgloss is gorgeous o.o
    I LOVED My So-Called Life… for a while there it inspired me to dye my hair crimson.

  50. Enter me please 🙂

  51. Ahhh, Firefly. Big damn heroes that they were… 😉

  52. It seems that every show I really like gets cancelled too. 😦 Then shows I don’t like at all stick around forever!

  53. Thanks for hosting this contest. I ❤ greens! 😀 Lets hope I get Lucky! 😀

  54. I would love to try out Brazen Cosmetics. I hear only good things about their products.

  55. I loved My So Called Life! I remember how disappointed I was when it got cancelled but I think Danes mentioned somewhere she wanted to quit after the first season so maybe it was for the best then..

    I love Brazen Cosmetics too! Got my first order from them last week. Those lip scrubs saved me from the coldest winter ever. Lip glosses are amazing too (oh the yummy scent!) but I wish they’d come in tubes with doe-foot applicator, tubes are just easier to use and carry with me. I’m actually going to take some empty tubes and fill them with the glosses.

  56. Sterling Morgenstern March 1, 2011 at 2:34 am

    I don’t have cable so I don’t really have any must-see shows right now, though back when I had cable all I watched was Adult Swim, sick of Family Guy, long live Metalocalypse! \m/ Haven’t seen anything for a while though. I got into True Blood and had to find episodes on the web, it was kinda sketch and a total pain but the dvds are on every gift-giving occasion list now. That and a working dvd player lol

    Also I have like 30 or so green eyeshadows but I only wear a handful of them. If I remember it’s St. Patrick’s Day I’ll wear my green Iron Maiden shirt lol

  57. I love green colour , Hope to win some green shade to add to my makeup collection .

    Thanks for the contest

  58. Almost all of my very favorite shows are ones that were canceled prematurely and unfairly. Firefly, Dollhouse…the one that broke my heart the most is Carnivale. I never thought I could love a TV show that much. It’s painful for me to think about.

  59. If I don’t win I’m buying that gloss, it looks gorgeous!

  60. Brazen are on my ‘to try’ list. I hope I’m out this year for St. Patrick’s day!

  61. I don’t watch tv these days and haven’t for a few years, but could you please start watching soap operas and get those all canceled and do the world a favor ^_^

  62. I hate when awesome tv shows get cancelled, although it does explain the mass of tv dvds I own 🙂

  63. elephantdreams March 1, 2011 at 6:09 am

    St. Patrick’s is my birthday! Luck!

    I guess I’m lucky because lately I’m hooked on longer running shows… House, Doctor Who, Glee, and Sherlock (though with only 3 episodes thus far, it certainly feels like cancellation… I’m waiting patiently thought!)

  64. Looks like a really liquid eyeshadow, totally have to check that out. Please enter me 🙂

  65. Me me me! I follow you in Google Reader! 😀

  66. Oh this lipgloss looks crazy!!
    Seems to be a duochrome. I wonder how are the eyeshadows…

  67. I liked the Harry Dresden series, and that didn’t get continued. I also liked the Sara Connor chronicles (even though it did get slow and whiney there for a bit) but that got cancelled.

  68. That lipgloss looks amazing!

  69. Oooh, please enter me!! These look gorgeous 🙂

  70. LOVE LOVE LOVE the greens, I can has…..

  71. I rarely watch TV, so rarely experience that heartbreak. I’ll sit down and watch a whole series/season at a time, but I’m too forgetful to catch something on at a certain time on a weekly basis.

    Also, GREEN! *-* I’ve been loving green lately. That lip gloss looks so prettttyyyy.

  72. i ♥ green!!

    thanks for the contest!

  73. I’ve never tried Brazen Cosmetics before and that lipgloss looks really unique.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  74. I love Firefly and Stargate, I’m so sad that Firefly got cancelled so soon, but at least we got Serenity :/

    I watch Castle (Nathan Fillion FTW), Fringe, Sanctuary, Chuck and many more, but last week I discovered Glee, and since then I’ve been in love with the series. Cory Monteith is the hottest guy at TV at the moment 🙂

  75. OMG so beautiful I LOVE it!!
    I never watched FF mainly because I’m not a huge SciFi fan but I love Nathan Fillion in Castle. Right now I’m watching Off The Map which I am afraid is going to get cancelled 😦 If it does I will be sad b/c I really like it. And I’m not gonna lie but like Amber Jeffrey Donovan is the thing that makes Burn Notice really watchable! lol

  76. I loved Dollhouse and Pushing Daisies which per both cancelled. I’m hoping that Fringe & Chuck don’t get it this season. Right now I’m obsessing with the BBC version of Being Human and watching the US version as well nowhere near as excited about it.

  77. I ❤ things with a green sheen! I'm actually hoping to especially find something either pale peridot green or actual benihana (which is damn near impossible to find!) for my kimono shoots. Real beni, however, IF you can find it, can run hundreds of dollars for a single ounce. Yeah. Just a liiiiittle out of my budget!

    If you're interested though:–toki-iro-kiku

    It's bright maiko red with a serious green shine, made from safflowers. ❤ This lipstick is the reason why in some ukiyo-e prints, a womans' lips were printed as being green- because they really were!

  78. …Please start watching Glee?

  79. Gotta love the green. . .

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Hilarious! I have been a lurker forever but this post motivated me to finally comment. Every time I get hooked my favorite guilty pleasure gets cancelled. Firefly, Roar (with Heath Ledger before he was famous), Touching Evil, Dead Like Me, My So Called Life, Kindred, Detroit 187. And yet Dancing with the Stars and Survivor live on!

    Anyway, that green gloss looks great. I’m feeling motivated to dye my hair green!

  81. I love green! 🙂

  82. Lots o’ luck looks pretty kick ass.

  83. Wow. You know what, despite the strong yellow and blue under-tones in my skin, I really love greens. I really like them, so much so that I have convinced myself that I am able to wear green. Not . . . all greens, but grey-green, forest green, sharp deep greens, surely those. My mother tells me it’s a color I should be careful with, and I understand that. It can make me look sallow and pukey. However! I will prevail. I have yet to find any truly great greens that work with my skin.
    Also. ‘Invader Zim.’ What the- I started watching it late and then realized it had been canceled! Blargh! True, doesn’t quite equate to ‘My So Called Life,’ but it’s something that made me rage hard, so hard that it amounted such momentum that I think I may never really get over it.

    Hm, I don’t know how to verify to you that I’m a follower . . . but you’re in my “Opera Speed Dial.” lol

  84. I’m Irish, let’s give this a shot. 🙂

  85. Thank God six feet under never got cancelled, I could not have dealt with that…
    Please enter me to the giveaway – Green is my absolute favourite colour at the minute!

  86. As long as Castle doesn’t get cancelled I’ll be happy for a while ❤

    And I love greens, the gloss is pretty 🙂

  87. Oh I watch far too many shows, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Community, Chuck, Modern Family… I’d cry if they got canceled. D:

    Thanks for the giveaway, I love green!

  88. that lipgloss looks amazing D:

  89. I would like to enter! I hope I’m filling this out correctly, I can’t actually see the name, email, website, and comment fields for some reason. I couldn’t find any place to “follow” either, so I manually added your blog to my blogger dashboard as “Skulda”.

  90. You killed Firefly? D:

  91. Meow! Love greens. =D

  92. Oh my goodness! That lip gloss is to die for! I am Irish, so I think that I must have to have it lol! And as usual, Brazen is Amazin’ =]

  93. Brooke Badgley March 3, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Arg! I do that too. I heart a show and it’s pretty much already canceled. Every f’in time.

  94. I never knew anyone else who liked “The Black Donnellys,” holy crap! Olivia Wilde is just…amazing.

  95. Luck of the Irish!

  96. Hi! I follow via Blogger (just figured out how – couldn’t find GFC on your page, I’ve been reading longer than today, though).

    Green is my absolute favorite non-neutral eyeshadow color. Love it!

  97. Christie Brooks March 4, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    I want that gloss so freakin bad it had sold out before I could get it :o(

  98. I used to be a big fan of the show Brimstone, which was around the same time Firefly was on. Brimstone only ran for 13 episodes, shame. Also, that green is very pretty.

  99. Yay! I’ve gotten really into mint green eyeshadow lately.

  100. I can’t believe I haven’t ordered from Brazen yet! She’s like 20 minutes from me!

  101. I never win anything! 😦

    Oh I hope I hope I win 🙂

  102. I loved the Black Donnellys too and definitely remember (and loved) My So Called Life!

    This is a great giveaway. I am just about to place my first order with Brazen Cosmetics right now!

  103. I remember Brotherhood and The Black Donnellys were both on my to-watch list at some point, and I never got around to it 😦

    Also I neeeed that lipgloss in my life :O

  104. That’s so pretty 🙂

  105. I know what you mean about your shows being canceled. I really liked My Generation, but apparently the rest of America didn’t. I’m still kind of hoping they’ll release the whole season on DVD, with the unaired episodes. It was really getting good.
    When I’m reading manga or watching anime, I always check and recheck and recheck some more that the series is complete and everything is available. I can’t stand starting something in progress or unfinished/dropped because I KNOW I’ll get into it.

    I’m not Irish either but I love St. Patrick’s Day. Any excuse to dye my hair green! Right now it’s mostly black with some yellow and white. I’ll probably put the green over the yellow so it looks a little more green. It’s one of my favorite colors!

    And wow I never write comments this long. I guess you won’t mind that though!

  106. So the shows you watch get cancelled?

    …Any chance you might check out Jersey Shore?

    I jest, I jest. But anyways, that green lip gloss looks amazing. Green is my absolute favorite color ❤

  107. That gloss looks amazing………need…….have….!!!

  108. Sparkle Flurry March 5, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Hi I love your blog! I’ve just started following via Google Reader, does that count?

  109. Gorgeous shimmer, I love Brazen lipglosses and I so want that one !
    Thanks for the giveaway Grey x

  110. Aww, I loved the Black Donnellys!!! And My So Called Life was great too. I should download both and rewatch them.

    That lipgloss rocks.

  111. I *love* green (and Brazen Cosmetics – they’re awesome)!

  112. Ohhhhhhh… Must.Have.Gloss!

  113. Sign me up PLEASE! 🙂

  114. Cheryl Lucero March 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Love Brazen Cosmetics and Sandi. A true honest businesswoman!

  115. This lip gloss is AHHHMAZING!!!!

  116. Kate Mulgrew was also in Mercy, which I loved and which also got canceled 😦

  117. Loooove that lip gloss!